The Umbrella (Original Vocaloid Lyrics)

The Umbrella (Original Vocaloid Lyrics)

A Poem by Aoharu_Kale

It's an acapella-ish song. This song can have a simple meaning and a deep one. I was just randomly writing some lyrics down that came into my head. Then the more I write, the more cryptically it came.

Title: The Umbrella (Kasa)
Main Vocals: SeeU & Yuzuki Yukari
BG Vocals: Megpoid Gumi/Megurine Luka/Oliver
Language: Japanese
Lyrics by: Aoharu

   Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to Ko-to
Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa Kasa
Para para...... Para para...... Para para


The rain falls from the sky in little drops.
When it comes closer, we'll see it.
When it's here, we'll feel it.
It's always raining in some people's worlds, and others will usually just ignore it.
But what will you do when you have no shelter?

Shelter. Shelter. Shelter. Shelter. Shelter. Shelter.

The rain falls along with the small bubbles of air.
Those little bubbles of air, often, are enjoyable.
With such force, it is harder not to notice now.
The rain doesn't stop until it stops.
You can't control, it's nature.
Sometimes in, sometimes out...

S: "Rain falls, and falls... It can't be blamed, because of it's nature.
Y: One day, all the rain will stop being squeezed out of the clouds, and will never be here again.
B: Only then, will you find out the truth of life."

Pouring, Pouring, the drops are new,
But the weather is the same old, same old...
It changes and moves away, But it still stays...
Usually happens with a warm front, the rain
Low pressure is usually the cause, but not this time
(Not this time) Low pressure is the rarity.

Change. Problem. Change. Problem. Change. Problem.

It happens to everyone (your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your best friend, that classmate)
It comes and goes, waning and waxing, thin then thick
The rain can erode the earth and yet help the corn grow...
It depends on the plant, and the rain's purpose and temperature.
Never underestimate the rain...
The rain can be powerful... whether for good or bad.

One day, that day will come where everything ends
Only then, will the rain end also...
Not for everyone at once, sometimes only one, but usually a group of people unrelated.

Maybe one day we will see... All the rain that everyone has collected...

When the rain is sideways, we don't always see it head on...

© 2013 Aoharu_Kale

Author's Note

Pitter Patter in Japanese is "para para".
"ko-to" (コート) is coat in Japanese. In this song, it's supposed to be taken as "raincoat" or "slicker". Ko-to, since it was shorter, it sounded better.
* "Kasa" (かさ or 傘) means Umbrella in Japanese.
Only the ENG lyrics for now.

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Added on April 5, 2013
Last Updated on April 5, 2013
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I'm dyslexic. :/ I write mainly fanfiction and song lyrics, but I'm working on some original fiction also. I really like other cultures, anime/manga, horror, pop, metal, creeypasta, Vocaloid/UTAU.. more..