Fighting of Two Gods (Original Vocaloid Kaai Yuki/Oliver Lyrics)

Fighting of Two Gods (Original Vocaloid Kaai Yuki/Oliver Lyrics)

A Poem by Aoharu_Kale

It was raining the other night. I got me thinking about how almost everyone thinks that God/Gods are up in the sky and their beliefs of like how when it's raining, it's actually God crying.

Title: Fighting of the Two Gods
Vocals: Vocaloid Kaai Yuki & Oliver
Language: Japanese
Lyrics: Aoharu

God is yelling,
God is yelling,
Fight and Screaming,
This isn't often,
but still very scary.

God One and God two,
don't always get along.
Living together,
under one roof,
there are not always bright days.

Loud and daunting,
it always seems to be,
during these times.
I hope the crying stops soon.
That is my only wish.

Me and god are very much the same.
Me and God, God and me;
Mirror to mirror,
there I see.

Bright flashes,
from the metal clashing.
Sound of guns,
from striking the air.
What are the gods doing up there?

Up there, Up there...
Way high... Up there.

Did the gods battle each other?
Who won?
God one?
God two?
Hello... Hello?
Anyone? Please?

We may never know...

© 2013 Aoharu_Kale

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Added on April 5, 2013
Last Updated on April 5, 2013
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