Crimson - Scene 10

Crimson - Scene 10

A Chapter by ApKWrites

      Liverpool Street Station - Central London

Tee is standing outside the station for a while now, scanning the crowd with her eyes, looking for Richard, her heart thumping every time she sees someone who resembles his built only to end up realising that she was mistaken and he might not show up.

“Whatever he saw last night shook him quite badly” she thinks and she opens her backpack, taking her phone out to check the time. “Twelve-thirty and he’s still not here. He won’t come” she mumbles and her heart sinks and she’s thinking maybe she should go home and forget everything about him. “Maybe it’s for the best.” But she decides to stay and wait a little bit longer. Afterall, it has been a long time since she last had someone around who could understand how she felt " how it felt to be different and having to hide it.

She gets lost in her thoughts, standing outside the station, her backpack on the ground between her legs, her empty gaze staring at the crowd passing by and time passes fast.

The next time she checks her phone it’s one o’clock and still no sign of Richard but she’s stubborn so she stays put, opens her backpack and pulls out a cigarette and lights it up.

Five past the hour….ten…quarter past one and Richard still not there. She grabs her bag from the ground, turns around and walks towards the station trying not to let her emotions overtake, keep thinking that she shouldn’t expect much and she should have known better " people only care about themselves.

“Wait!” he shouts and she instantly recognises the voice

“You came” she smiles and turns back to see Richard standing at the entrance of the station and in excitement, without a second thought, she runs towards him and give him a hug.

“No!” he screams and tries to pull back in vein…CONTACT!

And nothing happens!

Tee pulls back and they both stare at each other for a moment in confusion.

“Nothing happened” he mutters “You touched me and nothing happened. What did you do?” he smiles

“What do you mean? No vision?” she asks puzzled and he nods excited.

She looks at her hands “Richard, something’s wrong” she says “I can’t feel any electric currents. My….our powers are not working!” she says alarmed

Richard still lost in his excitement, grabs her hands and smiles at her “That’s good, right?” he says “I can touch you and not “see” anything. I can touch people again” he screams in excitement which results in a few weird looks given to him by passers-by.

“You don’t understand. “ she stops him before getting any more attention “If your power and mine are off….it means someone else is doing it” she pauses and looks at the crowd “There’s someone else here with powers and they are using them” she whispers and her voice trembles " her face turns pale as if she’s just seen a ghost and Richard’s excitement instantly dissipates.

“But who would….” He tries to speak before he realises what she’s trying to say and then fear settles in.

“That’s not good” she interrupts him “Someone nearby, knows we are here and they know what we can do”  she continues and they both look up and stare at the crowd in a desperate attempt to identify the source of the unknown power.

© 2015 ApKWrites

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Yup, loved that one. Intriguing mystery!
in the last third: '“Nothing happened” he matters...' - I guess you meant mutters?

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Oops! Yes, thank you for noticing;)
Thanks for reading;)

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