Crimson - Scene 11

Crimson - Scene 11

A Chapter by ApKWrites

       Liverpool Street Station �" Central London

“Come on Nick, will you stop being dramatic?” Charlie asks while stepping out of the train at Liverpool Street Station.

Nick follows right behind her, still holding his head in his hands.

“Stop being dramatic?” he repeats in a sarcastic tone “If anyone saw you last night…I don’t even want to think about it…”

“No one did!” she interrupts him “Now, come on! I’m starving” she throws a quick glimpse at her phone “It’s quarter past one already. Hurry up!” she continues and grabs his hand, forcing him to let go of his head and pulls him to hurry.

They walk up the stairs into the main station, past the barriers and towards the exit but right before they walk outside - and past a pair of panicking Tee and Richard �" Nick suddenly stops and pulls his hand free of Charlie.

“Why did you stop?” Charlie turns back puzzled.

“Ssshh…There’s a lot of activity here, Charlie. We need to go now!” he whispers and his voice trembles and his face turns even paler than it already is.

“You mean other powers?” she asks in a lower voice “How many? What…?” and before she finishes her sentence, Nick grabs her and pulls her back in the station and they start walking as fast as they can, back towards the station barriers.

“Listen to me! Charlie, there’s a clairvoyant and someone who can neutralize our powers out there…” Nick stops again and turns to look at Charlie, his face paler than ever and his eyes open wide as if he has just seen a ghost. “It’s off! My power’s off…I can’t sense them anymore.” He whispers and his voice trembles and barely sounds.

Charlie takes one look at his face and she knows that something is really wrong. She grabs his arm and turns towards the station barriers but before they start walking, they see men in uniforms approaching the barriers.

“S**t!” she whispers “Ok, look at me Nick” she gently shakes him, hoping that would snap him out of his fear. “We will walk out of this station calm and as soon as we pass the uniforms, we run. You run and do not stop until you are safe, do you hear me?”

“Y…yes…let’s go” he nods in agreement, grabs her hand and squeezes hard without noticing.

Charlie squeezes his hand back and they both - trying to look as calm as possible �" walk back outside, past Tee and Richard and they keep walking as fast as possible….as far as possible….

© 2015 ApKWrites

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Sorry, took me a while to catch up, but the last months have been quite busy. So… on to the review…Tense, fast paced, fun to read. What else can I say? Loved it!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Stories popped in my mind since I was a child. Sometimes short, brief passages, sometimes just ideas of an event and some other times a full length scenario, so I started noting them down bit by bit... more..