Abstract Notion

Abstract Notion

A Poem by TamiViolet

inspired when a thirty year old woman tried to seduce my son



Double Standards

Beyond escape

Like weeds afflicting

True beauty


Gender roles

What's appropriate?

What's innappropriate?

Is sex okay for underage boys?


While little girls



Because they must.


A mother watches...


By older woman



Her fourteen year old's



Just for fun?

'Don't make him a Sissy

He's a boy

It's okay'


No, it isn't!


He's someone's son.

She's someone's daughter.

Both are equally loved.

Both to be treated equally.


My son experienced an

Attempted seduction

By a thirty year old



It's not okay!


Although others cheer him on.

I guess the question becomes...


If an older man tried to seduce
A girl of fourteen...

Would that be acceptable?

I'm a stubborn mom.


© 2008 TamiViolet

Author's Note

I want to know want you think although it won't change my mind. I want my boy to grow up with the strength to walk away when the time isn't right.

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I'd say that anyone, be it male or female, that seeks a relationship with a minor is in need of psychiatric assistance. What depth of emotion or suitable grounding in personality could be present with a disparity so great...none! Not to mention it's against the law.
Your son has his whole life ahead of him, certainly with no need to get attached to someone that obviously has deep-seeded self-esteem issues. You do him a great service to guard him from these kind of entanglements.

Very best,

Posted 14 Years Ago

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The kids of today have a lot knowledge and choices we didn't have. One hit on a computer. Can learn what took us 20 years to understand. Innocence is rare now. We must teach logic and safety. I taught my daughter how to defend themselves and told them to be safe and careful. We live in a world of double standard. Us parent must listen and try to understand. A excellent poem. You made me think as always.

Posted 11 Years Ago

It's not okay. Women can be predators too. I see it in the local news fairly often. Stand up for your son. Protect him.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Wow! This is a remarkable write here, I throughly enjoyed this, so full of truth wich is sad as well, wonderfully written....Kim

Posted 14 Years Ago

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How many times do we see this stuff on the news... the sad thing is a double standard seems to apply... they never punish a woman who does it the same way a man does even though the crime is the same... and the emotional damage they can do to the youth in question... I can't blame you for being upset and you put it into words in a very adult manner and that I applaud you for... your not a stubborn mom your a loving mom.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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apollonia my dear!

i'll tell you what i think... ur son is a lucky lil guy getting such advances, lol! (this must be a prime example of those who cheer him on)
I think that its wrong, especially a fourteen year old. now maybe if a 30 yr old woman wants to feel younger with the fresh meat at least go for a young ADULT... you are absolutely right.. if a 30 yr old man went after a 14 yr old girl its unacceptable and inexcusable, there is such hypocrisy to the double standard that its ok for women to seduce lil boys.

thank you for sharing this, it brings out the truthful reality of what happens... and that children unfortunately need to be prepared at younger and younger ages, to have to strength to as you say, "walk away when the time isn't right"

kudos my dear friend.. miss you beautiful..

much love n respect


Posted 14 Years Ago

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No it is not acceptable because he is a boy. He is still young at 14. I would be horrified if a 30 yr old tried to suduce either of my two. Some 14 year olds can be quite precocious but many are not. And certainly in the UK it would be illegal. A 14 could end up being very confused.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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This is really good and I also don't think you're a stubborn mother...you're a wonderful mother. If I had a son, or even a daughter, I would do the same thing. Never is it ok to seduce a child...it's a terrible thing to do and whomever does such a thing should know this is wrong. You're a great mother and I understand how you feel. I have also had a similair experiance when a 40yr old male tried to seduce me. Someone also tried to seduce my cousin. Sex isn't ok for underage boys and it never will be.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Thus is powerful, it works both ways. An occasion where if your son had fallen to her, it could mess him up for the rest of his life, or more make him not trust anyone. I feel your cause, then again I lived with my grandparents who took care of foster kids. I know all kinds of deep and sick stories because they needed someone to share with. I learned from them, and they were never really the same after what some has done to them.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Powerful and true. I have my first child on the way... a son. Amen to this. Fourteen years from now, I'd be infuriated and damn near vengeful. No. I would be vengeful. Sometimes I wonder why certain people are born, you know?

This was a great and brutally honest piece. Impressed as usual.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I completely agree with Mark. It doesn't matter if male of female they are children and no one should take that from them. You're a smart mom. Great write!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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A Poem by TamiViolet

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