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random splurge - ambiguity amongst de-education

random splurge - ambiguity amongst de-education

A Poem by AquariusHoplite

ive spent two weeks trying to write a paper. i have wasted my time. i have wasted my thoughts. this is what i wrote out of frustration and self juxtaposition

i did not read this after i wrote it

Not only is a rhetorical analysis entirely ineffective, it is de-educating. Not because it may seem difficult or because it may require extensive reading and thought �" quite the opposite; the concept requires one to quite literally maintain a narrow mind �" an inner focus on a miniscule subject which has nothing to do with anything. This nothing to do with anything fundamentally creates a linear apex between de-education and actual insight (impulse, intuition, foresight, reason, logic, imagination, creativity �" the things that enabled homo-hibilis to become homo-erectus, and onwards to our current espresso slurping homosapian formalities). Such evolutionary treason is a vicious cycle, much analogous to the circular minded lore of "if I can't understand it, I'm scared of it".


But why?


Because we're comfortable with it. Because little people have egos. Because little people dream inside of confined dimensions of their own false reality.


But why?


Because it is easier to go with the flow.



I will not go with the flow.

I will create new flow.

Such limitless energy will not be seen as what is known as flow.

It will be unidentifiable.

Ways such as these confuse the feeble �" create pauses in their thoughts, only followed by their dismissive assertions.


An academic with foolish tendencies?

Or a certified fool with nothing new �" except a different face with a different voice and a different smile.


We are what we eat.

We are what we think.

We are what we speak.

We are what we do.

We are who we seek.


Seek those that are great.


Seek thoughts that are a thinker's imaginative creationary thoughts of wiggles and chirps.


Grasp onto wild ideas and scary concepts �" they are the future's present in a parallel universe.

© 2012 AquariusHoplite

Author's Note

i did not read this after i wrote it

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Added on November 1, 2012
Last Updated on November 1, 2012
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san diego, CA

hello i like to think about things and experience life through my camera and mindful sense of self i welcome critiques and input from anyone =] more..