A Story by Aranee

I was always there waiting for you, a streetlight waiting in the dark.


  I wonder if you still remember me, that lonely streetlight along that old dusty road. I wonder if you still think of my warm comforting light. I'm not like other street lamps. I'm special, or so I'd like to think. I'd like to think that you'd think me special too.


  I don't know if you can still recall the night you ran away from home. You were walking down that dark dark road cursing life itself. You never expected to find me, a streetlight, in the middle of a darkened dusty old road. I beckoned you into my warm arms. You were hesitant at first, but then you came along. You walked into my outstretched arms.


  You stood under my light and shelter for a very long time, just talking. I did not reply. I could not reply. But if I could, I would have comforted you with sweet words and phrases. Thankfully, that wasn't what you needed. All you needed was a listening ear, as you cried and poured out your woes. I still wish I could have done more.


  You came to visit me nearly everyday after that, never in the mornings when I was asleep. Always at night when everybody else was, and you'd talk of dreams and lands far away. You were wistful, I could hear it in your voice. I wish I could have said something. Then you wouldn't have left.


  One day, you stopped coming. I had wondered what happened to you. I missed your speeches and talks. Despite the fact that you cried, sometimes, from strength of feeling, I didn't mind. You weren't weak, my dear, not at all. You were strong, stronger that I was, stronger than I am. And I missed you so terribly.


  I thought you had gone on to fulfill your dreams and wishes. I was happy. And I was sad. I was sad that I wouldn't be able to see you anymore. I was sad that I couldn't share your hopes and dreams with you. I was sad I couldn't comfort you when you're sad. I was just a streetlight. Immobile and inanimate. But my warm light was all you needed.


  The day has come. They have decided to remove me. They have decided to block out the dusty old road where I stood, waiting. I wanted to scream at them, I wanted to rail at them for taking me away from where I waited for you for years. Don't take me away, I wanted to beg, not yet! I need to see you one last time. But I couldn't. I was just a streetlight. Immobile and inanimate.


  They took me to a busy street where other streetlights stood. They weren't very friendly. But after all those years of solitude, I have learned not to care, and closed myself off from them. I was just waiting for you. One day, you'll come. You'll find me here. And we'll talk like old friends. You can sit in my warm arms and I'll comfort you while you talk of woes and wearies. I'll wait forever if I have to.


  Then you came, just around the corner. I never expected to really find you here. I thought I was just dreaming. My lights flickered. I wanted to call out to you. And you turned, you looked so beautiful just then. You cocked your head, as if you knew me. I'm the old streetlight! I'm here! I'm here for you! I wanted to say. And then you walked towards me as if pulled by an invisible force and you smiled. You were back in my warm embrace again and all the world was right.


  I'm just an old lonely streetlight, waiting for you. Immobile and inanimate. But I'll always be waiting for you, waiting to welcome you with open arms.

© 2012 Aranee

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Hmm... Its a good read and ofcourse something new and original!!!
Now since you want criticism then lo have it:
Is it story!!!! I may not put this writing as Story!! I don't know your age but I feel this may be because you are quite young!!

As long as style and extract is concerned, you are good in writing, please read good works and it will help you improve a lot! I see a lot of potential in your writing.

Atlast you write with non english tone! Am i right? Same problem here ;-). Hope you will soon be very good writer Aranee!!! Wishes!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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You can call me Aranee. I just randomly Googled up for a Writer's website hoping I can find something like this. (Thank goodness I've found it!) I have a vast appetite for books and I love wr.. more..

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