A Chapter by Aranel Earwen

            Serenity couldn’t concentrate; she was so attached to Dirty Martini’s dance. It wasn’t her dancing; it was the money being tossed on the stage and handed to her by the tons of sex crazed monkeys on the floor that held her attention.  The man in the chair in front of her grabbed Serenity’s hips and she slid them off onto his legs.

“Touching cost extra,” she said with a twisted smile. He wasn’t exactly hideous but there was a reason he was paying to have a girl dance for him. He had…a way with words. His was more on the heavier set side and had an odor that reminded her of cough syrup. His face was hard and scruffy and he was clearly sweaty but he had kind eyes and a nice smile. Kind eyes and a nice smile can go a long way in a life like this. Usually she wouldn’t have accepted such a sad excuse of a man to do business with but when all your good, attractive business decides to be the disloyal pigs they are and go running to the new little miss perfect on the pole with the Friday night stage time, a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

“Well I ain’t getting my monies worth so I fig’r that I can touch free of charge.”

“Excuse me? You’re not getting your monies worth?”

“Well nah, I paid a high price for this but let’s be honest, you’re no Dirty Martini.”

She has to go. Serenity grabbed his drink from the table next to them and poured it on the floor getting as much on her shoes as possible. “And you’re no Ken, either.” She walked off tall and proud with her chin in the air. She walked by Big Daddy who was chatting up a fairly attractive woman getting a refill on a very strong drink. “Can I barrow you a second?”

“Only if you’re paying,” he said under his breath, “Baby, it looks like you got some competition.”

“Now,” Serenity said as she looked at Martini, “Please?”

Big Daddy looked at the woman at the bar, who was clearly jealous which eased Serenity’s own jealousy towards Martini. His eyes shifted to the two women both pleading eyes and aching hearts. He let out a puff of air and slid his drink to the bartender. “Don’t you go nowhere,” he said playfully to the woman as he kissed her forehead. He followed Serenity into the backstage room. “What is so important that you had to take me away from someone who is basically willing to hand me her wallet?” he looked at her with a joking twinkle in his eye.

“You know I wouldn’t if it meant you losing a customer. She’s heartbroken; she will stick around for you. I think we should try to get Dirty Martini into prostituting herself. What do you think?” He didn’t respond; just sat there with a disapproving look. “I mean, she is doing so well dancing and all and she is such a fast learner, I think she would be very profitable if she were to start putting that on the table. Don’t you think?”

He just looked at her for a long time. He sighed, “Just don’t do anything your mama wouldn’t be proud of.” He began for the door but stopped, “Don’t bother me again while I’m wooing the merchandise.” He made a great big smile and slipped out of the room and into the club where Martini was stealing hearts.

“Have nice sex,” Serenity mumbled to him. Serenity looked into the mirror and fixed her makeup. ‘Nothing your mama wouldn’t be proud of.’ I will introduce Martini to ‘Mr. Ken’. She would do well but the first time a regular tries to get a little rough with her; she will lose it all. Big Mama will have to get rid of her with the first complaint for sure! Serenity rolled her eyes. Big Mama; she will see what I’m doing. I have to make Martini’s think this is her idea.

Martini entered the room half naked and sticky with sweat. “Hey, Serenity,” she said out of breath. She yanked bills out of her bra and panties and placed them on her mirror, “How do you think I did tonight?”

Serenity glared hatefully at her but smiled, “Well you’re all my client could think about tonight.”

“Oh, I bet he was gorgeous! You always have the most attractive customers. Is he waiting for you or something, you know, for sex?” she teased.

Serenity looked down at her makeup, “No, he is actually not. He was getting handsy and wouldn’t stop bringing you up.”


 “What do you think?”

“For sex?” she said laughing a little bit.

“No I think he wanted to have a nerd out and debate who the better Doctor is.” It got very quiet for a minute and the girls sat there making no eye contact and just fixed their make up.

“Serenity, how do you think I would do as a prostitute?”

Serenity grinned a bit but wiped it off quickly, “I don’t know, you would probably do well as one.”

“How would I get involved in that?”

“Big Mama.”


© 2013 Aranel Earwen

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Added on October 20, 2013
Last Updated on October 20, 2013
Tags: jealousy, betrayal, love, lust, murder, mystery, loathing, drama, stripper, bordello


Aranel Earwen
Aranel Earwen


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A Chapter by Aranel Earwen

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A Chapter by Aranel Earwen