Hero For The Day

Hero For The Day

A Story by ArchAngeL009

A piece of work which granted me a consolation prize in a local Scholastic Writing Competition~


 Hero for the Day




I am an ordinary boy living an ordinary life. I am not interested in anything that I learn in school. The only thing that arouses my curiosity is Greek mythology, I am crazy about Greek myths. Greek myths are wonderful and I love them so much that they are part of my life. Gods that appeared in Greek myths were utterly different compared to gods from other religions as they weren’t recounted as omnipotent and benevolent saints. Gods such as Zeus, Athena and Hermes who appeared in Greek myths were like human-beings, they had jealousy, greed, lust and desire just like any of us.


            One night, I was reading a novel about Greek myths called ‘Cronus Chronicles: The Shadow Thieves’ on my bed with some snacks. It was late at night but the novel was just too interesting, making me couldn’t stop reading it. I flipped through the novel from page to page, I just couldn’t stop myself, I was so addicted to that novel. A few hours passed, my eyes were so tired and painful as if they were on fire. The pages from the novel that I was reading blackened, I could no longer keep my eyes opened.


Suddenly, a loud sound drifted into my ears. I jumped up from my bed and was surprised that I was in ancient Greek armours and clothes. But that didn’t bother me much, what freaked me out the most was the apocalyptic scene that I saw outside the window. There was a mammoth monster with numerous serpent-like heads out there, I remembered reading about it before, it’s called Hydra if I wasn’t mistaken. Well, this Hydra wasn’t that microorganism that we studied in our science textbook, this Hydra was an awful monster that appeared in Greek myths, I wondered why it would appear outside my residence!


I rushed out from my house and I saw a man confronting Hydra, this man was the size of a two storey building, wearing a white robe and he had a metallic pole in his hand. He noticed me coming out from my house.


            “Boy, I have no time to explain why this monster was resurrected, my brothers Poseidon and Hades were devoured by it,” the man said. “This foul beast is way too powerful and I don’t stand a chance to defeat it. I need you to retrieve the holy sword, Heracles from Mount Olympus to destroy it.”


            I realized that this man was Zeus, the lord of Mount Olympus.


            “Lord Zeus, I would really like to help you but how could I destroy a monster that even you, the Sky God couldn’t defeat, it is futile even if I obtain the Hera…Heracles.” I replied.


            “Young boy, you are the hero from the great prophecy and you must fulfill your destiny,” Zeus yelled at me. “Retrive Heracles from mount Olympus and chop off the middle head of this monster to destroy it eternally, once and for all. Now, ride my horse, Pegasus and it will bring you to Mount Olympus.”


I quickly mounted the immortal winged horse, Pegasus and it flew away so frantically as if a bomb was about to explode down there. Moments later, I saw Zeus being swallowed by Hydra. Despair was lingering within me because killing that gigantic and formidable monster was impossible for me although Zeus claimed me as the hero from the prophecy he mentioned.


A few days passed, although I felt like only a few hours had passed, I finally managed to get to the destination, Mount Olympus. Pegasus brought me to a spectacular palace which was standing majestically upon the clouds. However, no one could be seen throughout the palace. Then, I sensed something summoning me, it led me to an old and massive door. Using all of my strength, I managed to open the door and I entered the room.


A sword was literally floating on air in the middle of the room, remaining stationary. I paced forward and the sword fell into my hand. The entire sword was made of gold, the blade, the pommel to the hilt, I could see the words H-E-R-A-C-L-E-S perfectly carved on one side of the blade. After retrieving Heracles, I quickly rode on Pegasus and it flew back to the place where my ‘house’ was situated in full speed.


When I reached my ‘house’, Hydra was killing and devastating anyone, anything that got into its sight nearby. I rode on Pegasus and we flew towards the monster quietly trying to kill it, but somehow one of the monster’s head discovered us. Within a split second, three of its heads tried to attack us but Pegasus evaded all the attacks swiftly and I hacked the middle head of it off using Heracles with all of my might. The other heads of Hydra growled so loudly that it almost burst my eardrums, then it turned into ashes and vanished. I knew I had succeeded, the despicable monster was slain, once and for all. Suddenly, I saw three huge figures striding out from the ashes, it was Zeus and his brothers, Poseidon, the God of seas and Hades, the God of Underworld.


Zeus walked towards me and he gave me a wide grin.


“Well done, my young hero, I knew you wouldn’t fail me. You are the greatest hero ever and I, Zeus will make you the new ruler of Mount Olympus,” said Zeus.


At the crowning ceremony, Zeus handed me a golden ring in a peculiar shape as the symbol of becoming the ruler of Mount Olympus. I felt I was on the highest peak of the world for the glory I had received. When Zeus was trying to place his crown on me, I felt dizzy and my vision went blur instantaneously. Within seconds, I fainted.


“Bryan, you’re late for school again, wake up!”


I opened my eyes and stared at my mother like I had never seen her for eons. I realized it was only a dream. But at least, I had become a hero of the day, although it was merely a dream.


Then, something weird happened, I found a golden ring in one of my fingers……

© 2011 ArchAngeL009

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Great! I absolutely loved the ending!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Well done it holds the reader, and has a nice end to it

Posted 12 Years Ago

no wonder you won a prize no matter how small it was, i throughly enjoyed it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

A good read. i always enjoyed mythology as it was such a vast world encompassing all the aspects of humans and supernatural gods. This is a well written story telling an interesting tale of modern marvels. Well Done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

A very good story. I loved reading about the myth when I was young and still today. Sort of a better world somehow. I like the description and the dream. Thank you for the story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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