2.Breach of the Atlantic Walls

2.Breach of the Atlantic Walls

A Chapter by ArchAngeL009

Breach of the Atlantic Walls

0745 hours

The second group of assault waves touched down in a series of landings that lasted for 40 minutes, but the situation wasn’t any better. Some of the landing crafts were sunk by mines hidden under the sands and  artillery fired from the German bunkers, some managed to made it ashore but the troops in them were shot to death before they could step a foot on the beach. Only a couple of D-D tanks(Duplex Drive) successfully landed, while the previous ones were all destroyed, almost. The later waves did not come in to reinforce due to bad weather conditions and the remaining US troops were isolated on the coast to fight a battle they cannot win.

The Atlantic Walls built by the Germans stood strong, they were the perfect defense against incoming invasion from the seas. The walls were built under the order of Adolf Hitler on April 1942 as he knew that the naval and submarine bases as well as the ports had to be heavily defended, and now they served the Germans perfectly well. Without these deadly fortification walls, the raid would have succeeded eons ago with minimum casualties for the Americans and the Canadians.

Operation Overlord was meant to be a fatal assault toward the Germans to take over Normandy, but the weathers were bad and sea crafts couldn’t sail, thus, the assault was delayed, and somehow the Germans were alerted, resulting in the defeat of the Allied forces.

But this was no complete defeat, there was still hope, and it came from Captain Daniel Frederick Miller and his squad.

“Looks like we’re the only ones left.” said Captain Miller.

A small part of the walls were blown apart, they went through the breach and took cover in the ruins that were used to be the fortification walls, but only nine rangers remained.

“Captain, there’s only nine of us, and there’s hundreds of Germans in there, I think we'll have to wait here until the reinforcement arrives.” said Private Jamie Fox, the BAR gunner.

“Listen up, soldier, the tides are too strong and reinforcement ain’t f*****g coming for us right now.” exclaimed Captain Miller.

He took out a crumpled map and studied it for a few moments, and finally he came up with a decision.

“We don't know when they’ll send us relief and there’s nothing we can do about that, the only thing we can do now is to give some help to our buddies from the Able Company back there by securing the beach.”

“But how?” asked a ranger.

“Excellent question, private.” said the captain. “This is how. We disable the 88 guns shelling the beach, with the guns gone, those guys from the Able Company will be able to get through the walls, and then we’ll take out the bunkers.”

                “Sir!” shouted Sergeant Horvath. “I think we've got a problem here.”

Captain Miller moved his head up slightly higher and peeked ahead. Some German soldiers were heading in careful paces towards them, they’d probably discovered their “hideout”. Besides, a sandbag dike armed with MG-42 heavy machine guns and mortars could be seen on the peak of the hills ahead, forming a great threat to them. Something had to be done, and quick, or else they’ll be dead meat soon.

“We have to get out here, sir!” shouted Private Jeff Wilkinson, the only sniper and the youngest ranger among the squad.

“Jackson! Anderson! Howard! Get to the left, take cover and put some fire on the crews up there.” ordered Captain Miller. “Jamie! Ryan! Goldberg! Get to right and do the same as I said!”

“Get ready.” said Captain Miller, he nodded at the Sergeant and he hurled a grenade toward the German soldiers who were slowly approaching them.

“Now!” he shouted as the sound of explosion thundered into his ears.

The rangers rushed out from the ruins and hurried to the nearest defilade they could find.  While Captain Miller along with Sergeant Horvath and Private Wilkinson stayed in the ruins and gave out some covering fire. The grenade explosion wasn’t deadly as the approaching enemy soldiers were scattered all over the place but it surely provided enough distraction and turbulence. Once settled down, the six of them took aim and started firing at their targets.

Not a second must be wasted in the battle field, and Captain Miller knew about that too well. He pulled the trigger of his rifle with no hesitation nor mercy at his enemies. He pulled the trigger not because he liked it, but because he had to do it. Either of them had to die.

War is cruel as always, innocent lives are often claimed. But this time, they were fighting to overthrow the evil dictator Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, this time, they were fighting for the sake of mankind, they were fighting for peace.  Without Hitler and the Nazis, the world would be a much better place, even the German civilians would agree on that.

But now, the German soldiers who fell before Captain Miller were merely chess pieces of the Nazis. Did they really deserve this?  They were soldiers, they serve their country well, yet, they got nothing in return but a tragic death. Some of them might have a wife and dozens of children back at home, some of them might be the only child in the family. They fought for their country whole-heartedly but what had they received from their country? Nothing but tickets to hell.

Serving in the military for years, Captain Miller was now a captain, and he knew well that as a soldier, nothing is more important than following orders given by the superior. Soldiers are trained to follow orders, not to question their superior. It was true that he felt really sad deep in his heart for the people he had killed, but orders were orders, they had to be followed. Take over Normandy by all means, that was the order given.

“Enemy down!” shouted Sergeant Horvath.

Captain Miller glanced ahead from his defilade, the Germans were all dead. He looked afar, the boys were still exchanging fire with enemy machine-gunners on the top of the hills. It wasn’t easy to take over the hills, on the peak, the damn Germans were hiding and shooting behind the sandbag dikes, on the bottom, barbed wires were guarding the hills.

“Jeff!” said Captain Miller.

“ Sir!”

“See that hole over there?” said Captain Miller as he was pointing at a crater under the hills. “It should give you complete defilade from the enemy machine gun. Get in there and make use of your sniper rifle.”

“Yes, sir!”

The captain and the sergeant gave out a covering fire for Private Wilkinson as he was running toward the crater. The crater wasn’t far away, but it wasn’t too near either. He ran so fast as he knew his life really depended on it. Presumably thirty or forty bullets flew towards him from the MG-42 machine guns, a bullet whizzed past his arm and hurt him but others merely flew overhead. He didn’t care for the wound and sprinted until he came before the crater and he bounded into it.

He crouched down, kissed his crucifix hanging before his chest, and then held his rifle. The rifle in his hands was a M1903 Springfield sniper rifle, the perfect weapon for a trained sniper. Private Wilkinson may be young, but he was a skillful sharpshooter. He was well trained in the military academy, and now it’s about time he showed the Germans some talents he’d acquired.

He squinted his right eye and left his left eye looking through the telescopic sight, taking aim. He aimed at the head of a German machine-gunner who was busy firing at his comrades on the hills, he pulled the trigger and down the soldier went. It gave the other German soldiers a sudden fright, they’d probably thought that they would be perfectly safe on the hills, but not quite, with Private Wilkinson aiming at their heads. They panicked and some of them started ducking down for more cover, those who were brave or rather foolish enough not to take cover were shot down one by one by the young sniper.

As the Germans were busy hiding behind the sandbags, Captain Miller and Sergeant Horvath took the opportunity to run across the land and they gathered with the soldiers who came to the left-side earlier.

“Anyone got a grenade?” Captain Miller asked.

“Sir, I’ve got one.” said Private Anderson and he handed him the grenade.

“Give me some covering fire.” said Captain Miller, then he ran forward, jumped over the barbed wires and threw the grenade at the Germans while the others were firing toward the sandbag dikes. Boom! The explosion sent them all to Jesus.

Captain Miller and the other four rangers went upon the hills and examined the bodies, making sure the Germans weren’t pretending to be dead. Captain Miller signaled the other three rangers who were behind the boulders not far away to gather with them. They picked up some supplies from the deceased German soldiers, including ammos, grenades and mortar shells.

While the others were collecting supplies, Sergeant Horvath saw Private Fox waving at them, looking nervous .

                “Captain Miller, I think there is a little situation over there.” said Sergeant Horvath to the captain.


© 2010 ArchAngeL009

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Pretty good cheesy as hell again but good you could have them swering alittle more though and perhaps more bloody and graphic.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A very good scene of war. You must remember the German were prepare with large artillery in-caved in the mountains. Almost impossible to take out. I saw the grave site of the battles. A sad sight. 20,000 crosses were lost for pieces of France.
A very good chapter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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