Success and Dreams

Success and Dreams

A Story by ArchAngeL009

My dream story of success.


 Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Success, My dreams

Success, is merely a simple word, a combination of letters, but, the state of being successful is something everyone longed and desired for.

The definition of success may vary in the eyes of different people. To some people, success means fame and wealth or even social standing, while others may consider success as a great achievement in life such as running a rosy business, acquiring a blissful marriage, having a good job, getting a pay raise or even becoming a winner in the 3D lottery.

When I was young, success was something rather complicated and hard to understand. Once, I asked my mum and she told me that becoming a doctor or a lawyer is what we call success, but, from other people and other sources, I was given different answers. I was puzzled and I went through my entire childhood in total bewilderment.

But now that I've grown up, I have my own interpretation for the word "success".
Being able to turn our dreams into reality and being able to make the impossible things possible after paying tonnes of hard work, determination and perseverance, that is what I call success.

For me, a so-called book-lover and an aspiring author, becoming a published novelist is what I aim for and what I hope to become in the near future(you'll probably see the name Bryan Tan as the author in some best-selling novels in the next decade).

Yes, I may confess that I'm a nerd as I was never active in sports. Some people say that I'm a boring person, but, the allegation of those dim-wits is utterly untrue. I may be inactive in sports, but I have a passion for writing. Besides reading, writing had always been my deepest interest since young. Whenever I showed my parents or teachers my works, they were often impressed. Their compliments were powerful, comparable to nukes, serving as great motivations and encouragements for me to carry on writing even better essays. They really influenced me a lot, without those praises, I wouldn't have become what I am today(a passionate writer).

Now, as a 17-year-old, apart from studies, I spend most of my time composing and writing various short stories during my past time.
Writing is fun, nothing else could give me that much joy and satisfaction.

When I sit at my desk with papers and pencil, or when I sit before my computer with my fingers glued to the keyboard, the feeling is incredible. Writing or typing doesn't matter anymore as long as I can express my feelings through poems, create a surreal world full of adventures and make up an arousing story which may stun my parents and friends. The feeling is indescribable, whenever I write, adrenaline will flow through my blood violently and instantaneously not because I'm suffering from fear or heart attack but simply because of dire excitement. In theory, adrenaline rush often occurs to a person when he is excited or being frightened, but for me, Bryan The So-Called Nerd,
adrenaline surges whenever I write!

Dreams come true if we act to turn them into realities. Becoming a successful novelist is my dream, and I'm going all out to achieve it. Firstly, I will finish my final year of high school, pass all exams with flying colours and major in both English and Creative Writing at a university. The double major will allow me to acquire an advanced proficiency in English and will also make me a much decent writer abundant of knowledge and creativity. Next, I will embark on an epic journey to become a professional novelist even if it takes years or decades of efforts to strive for it and finally, I will reach the peak and become one of the best in my field with various best-selling novels (thrillers, fantasies, or even fairy tales).

Being the best in one's field may be the ultimate goal for some people but for me, success is an on-going process, not a destination. There will be no ending line for my career as a novelist, being the best would not stop me from writing, instead, I will create more and more distinguished, fabulous and inspirational stories for readers who support me whole-heartedly.

As a successful novelist/writer, I will write to inspire the minds and souls of millions, for the world will always need an inspirational writer like me to keep their hearts cultivated and souls motivated for the development of a better tomorrow.

Keep that in your minds, never say never to your dreams even though people may mock at you or even laugh at you as they may think that your dreams are unattainable or you are merely a Dreamer. Remember, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

As for me, my dream serves as my life mission. No matter what happens, I will pursue my dream of becoming a successful novelist until the end of my life.

For writing is my life. Writing completes me.

© 2010 ArchAngeL009

Author's Note

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very nice. this story speaks of a dream that i believe many writers share, including me :) i really like the structure and how you made the important messages bold and loud and clear.
this gives inspiration to many young writers. i hope that one day you will live your dream, until then, keep writing. ^_^

Posted 12 Years Ago

A portrait of a dreamer who is going to make it happen. I applaud you!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Great essay, and nice presentation!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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You are very wise. Money is necessary. But if we don't enjoy the job we do. We will be miserable. Writing is a great dream. With the internet and many more options I know many people who have found success in writing books. A outstanding story. When I was young my dream was to have many books written. Time does go by too quickly.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 12 Years Ago

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