Prologue: The Treaty of Towers

Prologue: The Treaty of Towers

A Chapter by Tsukin Archangel

A look into Marc's past and the agreement that led to the Treaty of Towers. Warnings: Language and mild sexual content


Prologue: The Treaty of Towers

            The room was dark except for the faint glow of embers in the fireplace. Winnely sat up in the bed and bit her lip, her ginger hair hanging over her freckled face like a shroud. A cold breeze lightly caressed her exposed shoulder and she looked up momentarily to see that a window had been left open over night. She shivered. The white sheets bunched around her closed fists and to any onlooker it would be obvious that she felt guilty about something. Last night… she thought, did I … ?

            Phantom touches and gentle kisses plagued her mind. Memories of the night before. A dazzling smile. Stomach knotting pleasure. A sensation born from within her body that she’d craved like a drug. That she still craved. Her ultimate regret. Marc. It all came back to her and she chanced a glance to her right. Marc. It was true then, the warmth she’d felt beside her wasn’t a dream. It hadn’t vanished with the start of the new day. Oh my -- I can’t -- forgive me -- Marc. She choked back a sob, a traitorous tear trailing down her cheek. Oh god.

            It meant nothing.

            She meant nothing to him.

            It never did with him.

Winnely took a shaky breath and wiped her eyes. It was done. In a moment of weakness she had succumbed to her darkest desires, breaking the promise with herself that she’d made all those years ago the moment she first started growing close to Marc. That she wouldn’t love. She glanced at the clock that lay on the nightstand and pulled a shirt over her head.

I won’t fall for his tricks.

 “Marc?” she asked softly, afraid the moment might break her.

His games.

            “Hmmm?” came the sleepy reply.

His seduction.

            “Shouldn’t we be leaving? We’re going to be late as it is.” Her voice was steadier now. The mask was set. She could do this.

His charm.

            The blonde groaned and rolled onto his side exposing his toned and bronzed upper back, his usually impeccable hair a tousled mess. She inhaled sharply and her grip tightened to the point of whiteness on the corner of the sheet she had. She couldn’t do this.

 His beauty.

Marc grunted and pulled the covers up against himself. He burrowed deeper into their depths and turned his face gracelessly away from the glow of sunlight that had begun to filter in through the open window.

His charisma.

He squinted open an eye. Honey-gold met emerald green. “Who left the window open, huh?” He asked. His voice was muffled against the side of the pillow. Slightly slurred with sleep.

His mystery.

“Marc,” Winnely sighed and pulled at the sheets. He grinned lazily at her. She felt her mouth go dry. Even just waking he was truly beautiful. Otherworldly. He really was on a completely different plane of existence than her. Marc pulled the sheets back.

 He was a tall man and now he was hogging all the warmth. Her feet were getting cold. “Marc.” She tried for forceful. No good.

His allure.

“Fine.” She stood up and pulled on the pair of undergarments she’d worn the night before. “I’m going to get ready,” She found her short battle skirt and pulled that on as well. “I expect you to be ready as well when I get back.” Winnely pulled on her boots with a grunt as she forced her foot into that narrow gap fit for an ankle. The leather stretched slightly to accommodate the sudden intrusion and its tongue lolled forward slightly like a dog. “It’s a very important meeting.” She walked over to his vanity. No doubt it was there for all of the other guests he… entertained.

I won’t fall for his seduction.

Marc sighed. “I know, I know, just… give me a minute.” He waved a hand through the air lamely.

“I’ll be back in twenty.”

The blonde looked up. “You’re leaving?”

Winnely turned around, taking a bobby-pin out of her mouth and tying her hair up into a somewhat presentable bun. “Yes, to my own room.” She glanced in the mirror and moved a few strands into place.

“I have a shower in here you know.” Marc pointed out, eyes shifting away slightly before turning back to her. You don’t have to go. Is what they said.

Well you haven’t asked me to stay either, she thought.

Was it just her or did he seem just a little desperate?

Winnely shrugged and made her way over to the door. “None of my clothes though.”

Marc smirked. “You forget I’m the Warden. If I wanted to I  could make this your room. It would be easy, a parlor trick.” His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and his eyes shined with something --





Marc didn’t love. He only used and manipulated. He was the paragon of dignity and regality in the public eye, but he felt no love. He was incapable of that. She knew that. She’d known it from the moment she’d first started observing him when she’d joined the military at the start of the War of Towers. It was all just a game to him, a petty pathetic game that led to countless woman’s hearts broken.

I will not be a victim.

“Well don’t,” she said firmly before walking out the door. Marc’s expression darkened, but the look vanished as quickly as it came. His mask was in place.

“Then go, I’ll be ready in fifteen minutes.”

Winnely nodded curtly and saluted, closing the door behind her.

She wouldn’t love him.

I will not love him.

            I  can’t.


-Tower of God-


Marc watched her go with a sigh. His mouth thinned to an agitated line.

She’s a right little b***h ain’t she boss? A male voice called from his vantage point by the open window. Marc turned in surprise, he’d never seen this man before. Never heard that voice or seen a man with eyes red like hot coals and blood. Where’d he even come from? Marc narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

Your biggest confident Marky. I’m hurt you don’t recognize me.

“Shut up. I don’t know you.”

Well whatever. The man shrugged. Anyway, she totally turned you down ya’ know. Stomped on your little heart, saw that right? He posed by the desk, jutting his hip out and tapping his chin in mock contemplation.

“You don’t know that.”

Gonna’ make ya’ cry! Gonna’ make you weep! Marky-Marc’s in for a treat! He sing-songed hopping from foot to foot.

“I swear if you don’t stop I’ll -- ” Marc began.

The red-eyed man stopped. You’ll what? Sic lil’ Winnie on me? He trembled then guffawed hysterically. Oooo, I’m so scared.

He paused and Marc glared.

It’s really sad you know. Pathetic even.


She’ll never love you.

“Shut up.”

Never ever want to be with you again.

“I said shut up.” Marc covered his ears but the red-eyed man’s voice still carried.

She’ll just distance herself and you’ll be all alone with the lil’ demons in your ugly little head. The red-eyed man’s voice turned sadistic.

“I SAID! SHUT! UP!” Marc roared, voice cracking at the end as the veins in his neck grew prominent against his skin.

The room shook. His hair flew around wildly in his face and pulse went through the room like an invisible wave had crashed through it. The ground cracked. Windows burst. Paintings vanished into nothing, chairs were flung against the wall. The very fabric of reality seemed to be waning. The space seeming to breath, lurching in and out, cobbled stones lifting and depressing back and forth.

            “Get out,” Marc said in a voice barely above a whisper. “Or I will make you leave.”

            The red-eyed man grinned.

And laughed.

Enough with the theatrics Marky. He snapped his fingers and the room instantly returned to the way it was before. I’m as much of a Warden here as you are. Marc blinked in surprise, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

The red-eyed man walked languidly over to him and pushed a mirror into Marc’s face.

See, the red-eyed man cooed in his ear. Look. Marc shut his eyes. He didn’t want to see. A strange sense of dread had begun to curl itself in his belly. He felt the red-eyed man’s fingers against his jaw. They were deathly cold. Open your eyes. Marc resisted. Open them. The red-eyed man grabbed his neck, cutting off his air. Open them or I’ll make you open them. He mocked through a deranged chuckle. Marc clawed at the hand and his eyes flew open with a gasp as air flooded his lungs. The red eyed man grinned. One and the same. He whispered.

Marc’s eyes widened. No…

He screamed.

His eyes were red.

-Tower of God-


Winnely glanced up at Marc, she wanted to ask but she couldn’t. Something had changed in the time she had been gone, but she didn’t know what. She wet her lips with her tongue and looked down at where Marc’s hand wrapped around her waist. She sighed. Any other day she would’ve been thrilled by the touch but now…

She looked up again and shivered. There was a darkness in Marc’s eyes, a look she hadn’t seen before and she wasn’t sure that bode well for the treaty agreements they had planned to make with the other four Wards. The grip on her waist felt possessive. Tight and owning. Like she was property not a person. She didn’t enjoy that feeling.

The ground whizzed past their feet… or maybe it would be more accurate to say their feet whizzed past the ground, she couldn’t tell anymore; it all felt like floating on air, like she wasn’t really there. Or anywhere really. It was a strange sensation but she didn’t bother to complain. This was Marc’s preferred method of travel and besides she had to admit it was a lot less cumbersome than driving a car or the myriad of other things one could think of. She remembered the first time she’d seen Ward 5’s black dragon they so prided themselves on maintaining. She’d reeled in shock as a beast born from the very depths of the children stories she’d read as a child came to life in front of her.

 It was pretty impressive she had to admit. It was the closest thing to a living thing to be created using the power of a Tower, but she knew it wasn’t real. Not really. A flick of her wrist and it would all come tumbling down. If it were truly alive she wouldn’t be able to hurt a scale on its head.

They began to slow and with that she turned her attention back to her immediate surroundings, the grassy plains of the neutral zone coming into focus. This was the place the five Wards had decided they would congregate. A space that none of them occupied and no one would have a distinct advantage of. She looked again at Marc, his expression still cold and dark.  It was a lie she knew. A false reassurance that they’d be any safer from Marc’s influence here than anywhere else.

She looked around the field. It was strange to be somewhere where the power of the Tower didn’t touch. So… this is what Earth truly looks like? Alive and green?

They lurched to a stop and Winnely stumbled out of Marc’s grip, only saved for falling by his quick reflexes.

She brushed her bangs out of her face. “Thank you.”

Marc glanced at her for a moment and nodded. “Come on.”

The two walked up the ridge in silence, an almost physical gap separating the two of them on a level not seen before. Voices carried over from the top and Marc’s expression only grew more agitated.

“Where’s the little punk huh? He doesn’t have the right to be late just cause he thinks he’s stronger than all of us!”

Marc cleared his throat. “I am stronger. Jaron,” He glanced icily at the current Ward 3 leader and began to walk forward, his Tower manifesting itself in his wake.

With each step he took the world around them died, grass folding over to reveal cold black stone, the sky turning dark and stormy, clouds like tar swirling in into existence. Marc’s Tower rose behind him large and onyx, stone, and foreboding. Spires jutting from it sides, gothic buttresses and stained glass windows spiraling up its surface.

Marc went to sit down at the round table where the rest of the Ward’s representatives sat looking shocked and edgy as if at any moment he may snap. Which he very well might. He really wasn’t in a good mood.

Winnely looked up at the Tower in surprise. It hadn’t looked like that this morning. It hadn’t looked like that the night before. She looked over at Marc and gulped. What had happened to have shaken him so much that his very Tower changed in appearance.

He’s like a shadow king, she thought to herself.

Marc propped his legs up on the table, and a cloth billowed out from where his shoes touched its surface, a crimson thing trimmed with black curtaining over its sides.

“Well let’s make this simple hmm?” He said darkly. “You want me to leave your Wards alone. I want you to leave my Ward alone.” Marc looked up and the people around the table nodded in agreement, looking flustered. “Good. Well then. Here are my terms,” he paused. “You will send each of your firstborns to be fostered under my care when they reach the age of eighteen.”


“Why would we agree to that?!”

“Let me wring his pretty blonde neck!”

“SILENCE!” Marc’s voice boomed across the table and despite everything, they instantly fell quiet. “Those are my terms. Take it or leave it. Doing this insures I won’t attack you and having your children insures you won’t attack me. Peace. Done and done. See?”

“What if we refuse?” Marc turned at the sound of the unified voice of Ward 4’s Collective. The only Ward that had proved to be any challenge during the war.

“Simple. I’ll make my reality everyone’s reality,” he glanced around him, “and I doubt you all want that.”



            “Ward 4 has made a decision. We shall comply. The Collective agrees to your terms. They are reasonable and currently the most effective option available to us for peace.”

            Marc smiled. “Good.” He looked at the rest of the group and raised an eyebrow.

            “Ward 5 shall comply.”

            “Ward 2 agrees.”

            “Jaron?” Marc asked, “You’re the last one.”

            Jaron spit on the ground. “That’s what I think of you and your god damned terms,” he growled, “but Ward 3’ll comply.”

            “Then it’s settled. The Treaty of Towers is set.”

© 2014 Tsukin Archangel

Author's Note

Tsukin Archangel
FINALLY FINISHED THE PROLOGUE!!! Its kinda longer than all the chapters currently but I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you think! Do you think it gives too much away? Do note, and I feel this is kinda implied but Marc is MUCH younger than what he is in the events of the main storyline. Also and this is pretty clear I think, but it's the first time he'd encountered the red-eyed man, and that experience left him very shaken for many reasons (which will be delved more into later in the story).
What do you think of Winnely?
What did you think of the old Marc?
Do you understand the concept of the Towers? It's the limited power to manipulate reality.
Are you enjoying it?
Do you feel it gives too much away?
What or who do you think the red-eyed man is?

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I'm definitely enjoying this piece for its dark edginess. I had to reread in a few places to understand but this was a fun one! You're also good at conveying emotion

Posted 10 Years Ago

Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

Thanks! I'm glad you thought/think whatev's so. Mind telling me which parts you had to re-read? Just.. read more
SpeedyHobbit Armstrong

10 Years Ago

sure! Just have to look back through to remember which those actually were xD
Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

lol kk I totes understand
I like this a lot! I look forward to reading the rest and eagerly await more...

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Lol well no rush, take your time!
Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

lol fo sho. I'm actually about to head off to me next class lolz

10 Years Ago

Ah i miss that place *Sarcasm dripping from that comment*
[send message][befriend] Subscribe
Very interesting. I love how you put it together and how you are so descriptive of feelings. Ugh, I'm jealous! I can never describe things like that! You did awesome. I love what you've out together.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

Thanks!!! I still plan to make some edits to this prologue, adding a few scenes (which is why Chap 3.. read more
I love the romance between Winnely and Marc. The stress between the two of them is classic, well done. I feel that this could be broken down into two sections, or chapters. The first centering around the romance, then leading into the meeting to establish a treaty. The first and second parts can go together. Also, why does she accompany him? I'm not sure if I just missed that information, or if it just didn't stick in my mind. But at the meeting, I'm wondering why she went with him. Is she his assistant?

For the the last part, I felt that there should have been more information regarding the situation that's going on. Why do they comply with Marc? Is he really that much more powerful than they are? I get that he is, but only because you told me. The conclusion of the meeting seemed rushed. There was no show of power amongst the leaders in order for me to compare and contrast and come to that conclusion on my own. I need to see the power struggle, have the meeting drawn out, their displays of power elaborated upon.

Other than that, I love this! You're definitely going places!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

No problem! Thank you for reading it lol. I appreciate everyone who's not like ripping my head off f.. read more

10 Years Ago

lol.. Well if you're posting your work for free, I assume it's still in progress and expect edits an.. read more
Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

lol that's my philosophy in general. But for the most part the things people HAVE pointed out have b.. read more
~Gold Review~
First let me say that I absolutely love your attention to detail in all your descriptive writing. Its not excessive and that is very important.
"The leather stretched slightly to accommodate the sudden intrusion and its tongue lolled forward slightly like a dog. " - I freaken love this line!

Winnely - I have conflicting views of her. I know she is in this military, part of Marc's ward, however, where I am conflicted is she comes off as a little needy or weak and I feel like she is trying to present herself as a bad a*s. Does that make sense? I guess from what's there I am not sure what to think of her. Of course this can totally be a great set up for pulling the reader in and needing more.

Marc - I need more! This is a good thing. Is he really this bad boy needing love but putting on a front? Was he hurt badly before and that's why he is like this? He definitely has a voice. First, he is presented through Winnely's impression of him and this through his own actions and words.

Towers - For me the concept is not fleshed out enough, however, you have a great opportunity to do so here or in the upcoming chapters. Honestly, I would not have understood the limited power to manipulate reality if you hadn't put it in your author's note. I am completely interested in learning more about this!

I am enjoying it immensely and am eager to read on in the chapters. I do not think it gives too much away but this is something I can comment again on in the next chapters if this changes. As for the red-eyes man its pretty clear that it is possibly a future, eviler version of Marc.

Great job so far! Keep it up!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago


And I'm glad you don't find my detail excessive. That's actual.. read more
K.M. Lucero

10 Years Ago

:) I am so excited for you and you are so right while reading the prologue and into chapter 1 I coul.. read more
Tsukin Archangel

10 Years Ago

yesh especially since his past is meant to be a bit of a mystery in this book. So it honestly won't .. read more

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