A Chapter by Arctic Fox

Ronan awakens setting in motion the end of one age and beginning of another


Deep in the hills of Terian an ancient grove exists with a deep, clear pool of crystalline water. In that pool an ancient being sleeps. He is one of two. One of the earth and water and one of the air and fire. She stills slumbers, but fate would bring six young companions to awaken him. Ages had come and gone, the ways of old died before the ways of the new. The time had come for the rebirth of an age and for legends to be made.

Alionora “Ali” Gansing rested her head on Bran’s shoulders. Ali was had soft, fair skin. Her hair was always wavy and shone brilliantly in the sunlight. Her body was curvy with wide hips and ample bust. All the boys wanted her and she wouldn’t have any save Bran. Ali helped her parents who traded among the various villages in the “Hammock”. The Hammock was a valley nestled between the Arian and Julain Mountians. Bran Casius was more reserved then most, but he always stuck his neck out to help anyone in need. He was tall with dark hair. Like most Terians, he was light skinned, but not as light as Ali or Aislin. He was thin enough for most people to think him weak. Underneath though were tight, firm muscles that he gained working the fields with his father and cousins. His cousins were twins whose parents, Bran’s mother’s sister and husband, had died of the influenza were they were three.

“Ali, have you walked at all this whole time,” said a red headed boy who trotted up beside Bran. Faelan Frit was a trouble maker in their village, but he was a loyal friend. He was broad shouldered and built from working as an apprentice in the forges. He was both quicker and more flexible than he looked though. He liked to take risks for the rush as he would say. He carried dice in his coat pocket that he rolled when he need to make tough choices that he would otherwise take hours to make. He never went against the pips. He often said, “The dice never lie!”

“Leave her alone Faelan! You know she isn’t used to taking hikes up Fox Peak,” said a girl who was tall and had dark hair like Bran. They were actually cousins. Her dad and bran’s mom were brother and sister. Etain Harion, the youngest of the group, was always cheerful. She spent most of her time helping her father in his inn. Almost no one had ever seen her cry. Many believed that she could not cry at all. Bran knew other wise. She cried every night over her mother’s death when no one was around. The oldest of the girls was Aislin Bara. Bran and Faelan were both a month older than her. She hardly ever spoke to anyone, but the five others with her. She spoke the most to Faelan though. She was paler than Ali by far. She was a very mysterious girl to most. She was the shortest of the group. Her father was the priest and her mother the weaver for their village, Clearwater.

Bringing up the rear of the group was the youngest boy, Killian Kallinger. He was older Etain, but younger than Ali. He was always getting into fights and scuffles. He was shorter than Bran and Faelan. He was toned like Bran. He helped his father who was the town leather crafter. He looked up to Bran and Faelan and followed them everywhere. Both of the older boys tried to teach and guide him. Bran however was the better at calming Killian down.

As the group came to the familiar clearly Ali slid off of Bran’s back. Faelan and Aislin began setting the blanket on the ground and opening the three basket they had brought for lunch. This was a weekend ritual for at least five of them. Ali had not joined then until two weeks back when she began spending every chance she had with Bran. Killian was kicking around his ball showing off his tricks trying to impress Etain to no avail. Bran and Ali began cutting the loaf of bread and slicing the fruit up into bite size snacks. Bran placed the fruit next to the chocolate that Etain smuggled from her father’s inn. They both had gotten their fair share of swats to the backside for that in the past. They had quickly became master chocolate thieves.

Ali pulled the cork of the wine bottle. They had spent days washing out the bottle to get rid of the smell. Crisp, cool water from the Serpent’s Run River glinted in the sun as the water flowed into the six cups before Ali. The water in the Hammock was the cleanest of any in all Terian. Crystal Lake was named for it. The lake looked as if it contained crystals instead of water. Bran called the other four over to eat.

“Today we go all the way to the top,” he announced to the others.

“Faelan laughed, “We’d better. I didn’t wake up before sunrise for nothing.” Faelan had his dice with him. He rolled them over and over just to see what the pips would show.

“I can’t wait to see what is at the top,” Etain said with a giggle.

Killian sat on his ball as he nibbled on his chunk of cheese. “I have always wondered what was at the top of Fox’s peak. I think there is a giant fox that waits for travelers. If you can find him then you get a wish!”

Fox Peak is named after the massive den of foxes that exist inside the of it. Though hunters have killed the majority of them. Sad really, I think they are beautiful,” Ali said.

“You won’t think that when they eat the chickens for your father’s inn,” Etain retorted.

“Where are my foxes?”

“Are you ok Aislin? You look spooked,” Faelan said as Aislin shot up straight. Her back ridged and eyes searching her surroundings.

“I am fine. I thought I heard someone. I was mistaken,” Aislin responded. Faelan gave her a playful nudge and she blushed.

“Foxes are nice and all, but I prefer wolves. Don’t get me wrong I love the little pests, but a wolf has that commanding presence about it. It stands tall and proud. It bites harder than it barks, if it even barks at all,” Faelan said continuing the conversation.

I like wolves too! But where are all my foxes!?” The voice said again. It sounded like a young boy. Aislin could hear him all around her when he spoke.

As the six of them finished their meal and packed up; they began to ascend further up Fox Peak than they had ever gone before. Each new step took them into new unknown places. The sun had not yet reached its peak in the sky so the air was still a little cool and crisp about them. The shade of the trees gave them goose bumps. The air was much cooler in the shade. It was early spring in the Hammock.

The birds began singing harmonious melodies from the boughs of the trees around them. They began seeing squirrel and rabbit among the bushes and tall grass. They could not, but help feel alive and joyful the further they went. It was as if life had exploded around them and was gushing into their very souls. Etain began prancing around. Ali snuggled her cheek against Bran’s. Killian started laughing and tossing pebbles at the others. Faelan however did not partake in the fun. He felt alive. He felt as if he had a purpose that had to be completed.

Aislin’s eyes met Faelan’s and he knew that what had happened in the clearing before was true. Aislin could see things. Sometimes they were voices in her head, feelings in her gut, or even visions. She had never told anyone about it except Faelan. She was afraid of what her father would think or even do if he found out. No priest wanted a possessed daughter. She started having them when he body began maturing, but her mother had never mentioned visions as being part of the process. She knew she was different and found it hard to trust people. She trusted Faelan because she knew his secret.

Why is there a wolf in my mountain? That is unusual. The voice said as Aislin thought about Faelan’s true form. Faelin’s family was Garu. In their case Lu-Garu. They were people who took the form of wolves. Some people were Vu-Garu, fox people. Others were Ca-Garu, dog people. The Garu as a whole lived among people who had no idea of what their neighbors really were. The Garu were the guardians of the link that existed between man and canine. A sacred link forged centuries ago. It was extremely rare to be Garu. The Garu had almost died out from breeding with normal people. The blood had become thin except in a few powerful families. The Frits were one such family. It was not required to marry another Lu-Garu, but highly encouraged. Faelan’s three older brothers and two older sisters did. He himself had no care if he did or did not. To him his brothers and sisters had already insure the lines survival for now.

Aislin looked at Faelan. She made a motion with her hand touching her fingers to her thumb to show that she heard a voice. Faelan nodded. He kept his distance from the group. They seemed to enjoy the fact that the animals would run up to them and sniff their hands before darting off in another direction before repeating the process. The animals gave Faelan a wide berth though.

“This is the most beautiful place in the world,” Etain said as she picked another wild flower to complete the wreath that she put around her head.

Ali took in a large breath of air, “The air is cleaner than any I have ever breathed.”

“This was a good idea. We need to come up here more often,” Bran said.

“I agree,” Killian said.

“What do you think Faelan,” Etain asked Faelan.

Faelan looked at his friends. They were literally high on life. He though carefully as he said, “Too much of a good thing is just as bad as a little bit of a bad thing. Treasure the rare moments in life or they will not hold the same appeal.”

“I don’t think this place could ever get old. I’d love to live up here,” Killian barked.

Humans stay away from this hallowed ground. They leave a taint and destruction in their wake. Why do you come to my mountain?

“I do not think we should be here. I have a bad feeling,” Aislin managed to say over her heart pounding in her chest.

“What is wrong with you two? This place is so full of life,” Bran said with an exasperated look on his face.

As they continued their trek up the mountain the ground began to level out. The trees grew taller here and the grass was greener than they had ever seen in their lives. Animals were everywhere. Just ahead of them was a pool of water. The sun reflected off the pool blinding the companions. The pool was the source of the Serpent’s Run River, Flag River, and Clear Stream.


“Hey! Look! The source of the rivers,” Ali said with excitement.

“Stay away from the water! It is not safe,” Aislin said.

“Calm down, Aislin. It is just a pool of water,” Killian said as he bounded over with the others. As the six approached the pool the animals began to retreat into the woods around them. Only Faelan noticed the silence that descended around them. The hairs on his neck began to stand up. As they looked into the pool they all gasped. Their eyes widened at the sight before them.

Deep into the pool was a boy laying on the bottom curled up in the fetal position. Bubbles rose from his nose as he breathed in and out in his deep sleep. Aislin began to back from the pool. Faelan grabbed her arm. He would not leave the other four.

You should not be here. Your presence disturbs the balance. Why did you come here? What do you seek?

“We are not seeking anything,” Aislin said out loud. The others looked at her with bewildered eyes. As they turned back to stare at the boy in the pool they all fell back as they met a pair of blue eyes staring back at them. The boy sat up and looked at Aislin. He began to float up from the bottom of the pool. He wore no clothes, but four heavy looking bands of silver. One on each wrist and ankle. As his body broke the surface of the water he step forward. His feet rest gently on the water.

His face was a mask of anger and resentment, “Why do you step foot into my lands? Who are you and what do you seek? Tell me wolf,” the boy yelled.

Faelan stepped forward and cleared his throat, “We are only six friends who wanted to see the top of the mountain. We did not mean to trespass, nor do we mean harm.”

“I have slept for so long. Your clothes are much different from the ones that the people of the land once wore. You talk with a different accent as well. The cycle has begun again it would seem. You have awoken me from my slumber. I awaken for one reason and one reason only. It is my job to protect the land. Each one of you will play their part in the story of this age.”

The six friends were silent as the tried to absorb and wrap their heads around the words the boy from the pool had just spoken. It was Bran who broke the silence.

“Who are you,” he asked of the boy.

“I am Ronan, protector of the land and seas. Have you forgotten me? I am one of the Master’s two guardians bound to this land. Me and Kaitlyn,” the boy Ronan said.

Etain fainted after hearing those words spoken out loud. Killian caught her and held her. Before them stood one of the two Guardians that the legends told about. They had heard old stories about the guardians, but they had all taken them for fanciful tales to tell children as they slept. The Master had a hand on the world and turned it accordingly. It was said that after crafting the world the Master created three guardians to protect the world. One held dominion over the lands and seas, Ronan. He represented life itself. One held dominion over the fires and air, Kaitlyn. She represented the light and family. One held dominion over the shade and stone, Ailill. Ailill grew corrupt and cold. The shade became the night and stone lost the warmth it once held. Ailill the strongest tried to kill Ronan and Kaitlyn, but they were too powerful when they were together. Ailill was banished and sealed from the world, but he used the remnants of his power to sow the seeds of chaos, death, and destruction.

“Ailill will try and strike in this age as he has done before with each age. Whole kingdoms will turn against each other. He will try to destroy Kaitlyn if I can not reach her in time and wake her. I can feel that she still slumbers. She is vulnerable. If he succeeds we are doomed. Alone, neither her nor I can defeat him. Together though, he is no match,” Ronan said to them.

“This is too much to take in,” Ali said.

“You will descend this mountain. You will believe that the mountain air has poisoned and fogged your minds, but soon you will know the truth. Now leave me. I must speak to the Master,” Ronan said. The air around them began to shimmer. The clearing where they had taken lunch appeared around them. They all stood there for a long time not talking. They each looked at one another in turn.

“I think it is time for us to head back home. I think we have been hallucinating,” Bran offered.

“Your right, because there is no way possible that just happened,” Killian agreed.

“I don’t think we got all the wine out of the bottle,” Ali said.

Soon they had convinced themselves that they had all had been in a drunken stupor. All except Faelan and Aislin. Faelan could smell the air turning sour already. He knew that they had indeed met Ronan, the Little Seal, guardian of life. Aislin held onto Faelan’s arm as they followed the other four.

I am sorry. I did not mean to frighten you. But truth is truth none the less.

“I know,” Aislin thought back.

The next morning life went on as always in the village of Clearwater. It was a worship day so the chapel was had the doors open wide to allow the villages to come and pray to the Master. Aislin’s father led prayers and gave council to those who sought it.

Faelan went to chapel as little as he could. He was not against the Master, but he did not believe in paying for his mercy and love with his hard earned coin. He had gone in the morning with master Harold as he always did, but he was the first one out the door as well. Faelan leaned against the anvil as he watched Mary and Samuel steal kisses from behind the oak trees. Mary’s father was opposed to the idea of her courting Samuel. He let out an audible exhale as he turned to go back into the forge. There was no work to be done on a holy day so Faelan wandered his way through the forge and shop area and into the guest house where he lived. He had no family to speak of. His father had died during the influenza epidemic and his mother in childbirth. His older siblings had all moved far away form the village. Master Harold took him in and started to teach him the blacksmith trade so he would have a trade skill and that he could one day make his own life with it.

Faelan threw himself on his bed. Aislin would be busy helping her father. Bran would soon be back home, and Killian was helping tend his younger sister. He was absolutely bored out of his mind. He began rolling the die to see how many times he could roll a three. After about twenty rolls Faelan rolled himself off his bed and walked outside for air. The sun was almost at its peak in the sky. He could see many of the villagers setting up for the spring festival. Brightly colored ribbons and banners whipped in the wind. Several of the villagers called his name and waved as he passed by their houses or shops. Clearwater village was of a modest size. It was almost large enough to be called a town. Had it not been for its position so close to the mountains it probably would have become one by now. Faelan liked the isolation though. He had heard the stories of the larger towns and cities. They were loud, cramped, and full of criminals.

He soon found himself on the green. Tables and tents had been set up for tomorrow’s festivities. Faelan barely held down his excitement. Each year there were competitions of skill, speed and strength. Faelan had been practicing all year for the ball throwing competition. The ball in this case weighed 15 lbs. The objective was to throw the ball further than the man before you. The ball had to be pushed from your body into the air so as not to injure the thrower.

As Faelan was pondering over whether or not he would win; he failed to see Aislin standing with her back to him. Faelan was staring down in thought when you walked right into her. She stumbled a step and whirled around ready to strike when she saw it was Faelan.

“Hey watch where your going pup,” Aislin whispered as she looked up at Faelan.

“Huh, Oh! Sorry Aislin, I was just thinking,” Faelan apologized.

“Faelan, don’t think. Your no good at it,” she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace. Faelan was built enough that Aislin’s fingers could not touch as she reached around him.

“Are you done for the day Little One,” Faelan asked. Had any person other than Faelan said that; she would have become belligerent. It was Faelan’s pet name for her just as pup was Aislin’s for him.

Aislin nodded her head to confirm that she was free for the rest of the day and some of the evening. Together they began walking aimlessly around the green. Aislin’s father and mother approved of Faelan even though he was skittish at Chapel. Of course they had no idea that Faelan turned into a massive wolf either.

“It feels like a dream, but so real,” Aislin said.

Faelan had purposely not been thinking of that day, “I do not know what to make of it either. I plan on just going day to day and living my life like I usually do,” Faelan said in reply, “Besides you’ll know before anyone if something happens or changes.”

Aislin and Faelan both grew silent for a while. They had meandered their way off the green and down the old path the fishermen used to get to the lake behind the village. As the made their way down the path Aislin stopped and looked out at the clear undisturbed waters.

“Faelan, you have always been my closest friend. Mother and Father wish me to take a ‘Companion’ of sorts to the Spring Festival,” Aislin said as her voiced trailed off. It was custom for the girls to ask the boys to be their “Companions” at the festival. The spring festival honored Ronan the guardian of life. Kaitlyn the weakest of the three guardians had once asked Ronan if he would be her counterpart. Ronan’s consent was one of the reasons for Ailill’s betrayal.

“What are you trying to say Aislin,” Faelan asked her.

“I want you to be my Companion for the festival this week,” Aislin said in her whisper-voice as blood flooded her cheeks in a blush, “I know that Ali asked Bran, and I suspect that Etain will feel obligated to ask Killian. I just feel more comfortable around you Faelan. I trust you.”

“Of course I will, Little One.“ Faelan leaned over and bear hugged her as he laughed at her shyness. Aislin let out a barely audible sigh of relief before becoming extremely tense and rigid. Her eyes seemed to stare without staring. After a while she came back into the world.

“One of these days I will have a vision in front of my Father. How I have managed not to so far is a blessing from the Master!”

“What did you see,” Faelan asked.

“Nothing of importance really. Mary is with child and Samuel is not the father. Nothing more than village scandal,”

“Out of curiosity,” Faelan began.

Aislin looked over at him, “Colin, the baker’s son.”

Faelan laughed a little. Colin’s father was going to go over the edge because his son’s hormones. Faelan and Aislin walked the rest of the way to the water. They took off their shoes and waded out into the depths. Aislin pulled her skirt up to keep it from getting soaked in the water. On the dock next to them a young man with brown hair stood up from his fishing and stretched. He was your average built boy. Faelan waved at him.

“Good luck Colin,” Faelan called to him. Colin gave him a quizzical look before returning to his fishing. Aislin tapped him on the nose which made Faelan yelp.

“Bad dog! Your going to get me in more trouble than you already do,” Aislin said as she laid her hand on his arm. Faelan just threw his shirt off showing off his muscled, yet lean build and dove into the water splashing Aislin.

As Faelan and Aislin were swimming, the sun began its steady decent as the moon began its equaled paced rise. Faelan walked Aislin to her house just in time. As they were approaching Aislin’s mother was exiting their house.

“I was just about to go find you Aislin. Time for dinner love. Will you be joining us Faelan,” Aislin’s mother asked.

“No thank you ma‘am. I already ate,” Faelan lied. Aislin looked into his eyes and found the answer she was looking for. Be careful she mouthed to him. Faelan smiled and nodded. When Aislin and her mother retreated into the house Faelan began his walk. His room in Master Harold’s guest house was not his destination this night. He broke into a run once you was out of sight of the houses. He ran into the forest until he found a tall rock the height and width of a man. Next to it was a barrel. Faelan quickly undressed and put his clothes into the barrel all the while looking around to see if he had been followed by anyone. When he was sure he was alone he stepped further into the clearing the rock was in.

If any person had been there they might not have believed their own eyes. The air around Faelan shimmered as a bright light engulfed him. When the light soften and disappeared a large wolf stood where Faelan once had. Faelan sniffed the air for signs of any people near the area and found no one near the woods who could raise the alarm. Certain that his night would go uninterrupted; Faelan trotted into the more deeper depths of the forested mountainside. He wasn’t hunting as he normal would in his wolf form. No, tonight he was searching. Searching for signs of Ronan.

He nor Aislin believed that that night had been a dream or a drunken stupor. Ronan had been there in the grove as had they. He just knew it. The only problem was that he had not been able to find nor remember where Ronan slept. A rabbit cowered in fear in a nearby bush as Faelan passed by. He growled at it for sport and the rabbit went bounding the other direction as far from the wolf, Faelan, as it could get. After a few hours of searching with no scent to go by, Faelan finally made his way back to the barrel next to the stone that had his clothes in it.

When Faelan approached from the forest he was too exhausted to notice with his eyes what he was too late to notice with his nose. A human! He panicked for just a second until he saw Aislin fast asleep next to his barrel. He quickly changed forms and crept up to get his clothes. After he had dressed he leaned down and lifted Aislin up, cradling her in his arms. She looked for all the world a fallen angel to Faelan at that moment.

“What are you doing out here, Little One,” Faelan said not expecting an answer.

Aislin curled up closer to Faelan nestling her face in the crook of his neck. Faelan carried her back to her house gently setting her on her bed through her open window. He silently thanked Aislin for sleeping under a window. For a brief moment he hesitated not wanting to leave her. He was after all a gambler. After silently cursing himself he crawled through the window and into Aislin’s room; closing the curtain and window behind him.

“Your such a cute puppy, Faelan,” Aislin whispered. Faelan looked at her curiously. He soon realized that Aislin was talking in her sleep. He knew that her parents would not find him so he curled up next to her bed on the floor. They trusted their daughter and as soon as they woke they would be in the temple.

Faelan spent most of the night listening to Aislin talk in her sleep, “Ronan…..Kaitlyn…..find them. Faelan. Bad doggy. No Bran; Faelan has better muscles. Love you Faelan.” The first part he understood to be a dream vision and Faelan laughed at the next two parts. It was her last three words that struck Faelan. They were the last words he heard before sleep took him and they were the only words in his dreams. Her voice chanted those words over and over again in his head. Did he feel the same about her? Faelan figured he did, but did not know what to do about it.

The next morning Faelan woke with a start as two feet dropped down on his stomach. Both he and Aislin jumped. He grunted as her feet were lifted off his chest. Aislin quickly looked around her room to make sure they were alone before slipping down beside Faelan. Faelan smiled at Faelan.

“Why are you here you have. Never mind the smith is closed all the rest of the festival. Did you,” Aislin began to ask.

As was usual the other knew what the other was thinking, “You were asleep by my rock and were to peaceful to wake. I brought you home, but couldn’t make my feet carry me home. Instead they brought me into your room.”

“Did you sleep well on my floor? I need to put a collar on you if your going to sleep by my bed. Are you potty trained puppy,” Aislin said. Faelan would have laughed at those words coming from Aislin’s whisper-voice excepted for the fact that his head was buzzing.

“You talked in your sleep,” Faelan blurted out.

Aislin gave him a quizzical look, “What did I say Pup?”

“You talked about Ronan and Kaitlyn and how you preferred my muscles over Bran’s,” Faelan said making Aislin giggle. No one ever heard her giggle except Faelan himself, “You said that you loved me.”

Aislin’s giggle instantly cut off. She turned from Faelan afraid to look him in the eyes. She played with one of her dark locks trying to find words to say. Faelan was the first one to act, breaking the silence. He sat down on her bed. Aislin turned toward him keeping her eyes downcast.

“I love you Aislin Bara. I just didn’t and still don’t know what to do. I’m new to this,” Faelan told her.

Aislin replied with a blush and a smile, “Me too Pup. But I can only find words when I’m with you. I only feel truly safe around you. You comfort me and understand me. You fill voids I did not know I had.” She sat next to him then taking his hand in hers. Faelan leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“I did not find him,” Faelan said alluding to Ronan.

“No need anymore. He will find us. We have no choice. We will be apart of what is to come with or without being a willing member of the impeding chaos,” Aislin whispered squeezing Faelan’s hand.

© 2010 Arctic Fox

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no one Grimm. They are all their own

Posted 13 Years Ago

three said you instead of faelan. you said something else....and then you said faelan smiled at faelan.

who is each character based upon?

Posted 13 Years Ago

hehe, interesting!!
i agree with juliezee, that the characters were a bit hard to follow, but I figured it all out as I kept on reading. Nice details and description, I have dont think there were any mistakes. so...I can't rlly giv any other critisism...

a really good and interesting read, your charaters were intersting and so is the storyline that is starting to develope.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Work in progress and I am writing chapter two now

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I like it. Great beginning. I will be waiting to see what comes next. I had a little bit of a hard time keeping up with the all the characters when you were introducing them all. I have a hard time focusing, so could just be me :) There were a lot of details to keep track of. I like the characters and the attention you gave to all of them. It made me want to read more to get to know them better.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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