Where Foxes Make Their Beds

Where Foxes Make Their Beds

A Chapter by Arctic Fox

Chapter Three


Where Foxes Make Their Beds

Aidan finished packing his things into his saddle bags and laid them next to his father’s. His father’s old armor lay on the table, freshly polished. Aidan had not known his father was a captain. His father had already left to call on Alpha Connor.

            Aidan made his way up to his bed. He had changed into his night clothes. As he entered his room he saw Riley looking up at him. He sat down next to her. She grabbed his hand.

            “I want to apologize about the dance. You have always been a dear friend to me,” Aidan told her.

            “I heard about your wolf-toy. The whole of Mid-town is talking about it and it’s whispered of in Low-town and I’m sure it’s known in High-town by now. You haven’t lain…”

            “No Riley.”

            “Good. Then lay with me before you go. You deserve a fox for your first, or is me being a commoner an issue,” Riley said shifting herself to sit up. Aidan then realized that she wore no clothes.

            “Riley it isn’t that. I’m a blacksmith and I spurn this bloody title,” Aidan said. He could feel his face flush.

            “Then what is it,” Riley asked. She pulled Aidan closer to her till their lips touched. Aidan said nothing. He left himself in Riley’s arms.   

            Ronan walked into the Grand Hall. The steward tried to detain him, but Ronan easily pushed past the man. Alpha Connor emerged from the maps room then.

            “Ah Ronan, how are you my friend,” Alpha Connor said spreading his arms wide in welcome, “How’s your son?”

            “You’re a down right b*****d.  I’m sorry about Samuel.  He is the reason I never took that damn title in the first place.  It was his; not mine,” Ronan roared.  Several of the guard lowered pikes and positioned themselves between Ronan and the Alpha.

            “Stand down,” Ronan bellowed without thinking.  The guard looked confused.  Captain Flannigan with his long pointed nose stepped out.  His eyes found Ronan’s immediately.

            “You heard the Captain, men,” Flannigan bellowed.

            Alpha Connor stood and strode towards Ronan, “Ronan.  This is not about a life for a life.  You think I still harbor resentment.  I made my peace, but clearly you have not.  No this is about you.  If I sent Aidan, I know I’d get you.  I need you out there. Like it or not, you are one of the best captains of our time and you’d earned your own title.  Samuel played his own part in his death.  You know you’re going to go. I know you’re going to go.  Go make your peace and do what you do best blacksmith,” Alpha said.

            Ronan turned on his heels and promptly let the audience room.  The same chains as Aidan felt soon settled themselves upon him.  Ronan wanted to retch, but refused.  Ronan the blacksmith did only one thing better than turn raw metal into usable tools.  He was one of the rare foxes with the berserker gene.  More common with the wolf, the gene put an insatiable bloodlust into a fox when battle begins.  Ronan still woke from nightmares of those battles.  Ronan would lose “consciousness” towards the beginning and wake from his fog covered head to toe in blood and gore.  More than once he would spend days washing the taste from his mouth.


            Aidan got out of bed and grabbed his cloak. He put his boots on and stepped carefully down the stairs so he wouldn’t wake his father. As he stepped outside the night air sent bumps across his skin. Aidan pulled his cloak closer to ward off the frigid air.

            Aidan moved quickly and with the litheness that only the fox clan could possess. Foxes didn’t wear the heavy armor or wield the massive weapons of the wolves, and the army itself consisted of more archer units than any other, and only the officers and the guard ever rode horses. If Aidan had joined the army instead of being an entitled, drafted officer of the guard; he would have been issued light, close fitting armor and a bow for sure.

            Aidan pondered on how being his father’s son, and a blacksmith had so greatly impacted his life. It seemed like the hundredth time that the rush of memories over the last few days invaded his mind. Aidan pushed the memories towards the back of his mind and continued on towards his destination, Stormy.

            As Aidan reached the gates of the Alpha’s castle, the night guards saluted and allowed him to pass. News of my new station travels fast, Aidan thought. Aidan walked through the Grand Hall and into the maze of corridors that made up the guest wing. Every time he pasted a guard they saluted and he moved past.

            When at last he reached Stormy’s door he knocked three times softly so as not to alert anyone. A very sleepy and disheveled Stormy answered the door. Even half asleep, with her hair a mess, Aidan found her to be beyond beautiful.

            “Hello, my fox,” Stormy said through a yawn. She offered him a smile and pulled him into the room. She took him by the hand and they sat on the bed.

            “Stormy I have to tell you something and you might hate me for it,” Aidan said. Stormy gave him a quizzical look. Aidan told her everything he could remember about the days leading up to then, becoming an officer, and even about Riley. Stormy sat patiently and did not let her emotions show until he was finished.

            “We have only just met, and I cannot be too angry with you, but if you plan on being with me, then you have to know that wolves mate for life. Whatever becomes of this girl and her child, if there is even one, is of no concern of mine. I understand you will feel obligated to the child; again if there is one, but as to matters of the heart, we belong to each other. I will not follow you as my alpha-mate if you go behind my back with some hussy,” Stormy told him.

            “She isn’t a hussy Stormy. I don’t even know how it happened,” Aidan said trying to defend Riley.

            “As for your blood, this does complicate things. If we were to mate, the resulting child would be of both the foxes and wolves. Being the daughter of an alpha, if even being the youngest, still gives me some dominion over the lesser Omegas of the clan. We will not tell my parents of this. We will keep it to ourselves for now. Besides we have a war to fight. Let us put all this in the past and focus on the coming war. We will deal with it later. Though I think fox-wolf cubs would be extremely adorable,” Stormy said.

            “Kits,” Aidan corrected her.




            “Can we agree on Pups,” Aidan asked.

            “Yeah I can live with that.  Seriously though enough of this,” Stormy replied.

            “Alright, but I’m still trying to make heads and tales of it all still myself. You look tired,” said Aidan.

            “Really fox. I do? That is probably because you woke me,” Stormy replied.

            “Yeah, sorry about that. Go back to bed Stormy,” Aidan said. He kissed her on the cheek.

            “Oh no. You’re not leaving this room. You woke me; you lay with me,” Stormy said. Aidan’s face flushed at the mention of the word “lay.” Stormy laughed and shook her head, her hair waving about.

            She pulled him down unto the bed, “I’m not as easy as that fox. You have to work if you want me to give you myself. I’m pure you know. Untouched.” Aidan could hear the teasing tone in her voice. He kissed her passionately. Stormy eagerly returned the kiss. Stormy snuggled up close to Aidan and absentmindedly traced her nails across his skin. The feeling quickly brought Aidan into sleep. Stormy followed him shortly after.

            The both slept soundly through the night.  A loud knock brought both Aidan and Stormy upright.  They each looked at each other and Aidan scrambled out of the bed to seek some cover.  Stormy hastily sat the mirror and began brushing her hair.

            “How is it,” Stormy called with a shaky voice.

            “I have your breakfast madam.  Also your parents wish for you to meet them and Alpha Connor for lunch,” one of the servants said from outside.

            “Enter.  Leave it there. Thank you, you may leave now,” Stormy said.  Aidan tried not to laugh from his hiding spot, among a bunch of fur.  The servant’s eyes grew wide when she notices Aidan’s clothing on the ground.

            Aidan is not sure what set Stormy off, but in a single turn the girl was gone and replaced by a wolf.  The girl squealed loudly and ran from the room.  Aidan hopped out of the furs and landed on his rump.  Stormy’s eyes spoke of laughter.  Aidan quickly changed back; his hands covering himself for modesty.  Stormy politely turned and both dressed. 

            “I got to go.  I’m sure my father is eager to know where I snuck off too. I’ll see you soon,” Aidan said slipping out the door, kissing her on the way.

            “Bye, my fox,” Stormy whispered after their kiss.

            Aidan moved quickly to his house, but when he got there only a note waited for him; telling him to meet the Alpha for lunch.  Aidan dressed quickly, but he hesitated with his sword.  Instead of the one he wore as an officer, he chose to wear the first blade he ever made.  The one that had claimed his sweat and blood.  The one he took great pains with.  The first one he ever made for himself.

            Aidan set off at a quicker pace, but did not rush to his objective, he had time.  As he walked through the garden district he slowed his pace.  He pulled his journal for his satchel and pressed a few, select flowers.

            “Just like your mother,” his father said from behind him, “She loved to press flowers.”  Ronan walked up to his son and put his hand on Aidan’s shoulder.  They both lingered for a moment in the gardens before heading to the lunch.

            “This is all still so much.  I’ve come to grips with being descended from a noble lineage, but that’s because it doesn’t affect me.  I wouldn’t even mine the officer part.  Every Fox should do what needs to be done in a time of war, but the title and Stormy being the daughter of an Alpha; that is still a lot to swallow,” Aidan said to his father as he tucked his journal away.

            “Why is that? When you were just a kit, you were a smart pup.  You showed real promise, so I raised the money while you were still young and got you a tutor.  It is no wonder that you find yourself in such a situation.  I have always believed you have been destined for great things,” Ronan told his son.  The sounds of laughter and the smells of tender meat and fresh fruit wafted through the hedges.

            “Well, let’s get this over with then,” Aidan said as they rounded the corner.  The two men threw on their best smiles as Beta Connor waved them to the table set out on the lawn.  The silverware that Ronan had crafted glinted in the sunlight upon the table.  The table was round with Beta Connor on her husband’s left and Alpha Falehn on his right with his wife next to him and his daughter next to her.  Ronan sat next to Beta Connor, leaving Aidan to sit next to Stormy.

            “Ah Lord Lieutenant Aidan and his Father, I’m glad you came Captain Ronan,” Connor said as the two Conchurs sat at the table.  A servant poured them some apple mead.

            “It is good to be here, my Alpha” Ronan replied.

            “An honor, my Alpha,” Aidan replied.

            “Alpha Falehn was just telling us about his other children,” Beta Connor told them.

            “Yes. My oldest boy, Rodrik should be among the Husky Clan now.  My other son, Henry went to the Hound Clan.  My daughters Amelia and Rose went to the Jackel and Shepard Clans.  My youngest of course is here with me, but I am sure the Lord Lieutenant is already well acquainted with her,” Alpha Falehn told them.  Stormy slowly slipped her hand into Aidan’s.

            “Your daughter must be a fine warrior and an excellent negotiator to handle the Jackels,” Ronan commented.

            “You know something of our ways, Captain.  Yes, my daughter is as cunning and shrewd as any of your brethren.  She is a truly exceptional Wolf.  Only Rodrik can boast any better,” Alpha Falehn replied, “But tell me, I am curious.  Why is it you do not have a Lord attached to your name?  What makes you important enough to sit at this table?”

            “Ronan has served my family for years.  He was offered a title many years ago and he denounced it.  He married the niece of a noble who also renounced her titles.  He served in the clan wars and even saved my father.  He is one of my most brilliant captains.  He came out of retirement for this war,” Alpha Connor replied.  His voice held and air of defense and respect.  Aidan had never held the Alpha talk about his father as if he were almost his own brother.

            “Well, then I hope your reputation will prove itself worthy on the battlefield,” Beta Falehn told Ronan.

            “Beta, ma’am.  I may be older than I was, but I still have all my senses about me.  War is something I have tasted and it is a taste not easily forgotten,” Ronan said in response.  Aidan noticed a slight smirk on Alpha Connor’s face when his father mentioned the taste of war.  

            “Yes, my old friend I would say you better than anyone would know all about that taste.  Now shall we eat whilst we discuss the coming arrangements,” Alpha Connor asked.  Everyone agreed and soon servants brought sweet fruits and succulent meats ready for the tongue.  Aidan slipped his apple mead slowly.  He was not as used to the taste of alcohol as his father.  After the Alpha’s were served the Beta chose their cuts, then Stormy, Aidan, and finally Ronan.  Aidan left the better of the two cuts for his father.  He may be a lord, but he still answered to a blacksmith.

            “Alpha Falehn if you would, please,” said Alpha Connor.

            “Within the first two hours after this lunch finishes, myself, my daughter, half our guard, and Lord Captain Ruarc’s men will depart from the city and march East to rejoin the main body of the my forces.  It is my hope that the main body of the Foxes along with the Hounds will be just days behind us.  The Huskies will take weeks more, if we last that long.  The Lord Captain at the request of Alpha Connor is seeing to the regiment he will be bringing.  Command should I fall at any time will be transferred to my daughter until such time as my son, Rodrik rejoins us with the Husky Clan.  Our first line of defense is with the Shepard Clan.  When all clans are present we will hammer out a battle plan.  Until we know more, this is all we have to work with,” Alpha Falehn told the table.

            “Hammering is what you do best Ronan.  I will need you to keep in close council with Lord Captain Ruarc,” Alpha Connor said to Ronan.

            “Of course, Alpha,” Ronan replied.

            “Well that settles all that can be settled here.  I will follow within a fortnight or two with the main body of our army and the advance element will depart within the day.  The wolves’ army, already assembled and waiting, will march to join the shepherds.  Seems pretty straight forward,” Alpha Connor said standing to his feet.  The rest of the table rose after him, Alpha Falehn pausing to drink the last of his wine.  The two alphas shook hands and after the pleasantries, the wolves, their guard, Ronan, and Aidan exited to join Ruarc. 

            Ruarc was not hard to find.  One would just have to listen for sounds of a hundred of so men saddling horses and packing saddle bags.  Even for a small regiment, Aidan knew this would be a slow and arduous process.  The officers all had horses, but even then they could only move as fast as the slowest foot soldier, which was about the same speed as the pack horse and wagons.

            While Alpha Falehn and Ruarc discuss the march, Aidan coaxed his grey horse over to Stormy’s black sleek charger.  The charger had the grey by a hand or two at least, yet Stormy sat astride the brute in perfect ease.  Aidan did not feel as confident.

            “You’ll get your riding legs soon enough lover boy,” Stormy told him.

            “Foxes were never meant to ride these monsters.  I’d much rather run on my own four paws,” Aidan complained.

            “I don’t think they make armor that small,” Stormy replied.

            “Well then I’ll be a scout then,” Aidan shot back.

            “After my first encounter with you, I don’t think I’d want you as a scout, Hun,” Stormy laughed.

            “I bet I could camouflage better at night then you could,” Aidan challenged.

            “I’m all black, your tail is white tipped, and fluffy enough to be its own little beacon fire,” Stormy said defensively.

            “Oh hush, you love my tail,” Aidan told her.

            “I do.  It makes me melt,” Stormy replied.

            “Jealous of the tail wolf,” Aidan asked.

            “NO! My tail is just fine,” Stormy said crossing her arms under her breasts.  Aidan just laughed. 

            Soon the regiment was assembled and the march began.  The first few hours went by with idle chatter between Ronan and Aidan, Stormy and Aidan, or the combination thereof with the occasional input from Ruarc. Alpha Falehn and the Beta remained silent.

© 2012 Arctic Fox

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