Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials

A Poem by Ariel Olivia

Sarah Warren Prince Osborne, a poem for my 10th great grandmother one of the first of three to be accused, & died during the Salem Witch Trials in Salem Massachusetts May 10th 1692.

A spring day, on March 1st, 1692
indeed, a beautiful view
In Suffolk County near a river or two
sat my grandmother, at fifty years old
aged & tired, a lady no doubt
Witchcraft rumors floating around...
The accused and the afflicted, hurried through town
Whispers of "The Devil is amongst us..."
They'd cry "We don't want to die!"
She was the accused & saddened by Salem
"Have you anything to say?"
Then they'd be on their way
But she had one thing to mention
"I have done no harm!" she cried
When they came for her, at the door
& Took her away from everything she had known
Told her she was the one & she'd be done
Accused of witchcraft and workings of the Devil
The Christian entity of Evil
They pleaded with her, even begged for her to admit
All they wanted was for her to speak on behalf of the weak
But she claimed her innocence, you see?
Still they screamed, kicked and prodded;
Just for a little more information
"Let out their names and we'll set them with salvation!"
But she spoke not one word, of innocence or guilt
She didn't even accuse anyone else
Bedridden and ill, they kept with the torture
until she died in prison, but never murdered.

© 2012 Ariel Olivia

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Very nice. I know she would've appreciated it. It is a poem to remember.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Ariel Olivia

11 Years Ago

Why thank you so much :)

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