A Poem by Aries1984

What life is like walking down the streets of Seattle. Maybe some people can relate to this.

I grew up with you all around me
You are a part of my childhood
Memories of jumping into your puddles
Were times well spent here in Greenwood.

You represent a city with the worst roads
But hey! That's okay, it's not like it affects me
It's not like I never tripped over you
Or accidentally ride over you, pain shocking my knee.

Some of you are so big
That you can see beautiful reflections in you
But I have to put my life on the line
To avoid your puddles, walking right through.

Here in Seattle you claim whole dynasties
There are roads which are like your kingdoms
The only good thing about is when,
A*****e drivers become your victims.

When a car is about to drive over you
I have to lower my umbrella to the side
Just to avoid getting sprayed on my way to work
I'm not your damn mud bride!

I thought that we had a mutual agreement
That you'd go after the a*****e drivers
Instead of attacking me with muddy water
Why don't you go damage their tires?

I thought you said that you'll stay away from the sidewalks
Oh wait we don't have those here
So I'm forced to walk on the shoulder
While trying to steer clear.

Of you and the traffic
You were only fun when I was little
To jump into making big splashes
Now you're just plain evil.

WSDOT says to report your cracked a*s
So that's what I'm about to do
Your no longer doing your job busting idiot drivers hubcaps off tires
Time to call in the road construction crew.

© 2015 Aries1984

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Added on May 19, 2015
Last Updated on May 26, 2015
Tags: bad roads, rain, Seattle, puddles