A Poem by Aries1984

Just sort of my thoughts and imagination of Poe's beloved maiden in The Raven.

You've been lost in the writings of Edgar Allen Poe
Your whereabouts are only known to that of a stately raven
Of you, yourself, very little I know
But only that you were a beloved maiden.

A fleshless entity echoed your name
Down a long and pitch black hallway
You would soon become Poe's most beloved dame
Tapping at his heart chamber's doorway.

He wrote of you with such beautiful passion
The angles, he said, called you Lenore
Yet fate, as always, in its unexpected fashion
Broke his heart, forevermore.

Your name carries your soul through the breezy night air
The very essence of your influence it instills
For you must have been so innocently fair
That when others read about you, it gives them the chills.

Who are you o fair maiden of the night?
Why do you haunt Poe's chamber door?
Could you be the woman, dressed in white?
Could this be you, the beautiful Lenore?

Upon the rocky riverbanks I imagine you walking
Searching for a long lost love your heart never forgot
That stately raven flying behind you, silently stalking
Along the river which leads out of Shalott.

He flaps his long black wings up to an open windowsill
Inside the room sits a man pondering weak and weary
With the room around him deadly still
Observes the raven, the mans eyes are dreary.

Upon the bust of Pallas he flew
Outside the chamber awaits his beloved Lenore
When he looked into the ravens eyes in search of a clue
There came a knock on his chambers door.

Thus quotes the stately raven
"She waits for you behind the door.
You will suffer nevermore."

© 2015 Aries1984

Author's Note

I typed this one up a bit fast. So if there are any spelling errors, I do apologize for that.

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its a really great write up :)
keep writing :D

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on December 22, 2015
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