This Midas Touch Y'all Speak Of

This Midas Touch Y'all Speak Of

A Poem by Aries1984

The Midas touch was a curse that was disguised as a blessing.

The story of King Midas is a lesson about greed
When he was blessed with a golden finger
So I don't get why some writers feel the need
To use the Midas touch term to sound...grander...bigger.

For choice of words can also be a curse
That you cannot ever permanently erase
The Midas touch doesn't work in reverse
So a writer must be careful not to disgrace,

Another person in that of a way
Where the choice of words can come to taunt
Be careful out there because what you say
It is YOU, your words, will forever haunt.

The Midas touch is a short lived blessing
Like an episode from the Twilight Zone
At first it's not annoying or distressing
It makes you feel like your the king on the throne.

It's only after a while you realize your in hell
You've been duped to believe you were in paradise
You lost all perception of how deep you fell
Yourself, you can't even recognize.

King Midas himself went completely mad
He desperately looked for an escape
For he was desperate for the things he had
Before his "blessing" really started to rape.

Rape and deprive him of his life
When everything he touched turned to gold
It took his children, it took his wife
It was he who was being controlled.

So this Midas touch y'all speak about
Can also be your curse
Be careful what you write or say out loud
For it is words you can't reverse.

© 2015 Aries1984

Author's Note

This was actually written in response to some rappers songs I reviewed who used terms like, "I got the Midas touch" in the lyrics. It kind of got me thinking if these guys even know that King Midas was actually cursed. So that was my inspiration for this piece.

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Added on December 23, 2015
Last Updated on December 23, 2015