The Year 2020 ( The Past )

The Year 2020 ( The Past )

A Chapter by Arjunan Kumar

Is Love Destined?

                                                 - Arjunan Kumar




The Year 2020 : ( The Past )


( ***Jenny and I were childhood pals, more like Siblings, living in the same Locality. Deepika and Anisha are Jenny’s Class-mates. We pursued our Final-year Degree in the same University, but in Different streams. We used to hang out a Lot, mostly to the places we were not supposed to go.XD*** )


( 15 more minutes to New Year 2020 )


 “ I think it’s too Risky, we surely wanna do it? “, still holding the Steering wheels in fear, I hesitated.


“ Don’t act like this is our 1st time, we are good at this “, Jennifer replied with an Evil smile.


“ Jenny, this is New Year’s Eve, the security is Taut, Fake ID’s may put us at risk…”, Deepika argued.  


“ Guys, for once in your life put on a Brave front and get down from the damn car. Anisha is waiting for us”, Jennifer bristled with anger.


“ Dude..I can see the Cacodemon coming out of her, Let’s get going”, Deepika whispered from the back seat.


I swiftly grabbed our FAKE ID’s from the Glove compartment and stepped out of the car. We saw Anisha, the youngest of our Squad, Flirting with the Bouncer and gave us a Smirk. We were at ease, The Hindrance of Entry was removed for the 20-years old squad.


After having a few Shots of Vodka, we hit the Dance floor to enjoy New Year in our Style. Jennifer as playfully as a Kitten got herself a Date and made him pay our bill. “Uff, the usual game of her”, we sighed.


Here the Moment comes…ONE….TWO….THREE…..HAPPY NEW YEAR.

“Let’s Rock this Year together Guys”, we all shouted in Rejoice.


Sneaking into home at was an Risky Task. Anisha had no problem Sneaking into her Hostel room. But, It is pretty Impossible for Deepika, who was still on Hangover. Jenny had to call Deepika’s Cousin, who was in Town for Holidays to sneak her back home.


“Aju, please help Deepika to her home, I’m still Dizzy”.


“ Jenny I don’t even know her Cousin, how can I……”


“I have explained her Cousin everything, just carry her through Back door…please, I’m gonna stay in car”.


I managed to get Deepika on her Feet and walked her through the back gate and surprised to see No One there. I waited there for a moment and then, saw a figure appeared from the nearby tree. “it must be her Cousin”, I said to Myself. “wait ,it’s a girl…….no an Angel !!!”. Her Face Glittered in the Moon light. But she was sad, Depressed. Yet, a Ravishing beauty. I handed over Deepika to her. Without an reply, she hurried into her home. Bad luck to me, I badly wanted to hear her Voice.    


As soon as I entered the Car, I checked Jenny’s Phone to know the Foxy woman’s name. The contact ID showed ‘ Krithiksha Mouli’.


“ Jenny Jenny, I think I have fallen for Krithiksha….Jenny, Wake up”, Jennifer was Petrified by my Words. She gave an Bang on my head and said, “Get over from the Hangover idiot, you just saw her”.


“Yeah I know, but you should have seen her in the Moon Light, Omg. She is Poetic Jenny..”


“Aju , don’t get your Hopes High. I heard she had a Past”.


“oh…..”, I sighed with Disappointment.


“ Come on Aju, there’s lot of Fishes in the sea. Cheer up man. Now keep your eyes on Road and take me Home safely”. There my friend started to enter into her Dreams. I started the Engine and Cruised through the Cold and Empty city, with HER thoughts on Mind.




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Added on May 31, 2020
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