The Beginning

The Beginning

A Chapter by Arjunan Kumar

Is Love Destined?

                                                      - Arjunan Kumar


                                             CHAPTER - 3


The Beginning :


“ Things gonna workout between us right ?”, Fear occupied her Eyes.


“Yes Dear”, I replied by Holding her Hands.


We exchanged a Brief Eye-contact.


** Alarm Buzzes**


“S**t,it’s a Dream !!”, I Snoozed the Alarm and aroused from my bed. It’s been two days since I have met HER and I’m too scared to enquire Deepika about her Cousin. Suddenly, a Message from Deepika popped up.


‘CAT preparation @ 5 ?’


Man, I have totally forgot about our CAT exam preparation. Deepika and I were Preparing for the CAT exams together since the last two months. These holidays have kept us too busy and of course, too Slothful. “Finally got a way to meet KRITHIKSHA”, my stupid heart shouted.


I reached Deepika’s house by 5. After greeting her parents, I went upstairs to meet Deepika. She was busy at creating an Environment for us to study, while my Eyes were busy at searching Krithiksha. I found Krithiksha at a corner of the room. She was busy in her Laptop, with Earphones plugged on she didn’t even noticed my arrival. Then Deepika and I started our preparation. I frequently noticed Krithiksha. To be honest, Admired her. By 5.45 Deepika’s Boyfriend called her. Deepika gave me a Shy smile and said, “Dude please, he’s calling me after many days, I really got to attend this. You play FIFA in PS4, I will join you shortly”. She stormed to the Portico.


I turned on PS4 and made myself comfortable in the Bean-bag.


  “Would you mind if I joined you?”, a mellow voice aroused from behind. I knew it’s Her. She sat near me in a Bean-bag.


“hi I’m Krithiksha, the girl to whom you delivered the Drunkard containment two days before. First of all, I’m so sorry that I haven’t Thanked you that night and not even greeted you today. So , how you doing?’, she stopped to take a breath.


I just admired her talking the whole time. I was mesmerized by her beauty and was lost of words, so I uttered,“ Yeah I’m fine. By the way, I’m Arjun….”


“Friends?”, she held out her hand.


“My pleasure”, we shook our hands and a new chapter begun.


During the gameplay, she shared everything about her. She completed her English literature degree with a Gold medal in Bangalore and took a short break from her studies due to her health condition. She will be staying in Chennai till June and currently she is writing a book on Ancient Gods. We exchanged our Numbers. She is Six months older to me. “come on, Age is just a Number”, my heart convinced itself.


I took off from her house by 8. We waved at each other. Suddenly a messaged popped up from Krithiksha.


**I really had a wonderful time with you. It’s been a long time since I was happy. Thanks for that. Hoping to meet you soon.XOXO**


I looked at Krithiksha who was leaning on the Portico. She gave me a Cute smile and we mouthed our Goodnight. Yeah, it’s a Good Night. I smiled back and took off from there.






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© 2020 Arjunan Kumar

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Added on May 31, 2020
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