A Chapter by Arjunan Kumar

Is Love Destined?

                                                         - Arjunan Kumar


                                           CHAPTER - 5


Love :


          “It’s 5.45. She’s late”.


I called her. No answer. I waited patiently. This was the longest wait in my life. I lost my patience and started walking to the exit. A cute little puppy ran towards me. It was a fuzzy coat golden retriever. He had a envelope on his collar. I sat down to read it.



Dear Aju,


       After my past relationship, I decided not to fall in love again. But you, the idiot of mine, entered my life and changed everything. Thanks for coming into my life. The days spent with you were precious. There’s a lot of positive changes in my life. Every time you touch me, every time you look into my eyes, I feel a thousand butterflies in my tummy. You are the man I dreamt of, the man I desired. So, here comes a small poem for my Bebo.


I blamed,

And felt ashamed,

To have waited these days,

But making a love chase,

And cried and begged for you,

To make my world look new,

But when you came into my life,

But changing it as strife,

I have inner battles everyday,

Which makes my heart at bay,

And it feels like being in cloud nine,

And I know it’s just fine,

And if I go more high

Then surely I’ll die ( out of love?)

And,,,Bebo you are the only one

And I’ve got none.


                    I love you Arjun.


The puppy is a small gift of mine. Happy birthday dear.


                               - your Krithiksha.




As I finish reading, krithiksha appeared from behind and whispered in my ears “ will you be mine?” and giggled. “yes, baby doll”. I replied. I picked up the puppy and started caressing him.


“what took you so long?”


“i just bumped into jenny and…”


“wait, don’t say you said about us to her”


“sorry bebo, I did say”.


“my god, she’s gonna bury me”


Krithi did something strange. She kept her hand on her thighs and didn’t even utter a word. Her hands were shivering and she is hesitating to do something. I got the meaning. I held her hands. I interlocked my fingers with her’s. I can surely say she was filled with glee. Her hands were so small , pink just like a baby’s. We just sat there looking at each other.


“Bebo, can you promise me something?”, she broke the silence.


“Anything, my love”


“Don’t ever hurt me or leave me behind like he did”. she mentioned about her past relationship.


“I won’t even think of it krithi, I promise you my heart”


“pinky promise?”


“haha, pinky promise”.


“ I love you Arjun”, she leaned on my shoulder, held my hands firmly. Her words and her act sent a 440-watts on my nerves. At that moment, I can’t think of anything beyond her. The scent of her hair, just took me to the paradise. The dimples on her cheeks, the mole on her neck, I admired every small thing about her.  


“so, what’s his name?”, I pointed the puppy.


“it’s your puppy, you name him”


“hmm…how about Butterscotch?”. Butterscotch was her favourite-flavour.


“awww.. that’s so sweet. Hey butterscotch”. We played with the puppy for a while.


I walked her to home and saw my squad waiting for us. Everyone was so happy for us. Jenny avoided talking to me. I understood her anger. I said good bye to my krithi and took off from there.


“can you give me a ride home?”, jenny asked me.


“come on jenny, don’t act like a third person. Hop in. And I’m sorry. I was about to say you when things are finalized. I’m extremely sorry”


“ok, then buy me an ice cream and also…”, she gave me a tight slap. “next time, remember this”.


“ahhh, sure madam”.


Butterscotch was fast asleep in jenny’s arms. I kept thinking about the last 24 magical hours of my life.


“ah, the best birthday ever!!!”, I felt complete now.





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