Je t'aime

Je t'aime

A Chapter by Arjunan Kumar

Is Love Destined?

                                                   - Arjunan Kumar


                                           CHAPTER - 7


                “ Love is just a word, until I met you”


Je t’aime :


“Hello Deepika, I can’t reach krithiksha on her phone from the morning. Is there any problem?”, I asked deepika.


“Nothing serious, she has period cramps and was not able to get out of her bed, she didn’t eat anything from morning and is very dull. Aju, my parents are outstation and I have a project to submit today. Can you come over here and look after her? maybe you can brighten her mood”


“Sure dude. Will be there in an hour”


I rang Deepika’s door bell.


“Hey arjun, right on time. I was just leaving, I will be back by 5. just take care of her. Bubye.”,Deepika took off.


Butterscotch and I ran up to Deepika’s room and saw my princess sleeping.


“God, the fairy tale about Sleeping beauty was real”, I said to myself.  


Butterscotch started licking her face, his way of waking up people. Krithiksha came out of her dream world. She was flabbergasted on seeing me.


“Hey Butterscotch, I’m awake stop it …….Bebo, what….what are you doing here?”


“Deepika had a work, so I’m here to take care of my baby. Here, I bought you some chocolates”


“Awwww, that’s so sweet. Thank you my love. And I’m sorry, I haven’t informed you earlier about my situation. I was just exhausted”


“It’s okay baby. Just take rest. I’m here”.


She placed her head on my lap and tried to sleep.


“Baby, is that paining badly?”, I asked her.


“You can’t even imagine bebo. It was like hell. You men are blessed”


I patted on her back and made her comfortable. I observed the pain she was going through and cursed myself for not being able to share her pain.


Krithiksha held my hands and said, “Aju, why did you fell in love with me? I know that I’m not perfect, I’m not normal like other girls, i have many health conditions , so why me?”


“Baby, nobody is perfect in this world. It’s the little imperfections that make us unique and for the other to fall for us. And don’t ever compare yourself with others, you are unique”, I ran my fingers through her hair.


“you know what dear, my dad never showed enough love towards me or my mom. Even in my childhood, he never made me sleep, never played with me, never kissed me. He was busy in his own business world. I longed for his love, many times. But now, you are giving me the fatherly love I longed for. Can you do this forever?”, her lips trembled as she cried.


“For sure, my dear” I placed a kiss on her juicy lips.  


“Please tolerate my mood swings dear. It happens a lot during this time”. She slowly drifted into her sleep again. Though my legs have gone numb, I didn’t try waking up my snow white from her sleep. The delightful sound of her breath, her fingers interlocked with mine , I just closed my eyes and enjoyed that moment.


I don’t know when I dozed off, but I woke up to find out that my girl was not in my lap. I saw her preparing lunch for us downstairs. I joined her.


“Hey baby, when did you wake up?”, I started breaking the eggs for omelette.


“Just a few minutes ago bebo. By the way, my dad called. He wants me to come over to bangalore, seems he is missing me a lot”, she gave a smirk.


“So what’s your reply?”


“ Hey bebo, why the long face? I’m not going anywhere, just relax. I said to him that I will come by summer vacation. Come on, the lunch is ready”


“What if your parents don’t like me? Or oppose our love? What will we do then?”


“Arjun, my parents are gonna love you. Just remember, whatever happens we will end up together. Bebo, you came into my life when I was broken, damaged and fading. You fought your way in and saved me. You loved me and by doing so you made me love myself too. Now I’m addicted to you Aju. I can’t even think of a future without you”, she hugged me and held me closer. She whispered in my ears, “You are mine and I’m yours. That’s it. No one can change that. I love you Arjun”.


I felt so secure in her arms. None of us tried to break our hugs. We just stood there, in each others arms, forgetting the world around us.




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Added on June 6, 2020
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