Good-bye kiss

Good-bye kiss

A Chapter by Arjunan Kumar

Is Love Destined?

                                 - Arjunan Kumar

                                  CHAPTER - 8

  “ A lifetime isn’t enough to love you ”

Good-bye kiss :

“Jenny, jenny get ready. We need to leave to Bangalore now”, I stormed into jenny’s room.

“What, aju it’s and why the hell Bangalore…”, jenny was confused.

“Jenny, as curfew starts in two days, Krithi’s mom asked her to come home. She was frightened to travel alone at night. So, we gonna drop her off. Freshen up fast and pack your things”

“what we gonna say to our parents?”

“your parents got stranded in France and my parents won’t be aware of this as I said to them that our squad was having a sleep-over at your place. We will return by morning. So , come down fast, I’m waiting”.

As I was waiting in my car, I recollected what happened in the evening. krithiksha and I were hanging out in a cafe when she received a call from her mother.

“Mama, how are you..”, even before she could finish, her mom intervened.

“Krithi, as curfew starts in two days, I want you to come home. I have booked tickets in a private bus. It leaves at 10.30 tonight. I will pick up you once you arrive here”.

“Mom, please slow down. I haven’t even packed my things and I’m scared of travelling alone at night. Why can’t I stay here? It’s just a curfew mama, it will last only for a few weeks, please let me stay here”

“Krithi, I know. Even I’m not okay with the fact you were travelling alone. But your father is insisting on this. He wants you here. You know about your father right? Please come home safely, call me once you boarded the bus. Take care, my little girl. Bye”. Her mom hung up the call.

“Hey aju, let’s go”, jenny entered the car. “let me take the wheels, you spend some time with her. By the way, where is krithi?”

“Krithi will be waiting at the bus depot. She doesn’t know about this plan. I wanted this to be a surprise for her”

“Okay romeo. Let’s hijack her journey”

We found krithiksha waiting for her bus in a depot. Jenny stopped the car closer to her and horned.

“Hey shawty, hop in. Let us give you a ride to Bangalore”, I opened the doors.

“Aju, what the hell? Seriously?”, krithi was shocked.

“Get in krithi. We can’t stop the car here for long”, jenny pursued krithi to get in the car. Krithi got in the back seat with me.

“Guys, you don’t have to do this, I can manage myself”

“yeah, we know that you can manage yourself, but I don’t want you to travel alone at night. To be honest, I don’t want you to leave. So, I planned to hijack your journey”, I placed a kiss on her temple.

“And it’s been a long time since we have taken a night ride. So relax and enjoy the ride”, jenny roared the engine.

“Thank you so much guys. I badly wanted to see you before I leave aju. But I didn’t expect this. Oh my god, is this even happening. Love you bebo”, I can surely say that krithi was on cloud nine.

Krithiksha made herself comfortable in my arms, “Bebo, let me sleep in your arms for a while, coz I don’t know when I will get a chance again”. I don’t know why, but her act intoxicated me. She slept like a child and never let go of my hands. I admired the rain outside the window, with a rainbow sleeping in my arms.

We reached Bangalore by I tried to wake up krithi.

“Baby, wake up, we reached the city”

“Aju, you know what, I don’t want this moment to end. Can you take me with you?”

“Baby, even I too don’t want this moment to end, but this separation is just for a brief time. When the curfew gets over, I will come back to pick you up”.


“Pinky promise”, we shared a long goodbye kiss.

“Hey guys, show time over. I can see krithi’s mom waiting across the street”, jenny pulled over the car.

“Good bye guys. Drive back safely and take care”, krithi walked towards her mom with a hesitation. Before she got into her car, she turned back and looked at me. Her eyes were filled with tears of love and longing. That look pierced my heart. I looked at her until her car disappeared.

“Jenny, let me take the wheels. You get some rest”, we started our ride back home. Jenny was fast asleep. “uff, the poor girl was so tired”

I drove through a long forlorn highway. The sky was clear. Every star in the sky remained me of her eyes. The radio played “Can we kiss forever” song by kina. The song brought back the romantic moments spent with her. I lowered the window and felt the chill breeze on my hair. My god, that moment was magical. My heart longed for her touch and it will smile again the day she returns.

I was travelling along the shore and enjoying the sunrise when jenny woke up.

“Good morning aju”

“Good morning jenny, can you open the glove compartment please”. She opened the glove compartment and was surprised to see a present in there. “Happy birthday, my dear friend”

“You idiot. That’s a hell of surprise. Thanks aju”

“I can drive to bangalore all by myself. But I wanted to make your 21st birthday a memorable one. so, this is it”.

“it’s been a long time since we have spent some time alone right? You got busy with your girl and I got busy with my studies. Man, I missed this a lot”

“yeah jenny, I too missed this a lot. But don’t worry, as your parents got stranded at your uncle’s house in France, you gonna spend your lockdown with me. So, Let’s rock this lockdown”. And that’s how the morning started.


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