Chapter 1: The Abandoned Town

Chapter 1: The Abandoned Town

A Chapter by Ark's storys

they now start to learn more about each other

Chapter 1: The Abandoned Town

This walk man….. I can’t wait to get to somewhere safe, warm, cram but hey that won’t happen. We got out of Worksop but the next thing we hear the RAF’s bombs falling on the town… lucky we got out then. We ran for I don’t know how long, but at less the sun has come up now……I think dad would be proud of us.

We’ve walked so far but now we’ve had a brake. The smoke cloud was still rising from Worksop behind us, but it was going a slight tinge of orange as the sun raised on the cold morning.
“So…. Why did the RAF bombed the town?” Nick says as he looks back at the Smoke Cloud that was coving the surrounding area of the once home for all of us.
“More or less they what’d to kill as many as the walkers as possible so they didn’t have to face them somewhere else is what I think.” Shouts Bill from the front of the Group.
“Ya but there were still lots of people that haven’t been infected and but still they bombed the town that they were tasked to defend.” Says Tami in the sad voice that we had all come used to as she mooned on how we had left her friends back the and then when the bombs started to fall she mooned even more.
“Maybe the risks where higher than the life’s that where in that town…. I go with bill saying that they now have fewer walkers to mess with than they would have.” I say making the group think over this situation and realise that Bill was right. 
We continued to walk and take for the next few hours until we came to a bend in the track and started to see house thought the trees. As we walked onto the station platform we all turned to look at the sign that would tell us what town we were in.
“’Creswell’ so that is what this town is called then?” Kalie says as she puts her hands on her hips and turns to look at the rest of us. “Why don’t we look for food and maybe a god dam map and find out where the f***s we are ya?” For the first time I was able to see her body. She had the fine covers of a normal girl body with some substantial muscles on her very long arms that go down pass her hips. Looking up her face was lush, but with those stupid glasses that she wore made her look very unattractive. 
Nick gets up next to her holding his pole that he had found in the track while walking last night. I still don’t know how he could have seen it, but as the sun rose I had looked round and there he was holding the pole, with his long nose and big face grinning. He was about my size but just shorter.  I did ask him where he had got it from and he said ‘it was laying on the tracks so I just scooped it up’.  Still that make three of us with weapons now, which is always better than two.
“We got to look around and any way” he puts the pole on his shoulder like bill dose. 
“This is a good chance to see what each of us can do if we meet any zeds.” Pulling the pole from his shoulder and swinging it in front of him like hitting one of the walkers.
“Holed on” Bill says as he looks around at the once nice looking station but now with weeds growing from every crack and hole that the eye could see. “We don’t really need to go into town. We don’t know what types of fuckers are in this town. And anyway only three of us have some sort of weapon to defend the five people in this group.”
“Yes…. But if we head in we could find better weapons to defend us and then all of us will be equal.” Kalie said with her face blighting up of the fought of getting a weapon to hit back with (I hope that the walkers not us!) she had her hair in a bun but it was all hanging out after what had happened last night, but never the less she still kept her clothes in good condition though when I look at mine there was dirt all over and ripped in different places up the legs.
Bill turns to me. “Well it would be good to have more people with weapons wouldn’t it?” I look into his eyes and I can see how this will turn out, with me telling him what I think and him following as it always been in owner life’s.
“Well” I look at the others and then back to my brother. “Ok….. Let’s go and get this over with.” We start walking up to the station house (where if you don’t know they sell the tickets.) Nick walked up to the door but when he pushed the door it didn’t budge a bit.
“Well that’s not going to open any time soon…” Nick says as he gives it on big push and the door then gave in. Nick for the most part went flying into the ticket hall and landed in a heap on the floor. We all started to laugh out loud as nick stated to pall himself up from the floor.
“Now that was unexpected.” Tami said as she walked into the ticket hall and looks around. “But nevertheless it was a waste of time….there’s nothing hear of value…”flinging her arms around. I walked in as just as she had said there was nothing hear but the ticket boxes and those stupid things that I would put my ticket into and get stuck because I wasn’t fast enough to get though.
“So…. Where do we go next then????” bill asked looking up the small road that looked to go up to a main road.
“Well there is no other way to go but up there.” Davie says as he starts to walk up the road. We all start to run to catch him up and as we walk onto the main street there where the two different routes we could take. 
“Well” I say as I look both ways. “Right or Left then people?” I turn round to look a everyone and they all start to look at bill.
“Why you lot looking at me?” bill says as he looks round to all of us as we stare at him.
“Well… I think I speak for all of us right hear” Kalie steps forward and looks at bill in the eyes. “You’re the one that helped us get out of Worksop and saved owner life’s so me and Davie, and Tami have decided that you should lead us. So in simple terms….. It’s your call on which way we go.” Bill turned to the other two and they were nodding at what she had just said.
“This seems to be a bit of a shock…” bill says as he looks up and down the road. He sighs, putting his hands on his face. “To tell you strate it wasn’t me how saved you was it? No it was Davie who waited for you didn’t he…. He’s the one you what to thank don’t you think?” He turns to me and smiles. “You know bro…. I think you made the right decision to save these three don’t you think?” I look round to the others and they were starting to agree with what bill says.
“I didn’t think about it like that but ya I did save you lot didn’t I?” I say as I take the bow from my bag and two arrows with it. “I think we should go right.” They all look that way and then Tami looks at me with a confused look.
“Why that way then???” she says pointing the way I had chosen which goes under the tracks to the other side of town.
“Well when we were in Worksop” pointing to bill. “We chose to go right on the tracks to head for Nottingham right.” I look at him and he nods his head. “So if we went right then then why not go right again??? It may just work out again.” I look at them hoping that they will think I’m right or that I’m some stupid prick who goes on luck. But then Nick starts to walk over to me and bill and then the rest followed.
“So what have we got to lose then, let’s go on your luck and hope it gets us to a better pace.” Tami says as she starts to walk under the bridge. 
“And where off again.” Sighs Nick as we all start to catch up with her, at a slight jog. We all jog under the bridge, where there’s a slight echo from the loose things in our bags that where a bobbing up and down. We continue up the road and pass the old looking but boarded up pub ‘the station hotel’. We pass with not a nether look as a school and shops start to come to view around the corner. The gates to the school where slightly open.
 “You know we should look for food in those shops.” Nick points up the road.
“But we should see what this school holds?"

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Friendly advice:) You might wanna add some indentions:) The chapter is good though:)

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8 Years Ago

yh, tbh he is
Ark's storys

8 Years Ago

new chapter is up its a 2 parter

8 Years Ago

Ok haha lol

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Ark's storys
Ark's storys

Hinckley, United Kingdom

so just trying to use my brain to hink up diffrent things. this is going to be cool more..

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A Chapter by Ark's storys