Chapter 3: Normal Life

Chapter 3: Normal Life

A Chapter by Ark's storys

normal life cant last for ever can it. its going to get bad one day


read all before chapters before rading this one




Chapter 3: Normal Life



Life was so easy before this event happened. I can remember when I was able to walk out my door without having to worry that a ‘walker’ would jump me and eat my brains to high hell. Life was so easy… but now is a fight for everything….wish I could just die… but dad wouldn’t what that would he?


There was a cool breeze in the air as I sat out in our back garden. The sun was just coming to the late afternoon area of the sky. Strange that ain’t it. I notice some of the strangest things sometimes. I look down at the garden that has become so easy to know. The freshly cut grass and smell of the roses in the flower patch drifting past my nose giving the garden a scene of peace and love. Nothing could break this as I shy out in the warm rays of the sun.

“Hey Davie” I look round to the voice of my brother hanging his head out of his window. “Can you come up and give me a hand?”

“Maybe but you already have two to work with” I see a grin show on his face from my reply.

“Yea well I could use four, but as it seems” waving his hands out now. “I’ve only got two so you’re the next best thing to get four.” I just have on last look at the garden before getting up and looking up to him.

“I dam well hope I get them back ok?” as I walk to the back door to make my way up to his room. I walk through our nearly completed kitchen and into the hall. As usual with most of my family, the shoes are strained all over the floor as they have been ever since I could remember. I swing round the banister at the bottom of our L shaped stairs, and begin my climb the top. As I round the corner that marks the half-way point of the climb I look up to see my brother Bill at the top in his ‘Guns n Roses’ t-shirt.

“I can’t make any promises that you will get them back.” He laughs as I get to the landing and standing next to him. I grin at him as I follow him into our parent’s room. Our parents have been ill for the last few days. We had asked the doctors but they said that it was just a type of the flu, but from what I and Bill could see this looked a lot worse that just a normal flu case. Bed rest and lots of water and to top it off give them some pills everyday so that they can get better the doc said, but it more or less made there heath get worse. I walk over to the bed side of my mum and Bill dose the say over on the other side with my dad. We both lifted them up and held them there as we feed them the water and pills. Bill as he’s a lot stronger than me completed the task first and helped me out. After we had done we continued with whatever was needed to be done. Just outside of the room I tug on my brother’s arm.

“Are they going to be ok?” I ask in a small voice trying to put down the worry as I say the words.

“I think they’re going to be fine ok…. There just” He looks over to the door. “They should pall though they always do.” He walks off down stairs to start cooking tea. Tonight we are having curry, my brothers really good at making it which I like.


Where siting at the table eating the food that Bill had made. It tasted really good. Then out of the blue there was a tremendous crash from upstairs. We both look up and then at each other. Bill rushes up stairs while I get up slowly. All I can hear is a high pitched scream and I see Bill running back down all pale in the face.

“There…..” he can’t get the rest of what he was going to say out as this human looking thing came crashing down the stairs. Bill shoves me into the kitchen and holds the door shut. He then looks round fast and sees my bow leaning up on the wall. I see him looking at it and hurry to get hold of it, pulling two arrows out in one easy move. I turn back to the door just in time to see bill thrown from the door and this thing burst in. I think I knew the thing but my bow was already up and pulling the string back with an arrow loaded. The thing looked at me though red blood shot eyes before I let go of the string and the arrow went off to its target. Time seemed to slow as the arrow flew towards the thing. I felt a bit of regret as I suddenly recognised the thing. It was my mum. I had fired my arrow at my mum, but she’s not my mum is she? This thing has taken over my mum and is now using her. But if it dies she will too. But the arrow hit move right in the middle of the things chest.  It crumbled to the floor but before it stopped moving, Bill had run out from behind me with a long kitchen knife in his hands and started to stab her in the same area as the arrow had hit. Then Bill after making sure that she was dead ran from the room and up to our parent’s bed room. I just collapse to the floor after my brother had left. I knew what he was going to do. After what seemed like forever he came back down, blood all over his face and t-shirt.

“I think we should go.” He says looking at me. I just nod my head as he helps me pack a small bag and what we need.


I open my eyes to a dimly lit room where nothing moved. My head is ponding and my legs feel like there on fire. I look down to see they are covered in bandages stained with blood. Then something moves over to me and looks me in the eyes.

“Welcome back to hell little bro”

© 2013 Ark's storys

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Added on October 16, 2013
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Ark's storys
Ark's storys

Hinckley, United Kingdom

so just trying to use my brain to hink up diffrent things. this is going to be cool more..

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A Chapter by Ark's storys