Chapter 4: New People

Chapter 4: New People

A Chapter by Ark's storys

the gourp find a place to hold up. but then there are people outside and they have to chouse to go with them or to stay in there shop.


please tell me what went well and what i could inprove

Chapter 4: New People


Well, I didn’t die then…… so as Bill said. Welcome back to hell. This must seem like a dream, but the pain from my legs feels sooo real…. Why did I kill you mum... why?


I move around and groan from the pain. I look down at my legs and see the once white bandages stained with the red of my blood. I had asked how this had happened to me and was surprised to be told that one of my arrows had slipped out of its holed and scraped my leg. How nice that was. I now look up and again look at the small shop we had taken hold in. the walls covered with sheaths and sheaths of rotting or fungus covered food. From what I was told I had been out for what they think is 4 days but it felt like a life time since I got knocked out. Over the last few hours they had told me what have been happening since I was last round. They had continued down the track to a town called Mansfield, they had thought to stop there but from the tracks they could see many walkers down in the shopping centre and decided not to risk it. So they had continued down the track till the sun had dipped down to the topes of the trees, before getting off at the next platform. They told me we are in the town of Kirkby-In-Ashfield‎ and found this small shop to settle me down in.

“Hey Bill can we go out and have a look around?” I look up and over a Nick as he goes over to the shutters and does those simple doggy eyes at my brother. I know that wouldn’t work on my brother as I had tried it on more than one occasion and that had not worked. So I was doubtful that it would work now.

“I know we’ve been stuck in this shop for the past couple of days but we can’t do anything if Davie can’t walk.” He jested a hand in my direction and I felt that I was the problem. No longer the leader but the old man how holds up the rest of the group. I feel bad about myself and decided to do something about it. Using the sheaths behind me I stagger to my feet. I grab the sheath to help hold me up as a shock of pain goes up my legs. The gasp from the pain makes Bill turn around to see me just able to stand.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re going to make that le…” I cut him off with a wave of my hand and looked him in the eyes.

“Look I don’t what to the one that with this.” I point to my leg. “To get us all killed because I can’t walk or run from them.” I move towards the door but fall over hitting a pallet of bean cans, knocking it all over the floor and then falling on top of it. The pain from falling on the tins didn’t help with the pain I am already feeling.

“Oh, shoot Davie” Bill says walking over to me and helping me up. Then from outside we hear voices. We all look over at the shutters and though the small holes we can see three people looking at us. From what I can see they all have balaclavas on with some of their hair staking out. They were all different in all ways. One was tall while the others where short. One was well built in the body and the other not.

The tall and well-built boy, with long strands of black hair striking out of his mask, began to slowly walk towards the shop with the slowest strides I have ever seen. He had brown eyes that shined with a tint of gold at the edges. The weapon that he was holding looked like an American baseball bat with what looks like long, blood coated nails poking out of the top of it. Behind him the smallest of the group with small blond strands of hair pocking out of his mask, followed the first one towards the shop, but going over to the left side. He had dull blue eyes, but from what I could tell they were as alert as the first boy. This one though he looked weak, he held a large sledge hammer, though it was not raised. The middle man of this strange group held back on the street outside looking from side to side keeping an eye on what was going on. He had long ginger hair coming out all around his mask. This must hinder his sight I thought, but this is the first group we have meet since we left Worksop.

So maybe we aren’t the only people out trying to survive without the military’s help, though they were really bad at that for letting the walkers in. The dark haired boy got up to the shutters and pear though them. I could tell he could see you as his eyes lingered on me with the bandages round my leg. He looked round at his companions and said

“Hey there are people in this shop” looking back at us he turned to the small boy.” Told you I thought I had heard something from over here” he gestures at us as we look back at them with worried faces.

The blond boy looks over at him. “Well there goes my food for today” he says.” Yet again, you have proven that you are better at hearing things” then the blond looks back to the boy in the street and gives him the thumbs up. The other boy came running over. Now I could see his lighter but brighter blue eyes looking passed the boys at us inside. I turn to look at Bill how looks as shocked as everyone at how relaxed these boys looked.

I turn to look at Bill “should we trust them?” I can see in Bills eyes that he was looking for a way out but I knew that there was none. The shop as small as it was did have a back door but it was blocked by sheaths and other bits and bobs. So the only way out is past this lot.

“I don’t know bro.” he looks at us all. “Maybe we should vote on this?” Kalie gets up off the floor and looks at us then at the boys outside how are looking at us in the same sort of way.

“Let’s go with them.” She says “safety in numbers right?” Nick and Tami both nod at this so it looks like where going with them then. I look back at Bill who looks like he’s made his mind up.

The people outside come over to the shutter the dark haired one put a hand on the stutters. “My Names Jake” he jesters over to there others with him. “The short one is jack and ging is George. We got a place with beds if you what to come with us?” I look over at Bill then at Nick, both seemed to have lost their voices.

“Ya I think well come with you” I say as I hit my brother in the arm to get him moving. He helps me limp over to the shutters and with the boys help from outside they open the shop. The one named George comes over and takes me from Bills arms so he can get the stuff. We start to walk off. I wonder what life will be like with this lot then?

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Ark's storys
ignore grammar problems, need advice on how this one went

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Ark's storys
Ark's storys

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so just trying to use my brain to hink up diffrent things. this is going to be cool more..

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A Chapter by Ark's storys