"Because its the Internet"

"Because its the Internet"

A Story by Arrinae

"Because its the internet"

How many times must this excuse be given, when others are being rude, hateful, and putting down others just because of a differing opinion? How many times must this be said, to allow bullies to get away without reprimand?

How many times will we sit back and allow such a thing to be an excuse?

Its not acceptable.

Because it's the internet does not give any one person the right to lord themselves over others just because they feel their opinion is more important or valued.'

Who cares which game console is better? Who cares what games you prefer to play? Who cares what movies or television shows you prefer to watch? Why, as a society, do we allow each other to put others down simply because of something they like or don't like?

Why does it matter if someone doesn't like the same game, genre, book, or story as us? Why must we force our opinions on others them shame them if they refuse to submit?

Why must we compare games that are completely different from one another and have nothing to do with each other and fight over which is better?

Who really cares that Five Nights at Freddy's became an internet sensation? Sure its a jump scare based game with a mysterious backstory left for us to piece together, but how does that compare to a game like Parasite Eve, where you go around fighting off frightening and horrific mutations out to mutate the world? How does those two games even compare when they are so vastly different in game play?

Comparing games like call of duty and halo would make much more sense, as they are highly similar in both gameplay and violence. But to compare Games Like FNAF and Parasite Eve is like comparing Snow White to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It just doesn't work.

Again and again all that can be said is, its the internet. Its just how things are online. Well then why is it that way? Why do we accept it to be this way? Do we secretly like being bashed and put down by nameless people we will never speak to in person?

So many times growing up we are told to treat others how we wish to be treated, am I the only one who actually took those words to heart? Why do we accept the hate? Do we secretly want to be tormented by our fellow man? Do we like being put down and shamed? Do we like knowing that our words could push someone over the edge and cause them to take their own life and think the world will let them get away with such things with no consequences?

No. It will never, never, be acceptable.

© 2015 Arrinae

Author's Note

Just a rant I'm getting off my chest. If this offends anyone, I am sorry you feel that way. I am not, however, sorry for writing this.

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I don't find it offensive. I think part of the point is that the internet gives the anonymity to people who would otherwise be afraid to look people in the eye.

I have just posted my first piece-please review

Posted 7 Years Ago

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