It was just Glitter

It was just Glitter

A Story by Arrinae

They were running, her and Emma. Three pairs of feet thudded behind them. They were chasing them and gaining distance fast. It was all her fault. She shouldn't have talked Emma into this prank. They could have gotten back at the idiot who flipped their skirts much differently. Much more safely, in fact. How were they to know that these jerks would end up leaving before the idiot did. The prank wasn't even that bad, they got doused in buckets of neon pink glitter. Who would beat up two girls over glitter? It was so stupid! Emma couldn't keep this up, Chika knew it was well as Emma did. So She did something she knew was stupid. She stopped running and turned to face the three men head on. 

"Chika! What the hell?!"

"Get help! I'll hold them off!" Chika called over her shoulder. If Emma had further objections or concerns, Chika ignored it in favor of her best friend's safety.

Sooner than she expected the three men were circling around her, one brandishing a rusty looking pocket knife. She moved with them, trying to keep the knife in sight. Suddenly one of the other men lunged at her from the side and managed to grab hold of her arm. Using the momentum against him, she yanked her arm forward, smashing her elbow into his nose with a loud crack.

He released her arm with a cry as his hand flew to cover his face in attempt to stop the bloodflow. Using the distraction she darted past him and kept running. She darted through various back alleys, even going so far as to periodically hide in dumpsters to throw them off her trail. These guys weren't as stupid as they looked though. They were always a couple of steps behind her. Her luck ran out, when she darted into a closed off alley with them on her heels.

"S**t!" She back pedalled as she faced them till her back hit the wall. She was so screwed and she knew it. Where in the hell was Emma?! It shouldn't have taken this long to get help.

"Looks like we finally cornered the feisty little kitten."

"It doesn't look like she wants to play though."

"Too bad... We could have made it fun for her." One of them laughed as his fist connected with her stomach. She doubled over gasping and coughing, before she was knocked to the ground. They rolled her onto her back and held her arms out as the one with the bloody nose straddled her waist. He held her head still as he took his friend's knife and hovered the edge over her nose.

"You got a pretty set of eyes. Maybe I should keep one to remember you by." Panic settled in her mind as she tried to struggle, but it was no use. She couldn't get them off her. She couldn't save herself here. Where in the hell was Emma?! The knife was hovering over her eyes as one of the others moved to hold her head in place for the man with the knife. 

"Question is, which one do I take?" She clenched her eyes shut as a whimper escaped her lips. He pried her left eyelid open with his free hand and her heart dropped. She screamed, hoping that for once in her life someone would hear and help her.

It happened faster than she realized, she couldn't see out of her left eye and there was this intense fiery pain.There was laughter as pulling sensation took over. It was then she realized they were all holding her head against the ground as they attempted to pull the blade, and her eye along with it, free from the socket. A ripping pain tore through her as a hot wetness made its way down the side of her face. 

The weight of the men vanished as a familiar voice yelled out in rage. Turning her head to the side she found her other eye with the knife through it on the ground next to her face and a few feet away from her four men were fighting as she slipped out of consciousness.

Chika gasped as she sat up in her bed with a hand over her heart as her other hand tenderly covered the plain eyepatch on the left side of her face. Once the feeling of the silk registered, she bit back a sob and glanced across the room where Hanako, her twin was sleeping peacefully. She swallowed sharply and wiped away the salty water that had escaped during her nightmare. 

She looked over at the clock to see that it was only three in the morning. Sighing she picked up her cell phone and checked it for messages. It'd been a week since she'd been released from the hospital. Once she explained what happened to the authorities, she was able to clear Kira's name and get him released from juve. Still no message from Emma. Chika hadn't seen her friend since the day of the attack. All calls went to voicemail. All texts went unanswered. She sent a quick text to Kira, to thank him for saving her as he had. They could have very well killed her after taking her eye, had he not shown up when he did.

She dropped the phone back on her nightstand and got out of bed. Rather than going to the bathroom, she went into the kitchen and pulled out the sewing kit. She pulled the patch off her head and briefly tapped the pure white glass ball they'd put in her socket. Setting the patch on the table she grabbed the white lace and some red fabric. Her mother was making her wear it because of how hideous she her face was now. She might as well make it more her style.

© 2016 Arrinae

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Added on June 15, 2015
Last Updated on February 6, 2016



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