A Chapter by Arsenic Nemesis

And so here, on this rooftop, she would take her final breaths...


Everything came out of focus as she stared at the bustling city ground below her. To her it became nothing more than a messy child’s painting; a cocktail of bright colours placed in random areas upon a grey canvas. But, like in the mind’s eye of a child, the colours shifted and passed one another - creating the busy effect of the city.

She was certain that people below would consider her `suicidal`, standing on the edge of the building. It was freezing up there; possibly no colder than death itself, she decided. Jet black locks whipped at her face and invaded her olive eyes as she watched the mess below. A thought came to her mind as she stared into the vibrant abyss - `How long would it take till impact?`

“There you are!” a strong, masculine voice came from behind her. She tensed up and angled her head to look back over her shoulder. Anyone watching would certainly get the wrong idea, she knew. They would all assume that she was going to jump and ignore the protests of her saviours, who were trying to convince her otherwise. In such an assumption, they would be very wrong.

There were two of them stood behind her, each in grey suits with black glasses on. In their hands were silver, deadly, pistols. Her brows furrowed. “Thought you could get away, eh?” one of them spat with a grin. Soon she heard the pitter-patter of feet and turned. Another pair of men were standing on the building across from her, weapons pointed at her, ready to fire.

Slowly, she turned to fully face the men on the same building as her. Although it appeared that she was staring at the men, truthfully she was looking past them at the metallic door they entered through, where she caught her own reflection.

She was tall and confident with fairly broad shoulders; a typically good and healthy build for a seventeen year old. Her skin, however, was sickeningly pale, contrasting to her structure and making her seem almost ill. Thick, shoulder length locks spiralled around her as she stood on the edge, random plaits tied into her hair fluttered about, and colourful beads attached to the ends of them catching the little light from the moon. She stood, dressed in a dark grey blazer, fastened tightly against her with a black skirt, stockings and brown leather shoes; making it appear that she just came from school.

“Now,” one of the men addressed her, taking a dangerous step toward her, “hand it over!”

She merely blinked at him and held her hand out, a black sack about the size of her palm sitting in it. The man licked his lips greedily and went to tuck his weapon away, ready to retrieve the item, when the girl stuck her hand out over the edge. Instantly, he froze. “H-Hey!” he barked, then cleared his throat. Harsh words would get him nowhere with a child, he knew; he had to be kindly - besides, he wasn’t too keen about having a woman’s blood on his hands, let alone a girl’s.

With his arms up, inoffensive, he took slow strides toward her. “Now, now, we don’t want to be doing anything drastic, do we?” he drawled, holding his hand out to her, “Just give it to me and then we won’t have to hurt you, sweetie”

The girl huffed and flipped her hand over, dropping the sack into the canvas below. Then, she turned with her back facing the men as they cried out. A proud smirk crossed her lips, when a blast filled the air and she felt an incredible force push her off the rooftop. She grunted and spun around in midair, finding that the man who was still armed had shot her, right in the back.

Quickly, her hand shot out and she snagged the edge of the building, her body dangling haphazardly. She swore. Her muscles tightened as she began to try and haul herself up, her other arm bending and ready to join its partner in the heave, when another blast filled the air. She gasped as something punched her in the shoulder blade. Then, her grip faltered and she fell.   

© 2011 Arsenic Nemesis

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Compartment 114
Compartment 114

Author's Note

Arsenic Nemesis
Well, mortals, immortals and other-worlders alike; here's your introduction that took me forever. Having said this, I only gave it a quick check through... I should be revising, but I suppose writing more later on couldn't hurt much... Anyway, enjoy~

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Whoa. That was just amazing!

Posted 12 Years Ago

WELP, you have my attention. Bravo.

Posted 13 Years Ago

A bit awkwardly worded in a few places. A few signs of comma addiction. But this may be one of the most gripping prologues I've ever read.

Posted 13 Years Ago

nice one!! i love prologues like this!! good start!! very well written :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

The sister. Isn't she? Good stuff..Now heading to Chap I

Posted 13 Years Ago

Omgosh!!! Will she be okayy?? Omg omg omg omg!!


Posted 13 Years Ago

Well I went and read the second chapter and was a bit 'this doesn't make sense' then I saw there was a first and then I saw this and I thought 'Yay, Prologue' so now I'm reading it all again so it makes sense XD
This particular chapter was a good, strong beginning and it brings readers into the book. It makes you wonder and then gasp as she falls and if I hadn't decided that I should review this then all my family would hear would be the click, click as I went to the next chapter and read it XD Great work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

this is so good!! i love it :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well I did this backwards, I read the first chapter before the prologue. Loved it. Now I'm even more curious, even after the cliff hanger chapter that I just read. Give me more now! Testy aren't I?

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh... sounds amazing!!! A very good start!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Arsenic Nemesis
Arsenic Nemesis

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