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A Story by ~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

So I tell you about one, stormy restless souls’ night. 'No mortal eyes had set its gaze on it and lived to tell it about.'


As I am writing these words, these very words to be read by you, good fellow traveler, the sun has sunk in its bliss far west and the sky is blazing like thousand flames over mountains. The sea is calm like in the dream that I saw last night. I am going to tell you about that dream or was it a dream at all, well that I leave to you to concern. But every word is true. I am not in a habit to do ‘day dreaming’ as I will call it. My grandfather was a fisherman and his true love was the sea, his true joy in those journeys to the unknown and in sea birds, those sweet and majestic birds which flew with his company during his many years on the sea. Papa as I used to call him when I was just a kid, had blue eyes with a friendly sparkle in it and a smile rested usually on his otherwise strong-featured face and on corner of his mouth. Whenever he laughed, and he did so many times, the voice of his laugh was heartily warm. My father did not inherit his own father’s appearance but his mother’s look and spirit. My grandmother was a friendly woman, with dark hair and fair face with two grey eyes like ‘two grey stars shimmering pale on the sky’ like my grandfather used to say. But now I am going to tell you about my dream. At the time when I saw my dream I was happily married, a fisherman myself like papa and we were living on the same coast side where many of my ancestor had worked before me and before my grandfather. The day had been very windy and stormy. Many lightnings had made the whole sky bright as in day. My wife, little fair-haired girl who I had known my whole life, as we had been together through the whole sweet childhood, had went to bed earlier and I was sitting near the fireplace and listened the wind that was howling on outside like a ‘restless souls’ night’. 

At some point I had must fell asleep because suddenly the wind had ceased and the sea was calm within a bright moon came on the sky. There were many pale stars like a pool of silvering light twinkling at me. I stood up as I heard a voice, very familiar voice came to me and it seemed as it was calling me by name. I walked outside of our little cottage and straight to the shore. ‘I know you, papa. Why have you come to me?’ I asked as I saw my grandfather sitting on the big rock. He smiled at me and looked very handsome like the years had not touched him at all. I knew I saw a dream or at least some strange hallucination had taken over my brain because I knew my grandfather had died three years ago but at the same time, I did not know that I was dreaming. Confusing, right? But anyway, there I was standing on the shore with papa who was watching at me and the look on his face was so dearly familiar to me that I almost burst into tears. ‘Dear boy, you know I am dead?’ he asked me. I nodded. ‘Surely this is a dream or what?’ I said. He smiled at me and his blue eyes were twinkling at me at the same time. ‘Yes, it is a dream or you can call it whatever you want, but my dear boy I’ve come to you to tell you about Avallonia. He has given me a permission to do it because it was my heart’s dear wish to do.’ As he spoke, he looked at the same time on the endless sea. The moon was a pale and round like a huge white pearl on the sky. I raised my eyebrows. ‘Err about what?’ I must look confused because he laughed heartily at me. ‘Yes my dear boy, I must tell you about Avallonia, it has many names; the glass island, the island of the blessed ones, the land nearest to the far West. Some names are unknown to the mortal ears. But it has been once there and it always will. No matter of what. At some time, it was inside of the circle of the visible world but now it has been taken away from man. No mortal eyes had set its gaze on it and lived to tell it about. And all who had seen it if only a glimpse of it - no living man ever saw them again.’ 

I listened to him as a spell would have been taken my very heart. ‘How do you know all this? Have you seen it, papa?’ I asked. He turns his pale face towards me and his blue eyes were twinkling as like a deep, silvering inner light has set them in fire. Then he said, ‘My dear boy, I have seen it! You remember I set sail few years ago what became to be my last voyage. I had been restless soul all my life as you maybe know, and some strange dream had been appeared to me in the dark hours of night. In my dream there were only one person, a tall man or was it a man at all but with very fair looking face and long, almost white hair. He had clothes that were silver in color and on his face, there was a pale light shining what seemed to me like it was shimmering from inside of him. He told me about his land, a fair land to nearest to the far West where immortal fair flowers with all colors were have been an endless joy for his children. The weather was always a pleasant one, a warm sun and water as they need it. A favorable wind was always by their side when they set sail and no harm ever took their magnificent white ships during their many voyages. Their joy was in the sea and to seek ever a new land and listen to the sound of the sea birds. Now after that I was a more restless in my heart and finally when I feel that my time had come, I set sail once more and after that never returned to the lands of men. Because I saw with my very own eyes Avallonia, like it had been once but that it is gone now to the bottom of the sea. So its memory are living only in the lands of dream where their fair children are playing little white flutes and where their fair maidens are dancing on ever green grass under the linden trees. And nightingales were singing there and the air was sweet and their only happiness was to be linger there. There I was and still I was bound to the earth. So I never returned to my family because the loveliness of that land and because no mortal eyes had set its gaze on it and lived to tell it about.’ 

After that it seemed to me as he was walking barefoot on the shore and in his hand, there were many white and silver pearls shimmering like cold stars on the sky. I lost he from my sight and suddenly I felt as someone was touching my hand and a sweet voice called out my name, and I woke up from my dream. And I saw my wife looking at me with a smile. ‘You were sleeping my love, would you not come with me?’ she said. I looked around in the room and saw that the fire had died away and the room were lighted only with a single candle that my wife had brought and it was a warm and happy light. So, I took her by hand and we went to bed. The wind had ceased and the moon made a silver bridge across the calm, dark and silent sea.


© 2020 ~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

Author's Note

~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair
This story is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and Numenor and before that by Atlantis.

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Added on January 14, 2020
Last Updated on January 14, 2020
Tags: avallonia, numenor, Tolkien, atlantis, fantasy


~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair
~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

Teleri of Aman ~ Middle-Earth ~ Finland

' I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind. ' ~Emily .. more..