The seer of the Opal Town's Tower

The seer of the Opal Town's Tower

A Story by ~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

A Vision  
I knew that place once. In my vision, in my dream. Perhaps it was the same thing. I saw a bluish town alongside of the great sea. Its walls were bright blue, as a clear sky, it paths and roads were very dark blue, as a roaring surface of the sea. In town, there were one, high tower in the center of it, facing towards the seashores cliffs. The tower was a pale white, shimmering as a cold morning star afar as many weary voyagers saw it whenever they returned to the Opal Town. They were not a warrior people nor they had no great walls defence the town. Their everlasting joy was in the stars and in the sea. They were great voyagers, the seekers, the People of the Stars, the lovers of the Sea. 
 But the most gifted of them was a woman, a slender one like a willow branch in the wind, with dark, long hair and a pale, grey eyes. She was the seer of the Opal Town's Tower. She had many gifts, including the gift of seeing things and people, yet to come or happen. She wears always a long, bright blue dress and she had no jewelry expect one in her hair made of pearls and opals. She was an heir of the crown, as her father was a King and her mother a Queen. 
 The Opal Town had many marvelous ships anchored in the delightful harbor with many white seabirds greeting them. Every bird, every creature was their friend. They knew not war, nor sickness. Their youth were a happy one, their lifespans were a cheerful and a long one and did not ended in death unless they themselves decided so after many hundred or thousands of years. The seer of Opal Town were a light-hearted and her spirit was a strong one. Many, many years she sat alone in the White Tower at the center of the town and she saw many, many things. 

 The Opal Town were in my vision, in my dream. But all its splendor is gone now. Vanished without a trace except this dim and distant echo of it in my vision, in my dream. Who can now tell where is the seer of the Opal Town's Tower? Who could know if the sea still murmur on its golden shores? And can you see the faraway pale light of the White Tower? Or hear the singing voice of the seer?  

The vision of mine, it never came back. The dream of mine, it vanished like the reflection of her pale, grey eyes.

© 2021 ~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

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A wonderful story shared dear Sarah. I liked the use of dreams and the interesting tale. You brought the reader in and you held them. Thank you for sharing the amazing story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

1 Year Ago

My many thanks, dear friend.
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

You are welcome my dear friend.

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1 Review
Added on January 6, 2021
Last Updated on January 6, 2021
Tags: vision, dream, fantasy, sea, opal, pearls, white tower, seer


~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair
~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

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