Strandline Seekers

Strandline Seekers

A Poem by Ryan Z. Dawson

A song about doomed love.

Hooded strandline seekers
And turnstones trace the tide
Yellow wagtails on the wing
Morning waxing blind
And the summer waning
Are longing to be gone
Longing to be gone
Gone, gone
You’re longing to be home

I can hear them calling
The toneless monodies
Lamentations from the caves
The poets suffering
And I’d not leave them grieving
Stay one more evening here
One more evening here
Here, here
Stay one more night with me

    I know your kind forsake, and mine is not your world
    Grant me yet more time, I worry you’ll forget me here
    On the sunlit steppes, the sandbars in the constant spray
    Where we fade from heat and dwindle, light as air
    Crushed beneath the atmospheres of our despair
    Bring my memory and keep me with you there    

Flies on rotting seaweed
The strandline seekers break
Sliding brown into the waves
Your natatorial grace
What pelagic princes
Of distant seas await?
Distant seas await
Wait, wait
Longing to be gone
Gone, gone
Distant seas await

© 2011 Ryan Z. Dawson

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Author's Note

Ryan Z. Dawson
Hear the song:

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This is fantastic...a breathtaking piece of work! It's so eerie, yet so beautifully written; a double-edged sword, really = ] Your descriptions are flooring, sharp, and stick to the ribs. Wonderful work!

-Femme_Gothique (Brittany)

Posted 10 Years Ago

awesome write dude

no but seriously what a great piece
as i was reading it i was enjoying the unique meter
now you say it's a song?
i would love to hear that

it is beautiful with a kind of bittersweet longing
really nice!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 13, 2011
Last Updated on July 14, 2011
Tags: strandline, seekers, shorebirds, selkie, love song


Ryan Z. Dawson
Ryan Z. Dawson

Southern, IN

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