Ill Mio Amore

Ill Mio Amore

A Story by Ashen Raine

Weekly Prompt Collection #1 [May 13, 2012]


  This is going to be ridiculously simple,” Rowan thought to herself in the dead of night, black cloak wrapped around her lithe form. A smirk graced pink lips; twinkling green eyes glowing slightly under the hood of the cloak. Plain and simple, Rowan was an assassin. She was from a well known family that specialized in training its youth in the art of murder. Being, now, 18, Rowan was training to become the next head of the assassin's training; it was an honor not often obtained by someone so young, but Rowan was one of the best. Almost no one surpassed her in skill and grace. Almost. Tonight was not unlike any other in Rowan's field of work; she had an assignment to kill the head of another family who had personally insulted one of her powerful patriarchs. The man appeared to be entirely unprotected, but Rowan knew better than that.

Jumping from the her vantage point, Rowan landed soundlessly on the roof of the building that contained her target. She inched her way over to the edge of the roof, peering down at the balcony of the target's bedroom. She slid a sleek looking pair of sunglasses over her eyes and pressed them against the bridge of her nose, scanning the area, she noted several lasers that laced between the balcony and the door. This made the smirk on Rowan's lips widen as she thought to herself, “Smart man, keeping himself protected while also maintaining some privacy. Well... Just gonna have to change that.”

Bracing herself for a leap, Rowan pushed herself away from the rooftop and landed on the railing of the balcony, gripping the metal tightly in her hands while regaining her balance; it was a bit more slippery than she had anticipated, but this did not weaken her determination. Keeping a firm grip on the metal rail, she slid forward, touching her feet onto the balcony, being very careful not to touch any of red beams of light that her glasses revealed to her.

Rowan slowly swerved her way through the lasers and made it to the glass door. She placed her gloved hand on the glass and attempted to push it open, figuring the door was locked. She was surprised when the door actually slid open, allowing her entrance to the large estate.

Il mio amore... I have been expecting you.” The voice that spoke was like smooth velvet, draped with a thick, delicious Italian accent. Rowan's breath caught in her throat and she paused, looking toward the source of the voice; a large arm-chair, sitting before a fireplace. The room glowed with the light from the fire, but Rowan felt nothing but cold. A man rose from the seat and turned to face the young woman, a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring not at her body, but into her soul.

“Vanni, I did not expect my next hit to be you...” She breathed. And there, looking into his eyes, for the first time in years, Rowan felt as though she was going to die. She pulled the gun from her belt, the one she had only planned to use in an emergency, as it made far too much noise for an assassin, and held it up, pointing it at the man.

“Ah... My dear Rowan... You knew that it was only a matter of time before this day would come. And now, here we are. You, my lovely killer. And me, your defenseless target.” Vanni smiled and folded his hands neatly behind his back.

“Do not insult yourself, Vanni, you are never unarmed. If I had known that my hit was you, I would have brought better weapons,” Rowan spat, fear present in her eyes, which glowed from the fire.

“You are, of course, correct... But I do not wish to fight you, this night. No... I knew you were coming for me, so I have thought long and hard on what to do,” he began, walking slowly toward her. Rowan raised her gun more, but her hands shook; she did not want to kill this man. “Do not kill me; do not report back to your family. They will assume that you died during your mission; that my people were too strong. Come with me. We will run away to Italia.”

“Oh, Vanni...” Rowan whispered, a stray tear running down her cheek. Vanni smiled and stepped closer to her, wrapping his long arms around her and pulled her close. “Oh, Vanni, I only wish that I could...”

The look of shock that crossed the man's face when he felt the sharp rip of the bullet through his heart would not be the last thing Rowan would remember of him, however. Another tear fell down her face and she knelt beside him and kissed his forehead, closing his eyes as the last breath escaped his lips. “Good bye... Ill mio amore.” She turned and left with a broken heart, knowing that she would never feel the warmth of love again.

© 2012 Ashen Raine

Author's Note

Ashen Raine
A couple friends and I have started a project where we write a short story (1-3pages in length) based off of a prompt each week. The prompt this week was:

"I met his eyes for the first time in years, and I felt like I was going to die."

This isn't my favorite piece of work, and I really had to force myself to get it done, but I did finish it. Yay! Reviews, comments and critiques are appreciated. =)

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This was very romantic, but I'm glad that you wrote the ending the way you did. It let's us know that she's not heartless, but she's also not willing to give up her training on a whim. This is a very good main character and I think that Vanni was very complimentary in showing more of who she truly was. He helped build her character, instead of "stealing the show", which I loved. Very well done!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ashen Raine
Ashen Raine

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I haven't used this site since I was 19, back in 2012! Wow! I am hoping to get back into writing again and maybe post some new musings! :) more..