I am....

I am....

A Poem by Ashentara

written a long, long time ago. Meant as a funny/sarcastic piece.


I am a selfless b***h

Wait, that’s just my low self-esteem speaking. Ok then…

I am a mother

That’s true. And I try to be a good one.

I am a girlfriend

True again. And noone’s complaining so far

I am a writer

Hmmm… In a way, yes, I guess

I am crazy

Absolutely, and I love it and enjoy every minute of it.

I am in love

With two guys. Long, long story.

I am tired

Yes, those holidays are gonna be a godsend

I am free

Most of the time. I think.

I am obsessed

Totally obsessed, when I like something, I obsess about it. That’s how I function.

I am a music fan

Yep, my favourite bands are like a comfortable pillow to me.

I am a liar

It happens, but I favour white lies

I am…

The sum of so many things.  An individual.  Just like everybody else.


And last but not least…

I am… good at writing bullshit

Yep, you read the above, you can only concur!

© 2009 Ashentara

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Added on October 17, 2009



Brest, France

Bio... hmmm.... what can I say. I'm 30 going on 31, I'm French, I translate video games for a living, but my dream would be to become a real writer. Working on it! I have a daughter whose name is Gab.. more..

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