Part 1:Discover your inner light

Part 1:Discover your inner light

A Chapter by Ashle

Part 1:

-So, we must first get you a bigger and more powerful weapon. You'll get this short sword for now, we must begin our quest right away!-Averon said.
-Okay, but what is the quest?
-We'll explain while we're heading to the Forest of Grimm Reaper.-Despite Harvell's impatience for adventure, he gulped in his fear, as he heard where are they are heading to...

After half an hour Averon begun to explain their quest, and what are they going to do.
-There were four tribes of hunters: The Raysiyom, Ungnupap, Vaelics, and Arternnon. But there were many dark creatures too, including the Lord of Darkness, that had a pure evil inside them, so they couldn't resist to try to convince the hunter tribes to join them. The bribe and the threatening was also a solution for them, to get the tribes to their forces. Firstly, the tribe of Raysiyom were joining the evil ones...later the Ungnupaps were hypnotized by the dark magic of the forces. And after a while, even The hunters of Arternnon were convinced to join the dark side. And... the Vaelics hadn't a better fate...We were the only ones of the Vaelic hunters who didn't join the dark side. We've got to stop them!
-But what will we do in the Forest of Grimm Reaper?
-Well, the scythe of the Reaper is the item that we can absorb the dark magic with, so if one of us gets corrupted, we can absorb the darkness with it.-Kiyros answered.

Veyra has sensed then a dark power nearby.
-They are here!-she said.
-Who?-Harvell asked. Who are here?
-The shadow beings!-Averon said, then he looked straight to the incoming creatures, to pay attention to every attack.
As they arrived, Harvell grabbed his sword and tried to slay one of them, but the sword got through the monster.
The creatures then pushed him back with a great force, causing Harvell to lose his mobility. He fell on the ground.
But Veyra used a light magic that destroyed some of the creatures. However, that wasn't enough.
As Averon saw that Harvell got up, he told him:
-Boy, they can't be attacked phisicaly! They are shadows. Use your inner light!
-B-but how?-he asked, but he didn't manage to think on this much, because the other beings were approaching to get him. But, somehow, the light inside him, destroyed the creatures. He used the light, but he still didn't know how he did it.
-Well done, boy! Tell me, how did you do it. What was your first thought, when you saw them coming after you?
-I...I just wanted to get rid of them...
-Exactly! You wanted! This is the will. Your inner forces can be used with your will. If you truly wish it, you can use it. But if the wish isn't powerful enough, the light will not get to the surface.- The boy remained to think on this for a few moments, while the others went forward. After finishing to think on the just happened events and the just received knowledge, he caught the team up.

© 2015 Ashle

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Classic fantasy concept. Very nice!

Since I'm also new to writing I'm in no position to really critique, however I do know that hyphens are generally not to be used in story writing. It makes the format look like a list.

I also like the motivational moral behind the story! "If there's a will, there's a way."

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you very much for the review, I hope you will find your way through the writing world!
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