Part 2:The Grim Reaper

Part 2:The Grim Reaper

A Chapter by Ashle

Part 2:

-So, exactly what is this forest like?-Harvell asked.
-It is a dark forest, where the Grimm Reaper is taking the soul of the creatures whenever he is hungry.-Averon told everything shortly. don't fear it?
-No one said we have no fear.-Veyra told him. But we have to get through this. We can't start our quest without being prepared.
-But there's a thing I don't understand...why can't we just absorb the dark magic from the other hunters, just as we would do to each other?
-If you are corrupted, the darkness grows from time to time.-Averon continued. They're inner darkness is to large now, to be absorbed. So, if someone of us got's corrupted, we have to absorb the black magic immediately, and don't let it grow.-Harvell listened to every word of the fellow hunters, then he nodded, as a symbol of understanding.
Later, they reached the dark forest. As they entered, they just barely saw, so they had to use some light magic. They also heard howls of werewolves, grunts of vampires, whispers of shadows.
Steps could be heard, but no one could describe whose steps were. Only after they saw approaching a black cloaked, dark hooded person.
-Kid!-warned him Averon. We'll ask this one if he is the Grimm Reaper. If he answers "yes", then it is just a creature that tries to fool us. If it responses with a low move of his scythe, then it is the real Reaper. Understood?-Harvell noded.
They have finally met with the person. Averon said to it:
-Are you the cloaked one? Are you the Grimm Reaper?
-Yes, yes I am.-it answered with a harsh voice. Averon whispered to the team:"He is not him, let's go forward." But the cloaked person slashed once with it's scythe in the air and then three trees fell at once. Averon finally whispered:
-A shadow creature would not have such powers! It has to be the Reaper!
-But, you said...-Harvell whispered back.
-I know what I said, but...looks like he....changed somehow.
Kiyros firstly tried to convince it with the kind way, using soft and polite words:
-Your highness...Err...I mean your darkness, we have come here to borrow your scythe for a few days.
-And what would you need it for?
-We want to make a good thing with it...we...we want to save the other hunters and...-but he was interrupted by the Reaper's wrath.
-What?! You want to use it for good deeds?
" probably wasn't a good idea to say this..."was he thinking.
-You didn't let me finish...actually, we want to save the other hunters from the light, and...-but the Reaper knew that he was lying.
-Enough!! You are good beings! You want my scythe only for pure good purposes! But you have to know one one takes my scythe!-he became angry, and started to attack them with dark magic. He started a swordplay with Averon, it was a true battle between a great sword and an evil scythe. In the end the Reaper made a powerful strike that took down Averon, leaving him on the ground, without more energy to fight.
The Grimm Reaper then turned to Veyra. He landed a dark spell from his scythe and Veyra responded with a light spell. It worked for a while, but the darkness was growing very fast, and it left her powerless too. Then it had a fight with the archer, Kiyros, but it ended up just like with the others. He was on the ground, threatened by an incoming attack, that may left him even more wounded. But there was still someone, there was still a hope. Harvell was watching all the battles, trying to come up with an idea, to save his friends. Then he remembered his knife. He took it, and threw it to the Reaper. It hit the weapon of him, making him to drop it, leaving him disarmed.
Then Averon shouted to the boy:
-Boy, now is the chance, take the scythe!-Harvell hurried to take it, the Grimm Reaper landed a dark spell again, but he dodged it by rolling on the ground, till he reached the scythe. He took it and said to the Reaper determined:
-You'll be finished faster than you think!-the team got up from the ground, and joined  the boy, watching how the reaper will do.
He took something in his hands, then throw it on the ground. It made a smoke cloud, what he disappeared in.
-Good job, boy!-Averon felicitated him.
-Yes, you were quite amazing!-Kiyros continued with the praises.
-Well done, boy, now let's go forward.-Veyra finished the felicitations, and they went forward, starting they're true quest: to save the other hunters!

© 2015 Ashle

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