Part 3:The lost family

Part 3:The lost family

A Chapter by Ashle

Part 3:

-The Raysiyoms were the first hunters, so I suggest to go there first.-Averon said, after which they started their journey.
They went and went, until they arrived to a river, that couldn't be passed.
-This river has no bridge, we can't pass it.-said Averon.
-We can still walk in the river, till we reach the other side. I mean, nothing will happen to us because of some water.-Harvell said.
-I don't know, this water looks strange somehow...-Veyra answered, while she put her hand in the water to check it.
But Harvell made a few steps in the river, to show the team that nothing's wrong with the water.
-See, nothing bad is happening. It is just normal wat...-but he stepped immediately out of the water as he saw that something is getting it's head out from the river. It was a sea serpent. It had a long neck, and had the size of a casual snake, but it still looked dangerous.
-No one passessss this river, unless I give the permission!-the serpent said.
-Oh yeah, we are not afraid of a little water snake!-Harvell responded.
-Kid, stop!-Averon warned him.
-He wont stop us from completing our quest, seriously! Show your true power, serpe...-but seeing that the boy didn't stop, Averon put his hand to his mouth, and then he got silence.
-I'm sorry, our teammate can be sometimes...impatient. So, tell us what do we have to do for getting your permission to pass this river.
-I want to see if you truly deserve to pass this river. You'll have to get that apple down for me!
-We have to get down an apple? That will be easy...-said Harvell.
-Don't be so sure, boy! This apple is located in the top of that tree behind you!-responded the snake.
The team looked to the tree, and they could saw the apple only if they looked in the skies, where the top of the tree was, while the sun got in their eyes. But they also saw griffins, flying around the higher branches of the tree.
-Alright, let's do this!-Kiyros said.
They climbed the tree until they reached the branches, where griffins were flying around. They tried in vain to climb forward, for the griffins were attacking them, every time they tried. So, they stopped on a branch, resting, and thinking on a plan.
-We don't have to be aggressive!-said Averon. We'll have to ride them. So, everyone, hope on a griffin's back!
The team listened to Averon, and each hunter jumped on a griffon.
But Harvell couldn't ride the griffin. Every time he tried to ride it, the griffin wasn't listening to him, and was only struggling and shouting to the boy. In the end, it was struggling so much, that the boy almost fell from it's back, so he couldn't do anything than stick his nails into the griffins body, and hold himself with his hands. But the griffin was shouting in his pain, and was struggling even more.
Then, Harvell tried to speak to it with his emotions, and his thoughts. He transmitted his fear the the griffin, and the thoughts that he didn't want to hurt it, but he wants only help from it. Then, the griffin understood. It stop struggling for a few moments, and waited for the boy to get on it's back. Then, the griffin also felt the kid's gratefulness.
-Well done, Harvell!-was the team felicitating him. And Averon separately told him:
-Good job, kid, this is what a hunter actually does:communicate with the nature's beings.
The boy was glad again because of his success and the praises he got from the rest of the team. Then, he told the griffin to fly to the top of the tree, along with the rest of the griffins, that had his fellows on their backs. They took the apple, and got back to the ground. The hunters then gave it to the serpent.
-Well, i sssee that you have great skills! You could use your obstacles as your help. Well done! You may pass.
And then the serpent dived in the water, and disappeared. After, some stones appeared in the water, what they stepped on, and managed to pass the river.
The night was slowly arriving, the twilight already passed. The team stopped, and made a campfire. But they weren't stopping on some hard rocks, or some wastelands. Oh, no! They stopped on a place that had much grass, and much moss on the ground.
The grass was soft, and it was like a bed. The moss on some of the stones was so thick, that it could be used as a pillow.
But time passed, the night brought it's entire darkness on the lands, only the fire kept them warm and light. Almost the entire team was sleeping, only Veyra and Harvell were awake.
But Harvell was looking at the hot, crackling fire with tearful eyes.
-Hey, are you alright?-asked Veyra.
-Yes, yes I am...why shouldn't I be?-answered him, while he wiped his tears off, to hide his sorrow. But Veyra knew that something was wrong.
-Tell me, what happened?-the boy firstly didn't want to tell her, but in the end he told everything, despite that it was hard for him.
-It's parents...they are...they are not here.
-Neither mine are here...
-No, I mean they are not here, on these lands...they passed away long ago.
-Oh...I understand... But, your sorrow may be cured a bit, if you talk about these problems of yours. Tell me, it is not a shame if you cry.
Then Harvell started to tell everything, with his tears already raced on his cheeks.
-I once had a walk in the forest. After i chilled out, I went home. But, when I was a few streets far from my home, i saw some smoke in the air. I run to the place where it came from, and I saw that my house was burning. I...I didn't see my parents coming out from it.
-But, did you see who did all this?
-I saw a cloaked person, with a torch in his hands, having a weird symbol on his disguise. It was running away so fast, that nobody found him anymore. I don't think that he was caught...
Veyra listened to the boy, and understood his sorrow. She then hugged him, for she wanted to comfort him. The boy then burst into tears, for he felt that he can cry near someone, who understands him...

After Harvell's sorrow passed, Veyra told him to go to "bed", because it was late.
The boy did so, and later even Veyra fell asleep, leaving the fire cracking alone in the darkness of the night until it extinguished.

© 2015 Ashle

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