Part 4:The Wild Birds

Part 4:The Wild Birds

A Chapter by Ashle

Part 4:

The sun had come slowly, but it was early when three of the hunters woke up, so they could saw only a pale light...

Averon, Kiyros and Veyra woke up, but Harvell was still sleeping. While he was lost in his deep dreams, Veyra told her counterparts what the boy revealed to her.
-So, that's why I want you to behave kindly with him...
After she told these to them, Harvell woke up, ready for the journey. They all packed up and went forward. They were moving with average steps, being silent, and thinking about how will they do, when arriving to the Raysiyom hunters.
However, something stopped their way.
-Everybody! Get behind that stone!-warned them Harvell's master, Averon.
-Why? What happened?-Harvell asked.
There was a great covey of birds, down the hill they were. These animals were all eating some crumbs, and had the dimension of a swallow. But every bird had the color, and the body-shape of a crow.
-Those are Wild Birds, they look innocent, but if you bother them, they will immediately attack you!-replied Kiyros.
-They attack awfully...-Told him Averon. But, I still have something, that we can scare them away with.
He said, and took a special hunter horn. This was made from a ram's horn, boiled it and then crafted it into a beautiful instrument, and made some finger holes. With these holes could the user change the sound of it.
-This can make a special sound, that can tame a wild animal, or scary it away.
-No problem, I can solve this too!-said Harvell gladly, and immediately took his knife.
-Boy, don't, it will only enrage them!-shouted Averon, but Harvell just barely heard him, and threw his knife through the birds. Then the Wild birds stopped eating for a few moments, and stayed motionless, watching where did that knife come from.
And suddenly, they started to fly to the hunters, angrily, and attacked them. They were hitting, clawing and biting them. The birds were so temperamental, that after a while, they started to tear their clothes and even their hair.
In that great agitation, Averon took a sack full of food, and threw some crumbs on the ground.
The Wild Birds saw it, and luckily, they stopped to eat. The team then dashed away, before the birds would come and get them.
They kept running, until they stopped under a tree...
They stayed a few minutes to rest, and catch they're breath. After, Averon looked at the kid upset. Harvell knew that something was wrong, and his master is going to talk with him...
-Boy, that was all your fault! How could you be so...
-Why would it be my fault?!
-I told you not to throw that knife! Now, look what you've done!-and he pointed to their teammates' torn clothes, and tousled hair...
-Well sorry, I just wanted to...
-No, you just didn't listen to me, boy!-Harvell began to be angry, just as Averon was.
-Arrgh, stop calling me "boy"! I have a name!
But then, Veyra intervened in their conflict.
-You two, stop! Harvell, you should listen to your master, and Averon, remember what I told you this morning!-she said, not with a threatening tone, but with and upset one...
Then, she talked in particularly with Averon.
-Remember in how much of a trouble he is!
-So, do you want to protect him from everything?
-No, I just want you to have more patience with him!-Averon thought on this for a few moments, and then he said:
-Okay, maybe you're right...-And then he went to the kid.
-Listen, I am sorry for my impatience...I--I should told all this with a calmer tone.
-It's alright, I should listen to you...
After everything calmed down, Harvell and the others arranged their messed up hair, and still stayed a few minutes under the shade of the tree, to rest.

© 2015 Ashle

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