Part 5: The Lord of the Darkness

Part 5: The Lord of the Darkness

A Chapter by Ashle

Note: The "QP" letter group is readen as "KV".

Part 5:

They finally rested and were able to go forward. The hunters, didn't even knew that they were very close to the Raysiyom hunters.

Actually, they arrived there, after an average while...but, something has changed. There weren't only the Raysiyom hunters, there were gathered all the hunters, from the Raiysiyoms to the Arternnons. They were all training, and the Lord of the Darkness, Khvern Qparvhotuz was watching all his soldiers. The hunters were convinced to aid the darkness, they were corrupted, and even their face changed. The team couldn't recognize them. The dark hunters were looking very...dark. Their appearance changed.

Our team was spying all that happened behind a rock, and because all the training happened down a hill, it was hard for the dark ones to see them. There were also dark creatures, shadow beings and other obscure creatures...

But, Harvell suddenly felt that he recognizes a memory. He felt something like a deja vu. He also felt an emotion that was a mixture of anger and sadness, as he saw the symbol on the Lord of the Darkness' cloth. It was just like the one that he saw on the robe, of the one who burned his house. It was like a red pine tree, with a rhomb in the middle of it. And from two of the upper branches came two triangles. As for the Lord, he had a dark hood and was wearing a dark colored robe. You could see only his red, glowing eyes through that dark hood. 

-I can't believe it! It is him!!-he started to say, with an anger that grew gradually...

-Who? What do you mean?-Averon asked.

-It's the one! It's the one who burned my parents! I must get him!-he responded, already with an anxiety and a rage in his voice. He then ran to get him, but Averon caught him, and didn't let Harvell go.

-Harvell, don't do it! Maybe, you are wrong! Don't be too hasty!-he responded quick, for he wanted to convince him, before he starts a fight with the Lord of Darkness, for he knew it was dangerous. But the kid was so determined, that he got out from Averon's hands, and dashed down the hill, unsheathed his sword, and started to slash the Lord. But in vain...every blow of him was blocked, every pierce was parried. Then the Lord striked once with his great, dark sword, and the kid fell on the ground.

-Ooooh, yes, I remember you! - the Lord said with a harsh voice, while he prepared his next strike, that included a dark slash from his Sword of the death. But then the other hunters, came with their weapons already prepared, to protect the child. Averon and Veyra unsheathed their swords, and Kiyros prepared already two arrows at once.

-You wont touch him as long as we are here!-Kiyros said.

-Oh, yes! you are the hunters who refused to join me, and refused to have power and richness. Ahaha! - the boy then got up from the ground and told the Lord with anger:

-You were the one who killed my parents!

-Yes! Maybe, I have burned them along with the house, or maybe, I have burned your house, and made your parents my soldiers! They are maybe through all these hunters of mine! Ahahaha! 

-But, why would you need them as your soldiers? They weren't hunters!

-That's something you surely didn't knew! Your parents were very skilled Vaelic hunters! But now back to you all. If you refuse to join me, then you have no reason to live anymore! - He said, and he started to throw darkness to them wildly. The boy was still too weak to fight, so the others fought for themselves, and also for Harvell. They dodged the darkness, and blocked it with light magic, so they resisted a while, until Khvern stopped.

-Hhmm...I should not spend my time with useless things! I will return to my plans...-he said and turned back to his army. The team ran away from him.

-There's a magic well, close to this place. We should visit it.-said Veyra, and they immediately went there.

-It is said that drinking from this well, will recover your strength, and heal your wounds.-She said, as they arrived there. The hunters lowered the bucket of the well, took some water in it, and then bought it back. Harvell drank from the water, and after a few moments, he felt better.

-Thanks, my friends! - He said.

-Okay, now back to our quest!-Averon told the team. We can't get the hunters back while Khvern is there, so we must wait until we reach a time, when the hunters are alone. And I think I know when it will be. When they will take their lunch, we can get to action!- he said, and then they waited until the hunters served their lunch.

The hunters entered the chamber where the corrupted ones were eating, and Averon begun:

-Hunters, listen to me! We are here to remember you, that we are good beings, who fight against  the darkness and not with the darkness!

-Yes, we are fighters that respect the other beings, and not attack them!-Kiyros continued.

But they were interrupted by them.

-Hey, are these the ones who are against us?

-Yes, they are the ones who left us!

-You are not welcome here!

-Go away before our mighty lord will get you!

As the team saw that they can't convince them, and that they are getting angry, they left the chamber, and went back to their planning place: the magic well.

They arrived there sad, and in the same time a bit ashamed...they were thinking on another way to convince them...but an old men then came to them. It had robe too, with a hood, and you could see only his beard and his nose, but the rest of his face was a mystery. He told them:

-You will not convince them. They are corrupted. That means they are convinced to aid the dark side. And as you know, their darkness can't be absorbed, because it's too large now. But you surely know that, the conviction includes threatening and bribe.  And most of the humans are capable to betray others, because of the fear and the, it's very hard to convince them...                   But you, you all are a special case! Your inner light was more powerful, and you resisted the darkness.

-But, what can we do as a solution?-asked Harvell.

-The only way to help them, is to free their soul.

-So, do you mean that we'll have to...kill them?-Harvell asked, afraid of a positive answer.

-You must forget about Khvern, and help the hunters. If you take their life, you will free their souls, and they will leave in peace, and this will also weaken Khvern, because less soldiers, means less power.

To be continued...

© 2015 Ashle

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