Part7: The Final Battle

Part7: The Final Battle

A Chapter by Ashle

Part 7:

As the dawn arrived, the team already woke up. It was a cold dew, and a mysterious fog.

But, of course, Harvell didn't forgot to tell what he found out last night.

And so, the team got informed that they have no other option to defeat the darkness, than to put an end to Khvern's life.

However, the hunters were aware that once they will defeat Khvern, the evil in the world, will not end. They knew that good and evil, always will exist.

The team felt an agiation, adrenaline and some emotions, for they will face again the lord.

They knew the dawn was a fragment of the day when Khvern was alone.

The attacking plan was powerful, the magic and melee attacks were prepared, and every order of the ranged arrows was planed. The place they will start the attack from, was done.


Khvern stood near a quiet river, listening to the soothing flow of the water.

After a while, a tear was running down on his left cheek, slowly, while he was thinking nostlagicaly.

"This foolish world!" - was he thinking. "They will pay for they have done to me!"

The much pressure, sadness and anger in his life, made him so. He fell into darkness. All the bad people he met with, all the bad events in his life, made him so. He is one of the weaker personalities, so he did not managed to remain on the good side. He now wants only revenge!


Averon stood behind a bush that was to the south, and to the west was Veyra, while Kiyros stood to the east. They were all hidden behind a bush, a tree, or a stone.

Averon took some throwing daggers, Veyra took her crossbow, and Kiyros prepared some arrows.

Averon counted at 5, and then he made a sign that indicated the beginning of the battle.

They all shot.

Then they heard a clang. The ranged attacks were blocked.

While Khvern was busy parrying the arrows and knives, Harvell appeared suddenly, and he stabbed the lord. But because of the dark magic that he was covered in, he only felt a pricking of a pencil.

He turned back to counterattack the boy. A short knife made of shadows appeared in Khvern's hands and he tried to stab him.

Harvell always had great reflexes and sharpened senses, so he managed to dodge the attack. But while cheering, a fist of darkness hit him, making him to fall on the ground...

However, the lord did not forget about the others. They were all coming to start the serious part of the battle.

As the sword of Veyra tried to slash him, the lord's relflexes responed with a blast, that has hurled her away. He raised his sword to slash again the girl, but her counterpart came to help.

Despite the sword of Averon was sharpened, the lord could hold it from its blade,and so, it had no effect. He pushed Averon away without any efforts, and turned to Kiyros.

The quick bashes of his short sword were only imobilizing the lord for some short moments, but it had no effect in harming him. The arrows of him were swallowed by the darkness that Khvern shot. The ray of shadows reached Kiyros in the end, and a wound occured.

Seeing that they were all on the ground, Averon regained imediatelly his powers, and continued the fight.

He was not alone, for Harvell's will to help his fellow gave him more power to fight. He got up from the ground and casted a light spell.

This time, the lord was too busy with Averon, so the light was a surprise for Khvern.

The swordplay and the attacks were now between the novice hunter and his master.

Suddenly, Kiyros was no where to be seen. However, some firing arrows were shot from a the top of a tree behind Khvern, and aimed perfectly him. It was the archer!

Khvern fell on the ground, but his rage has grown, so he imediately stood up. He fired a darkness blast to Kiyros , and it broke the branch he stayed on. But Kiyros fell down with a perfect accuracy, making a flip during the fall, so he landed on the ground without any pain.

Veyra then managed to sand up.

There were already 3 swords against the lord.

Seeing that he is overpowered, he drained some energy using black magic. This weakened Averon so much, that he fell in knees, and couldn't continue the fight. The lord than stabbed him with a force that hurled him away.

-Averon! - said Harvell, but couldn't focus on him further because of the battle.

The number of warriros was decreasing, and they were slowly taking more and more damage.

But there was still one hunter that could fight!

-Kiyros, continue the fight with Harvell, I have to take care of someone! - said Veyra, and as Kiyros came to replace her in the battle, Veyra ran to help Averon.

-Are you alright? - she said, with a worried voice. Averon had a deep wound in his chest, and his clothes were slashed.

He tried to stand up, but the pain overpowered him, so he fell back on the grass, with painful moans...

-Don't even try that!

-But...I have to return to battle!

-Just...don't move! You are too weak to fight! - she said, and she begun to stroke him gently.

He felt himself better and better, as he sensed the delicate moves of Veyra. Her hand begun to get a golden color. It was just like she would hold some light rays in her hand. It was white magic. She used the light to cure him slowly.

Her gentle female fingers were soothing and caressing him. In the end he felt just like at the beginning of the battle, when he had no wounds and no gashes.

-Thank you, Veyra! - he said with a quiet and grateful voice.

-Umm, don't you hurry a bit, will you? - said the two hunters with a fear and a very slight anger in their voice.

The two imediatelly stood up, and continued the fight.

This time all the hunters were attacking the lord at once.

This was a time when the lord was completely overwhelmed. They were organized in such way, that the lord of darkness was surrounded by them. Stabs of a knives, bashes of short and longswords, arrows of all kind and spells at once, were attacking the lord of darkness from every direction.

In the end, he was defeated. The lord was on the ground and their sharp swords were headed directly to him.

-Enough! - he shouted in his anger, and he blasted away each and every single person, every single thread of grass, and every single thing, whether it was bigger or smaller. It left him more space and more air to breath.

The team managed to stand up, but Khvern raised some darkness tentacles from the ground, that caught Averon, Kiyros and Veyra. They were sowly covered enirely by the darkness, but luckily, Harvell got away.

-Find a way to stop Khvern, and don't let the darkness get you! - said Veyra, before being entirley covered by the darkness.

As Harvell saw the lord turned to him, he imediatelly ran for his life.

He dahsed away, the lord chased him.

But unfortunately, Harvell's way was blocked, because he reached a dead end...

-This ends now, boy! There is no way you can win! Your friends are gone, and you're all alone!

-No! - he said determinated.

-Haha, poor boy! You are powerless, you are too weak to defeat me! - the boy felt a fear in his entire body, but then he realised something.

-No! You are alone! - he said suddenly. That's why you want to take everyone to your side! You are the weak one here! Only the weak persons attack the innocet ones. You are threatening and offensive to everyone that is weaker than you! But you cannot face someone bigger and stronger, am I right?

-Stop lying you little peasant! I am your lord, you are my slave, you must kneel down in front of me, and subdue! - he told him, trying to defend his last hope of being powerful.

-You are afraid! - Harvell said with a victorious grinning.


-You are afraid of the truth! And that's exactly what I've revelead to you now!- he said, and after some extremly short moments, he suddenly hit him with both his knife and his sword, causing him to fall down the chasm.

But, he took the scythe of the Grim Reaper, and with it's magic, he brought the lord back before he would reach the ground. He kept him in the air, floating. Harvell looked at him amazed, for the hood fell from his head, while he was in the fall.

His face was scary, it was scratched so much in some parts, that there were some tiny zones, were he could see his flesh slightly. He had a lot of scars and unhealed wounds. He was angry, but the fear could be seen on his face. His eyes grew a lot in his fright.

-W-what will you do to me? W-will you kill me? - the boy tought for a moment.

-No! - the lord got releaved. I am not like you! I will let the gryphons take you to the the 7 Gods of Justice, and they will decide your faith! - and then he whistled, calling the gryphon, and he let down his scyte, letting the griffin take him far away, into the skies.

There, he reached the gods.

-Well, well, well. Look, what do we have here?

-You were the one with an evil influence on the people? - said Solian, a goddess of Justice.

-Yes, he is one of the evil forces. - said Ascen, another god.

-He will pay for his deeds! - said another one, while he hit the arm of his royal chair, becuase of the anger.

-Keep your cool, Korn! This wasn't all his fault. He had to take many hardships during his life. - said Keervyan.

-But that doesn't mean he is blameless! - determined another deity.

They discuted a while, silent, so he could not hear them. Khvern was afraid of the final verdict.

As they turned to him, he knew that his faith will not be pleasureful.

-Your body will be sent back to the lands, and it will turn into ashes. It will be blown away from the winds, and will get into the depths of the oceans. Then, It will be eaten by one of the greatest whale of the waters.

-So it will be! - said one of them, and hit once with his short hammer.

And so, the verdict turned real.

As for the soul of him, no one knows what happened to it. Some people say, that he hadn't even a soul.

But, no one knows for sure...

© 2015 Ashle

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