A Chapter by Ashle

Harvell went back to the location where the battle took place.

He saw his friends slowly being uncovered by the darkness, and the tentacles went back in the ground.

When they're head was revealed, they felt they have more air, and they breathed intensively in their relief.

A great cheer took place in their heart, and their shouts of joy, happiness and praises could be heared in the surrounding places.

Then the team saw the hunters were no more dark, their shadow vanquished.

They joined the heroes and thanked, praised and felicitated them.

Harvell then started to search through all the throng of hunters.

He looked for his parents. He firstly didn't find them, so he thought he didn't searched enough.

But then, after a quarter of hour passed, he begun to lose his belief that his parents were still alive.

He continued to search, the crowd was slowly leaving the place, and going home. The sunset was slowly arriving.

Harvell couldn't find his parents...

In the end, there where no other hunters than his team.

It was clear for him. His parents were not turned dark. They were killed.

He sat down on the grass, and watched the sunset.

Then, the other hunters sat near him.

-You didn't find them, did you? - said Averon. The boy nodded negatively, while his tears ran down his cheeks, and he leaned his head on Averon's shoulder.

-But, see the good part! You are a hero! You learned much, and you are now a hunter! You saved the other hunters, and defeated a part of the evil forces.

-Yes... b-but I just wanted... - he said through his tears. My parents...I just wanted to see them again. My family is...lost.

-But you have now a new family! - said Kiyros.

-We will be always together with you! - said Veyra.

They then had a team hug, after which they watched how the sun leaves, and how the night comes.

© 2015 Ashle

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Added on November 16, 2015
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I am fantasy, adventure and poetry kind of writer.I am actually half Hungarian and half Romanian, so you may find some mistakes in my writing...so tell me if you spotted one, and I will correct it...:.. more..

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