Chapter III: Lunatics and Unexpected Visits

Chapter III: Lunatics and Unexpected Visits

A Chapter by Ashleigh

Harry tells his furious aunt and uncle that he's leaving them and Dumbledore pays an unexpected visit.


               Upon waking the next morning, Harry Potter went down to breakfast with his aunt, uncle and cousin. They glared at him as usual, and chose to ignore him. This was perfectly alright with Harry. He had more pressing matters to think about. He was suddenly a multi-billionaire, probably one of the wealthiest wizards on the planet. He owned five properties, most of them mansions, and he was a legal adult. He shook his head slightly to try and wrap his head around it all. It was a massive amount to take in, especially since he had only received all of this fortune within the time span of a few hours.

                He already knew he was leaving, of that he was sure. He also knew he couldn't wait any longer to tell his aunt and uncle if he planned on getting out of there as fast as possible. He put down his knife and fork and cleared his throat. "Aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon. I'm moving out, probably later today, if I can get everything ready in time." His family stared at him. Uncle Vernon chuckled maliciously.

                "Move out, eh," he snorted. "Just where do you think a broke, sixteen year old kid is going to move to?" He sneered, as if daring Harry to retaliate.

                "I'm not broke and I'm not a kid anymore," Harry replied simply. "I've been emancipated from you, and I happen to own over ten billion galleons and four mansions." His family stared at him even more intently.

                "Where... where on earth did you receive all that?" his aunt whispered faintly.

                "At my godfather's will reading yesterday," he replied.

                "The boy's a lunatic!" Uncle Vernon cried. "A RAVING LUNATIC!" Apparently, hearing that the nephew he had always hated had suddenly turned out more prosperous than him caused something to snap in Uncle Vernon's brain. He smashed his fist on the table, knocking orange juice and bacon everywhere. "I WILL NOT TOLERATE MADNESS! I WILL NOT!" he screamed.

                "Vernon, please!" cried Aunt Petunia. Dudley was still seated in his chair, looking anxiously from his mother to his father to Harry.

                "FIFTEEN YEARS I'VE PUT UP WITH THIS RUBBISH! I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT ANY LONGER! YOU-" he was cut off by the doorbell. "Who in blazes is that?" he grumbled.

                "Harry, get the door!" Aunt Petunia snapped nervously at him. Harry, all to glad to be out of uncle Vernon's clutches for a few moments, sprinted to the front hallway, expecting to see the post man, or a little girl selling cookies for a fundraiser. He certainly did not expect...

                "Professor Dumbledore?" he gasped. Sure enough, there on his doorstep, was Albus Dumbledore with his long sweeping robes and half moon spectacles, looking rather grim.

                "Hello, Harry. I trust you are well?" he replied, unsmiling. Without waiting for Harry's answer, he swept into the hallway as if he owned the place and glided right into the living room, where he sat down on the fluffy armchair by the window. Aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon ran into the living area at that exact moment, followed closely by Dudley. Uncle Vernon's temper had not subsided.

                "WHO THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! LUNATICS THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM!" he roared. Aunt Petunia had her hands over her ears and Dudley looked close to wetting himself. "I'M LEAVING! I CAN'T TAKE THE LUNACY ANYMORE!" and with a final aggravated roar and a nasty blow to the wall, he was out of the house, getting into his car and driving away.

                "Vernon! Come back!" Aunt Petunia yelled from the doorway, but it was no use, he was already two streets away. Mrs. Next Door and her daughter poked their heads out of their front window to see what all the commotion was about. Aunt Petunia gave a very forced smile, said "Lovely morning, isn't it?" then slammed the door very hard and rounded on Harry and Dumbledore."Alright! I want answers and I want them now!" she screeched. "First Harry announces that he's leaving with a load of gold and about umpteen mansions, and now you show up on our front doorstep and drive my husband out of his own house! WHAT IS GOING ON?" She was breathing very hard, obviously trying to contain herself. Dumbledore looked quite unperturbed.

                "Well, you see Petunia, I simply came to confront Harry about just that," he replied. "As both of you already know, I arranged for Harry to live with you until his seventeenth birthday as part of a protective spell, and specifically advised him to stay here until then to maintain that protection. However, in light of recent events, I see that Harry has decided to break that agreement. I am here to convince him otherwise." Now it was Harry's turn to lose his temper.

                "As I remember it, I never agreed to anything. The only reason I've stayed here this long was because I had nowhere else to go!" he snapped. "Now that I have somewhere else to live, I don't need to stay here. I won't! You can't stop me from leaving, either! I'm a legal adult now, I can do what I want for a change, and I want to get out of this hole in the ground!" he yelled. Dumbledore hung his head.

                "Of course, Harry," he said. "You are right. I cannot force you to stay here or do anything else you do not wish to do, for that matter. Unfortunately, Sirius' series lack of judgement now prevents me from doing that." This was the wrong thing to say to Harry.

                "Lack of judgement!" he yelled. "He was the only one with enough sense to see that I was miserable! DON'T YOU DARE INSULT HIM!" he had to stop himself from throwing something, and instead stood, shaking, over Dumbledore in his seat. Dumbledore made no attempt to stand up.

                "I realize that you loved him very much, Harry," Dumbledore replied. "However, you must understand that he had a knack for making rash, uninformed decisions. Declaring you an adult was one of those decisions." Harry had had enough. He would not stand here and let Dumbledore insult his godfather like that. As wise and powerful as Dumbledore may be, Harry would not sit back and let him spoil Sirius' memory.

                "HE DID THE RIGHT THING!" he shouted. Aunt Petunia jumped about a foot in the air, and Dudley whimpered and ran upstairs as fast as his porky legs would take him. "ALL YOU'VE EVER DONE IS MADE ME MISERABLE AND NEVER GIVEN ME A REAL REASON FOR ANY OF IT! I'M TIRED OF BEING MISERABLE AND I'M TIRED OF YOU!" he grabbed a crystal elephant from the mantelpiece and threw it with all his force at the wall behind Dumbledore. The tiny figurine shattered into tiny pieces, leaving a rather large dent in the wall. Dumbledore finally stood up.

                "I can see that I will not be able to change your mind," Dumbledore said gravely. "I think it is best if I leave now."

                "Yeah, I think so too," Harry spat. Right now, he hated the old man standing in front of him and wanted nothing more at the moment than to see him walk out that front door and never come back.

                "Well, since you'll probably want to leave right away, here is the address of each of your new properties, along with the key and vault number of both your inheritances." Harry took the piece of paper and keys, but did not thank him. Dumbledore turned and opened the front door. Before leaving, he took one last look at Harry and said "I think you're making a very grave mistake, Harry," he said sadly.

                "Well in case you haven't noticed, I don't care what you think anymore!" Harry retorted. Dumbledore gave a slight nod of his head and closed the front door behind him. Through the window, Harry could see him walk up the street, and suddenly vanish into thin air. He was gone.

                Harry punched the closed door, causing one of the panes of glass at the top to fall out. "Sorry about the crystal," he muttered to aunt Petunia. She just stared at him, too stunned to speak. Harry dragged his feet up to his room and started packing everything he owned into his trunk. Hedwig gave him an inquisitive look. "We're moving, Hedwig," he announced to her. "But first, we need to grab a few things in Diagon Alley..."

© 2008 Ashleigh

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