To My Family

To My Family

A Poem by Ashley White

I don't have kin...I have friends....this is directed to them

+Brandon White 

You kissed my lips as a jagged edge kissed my wrists;

I condemned myself to hell as you brought in the light;

I once guarded the gates to Hades now I guard the key to your


A halo above above the storm in my mind-No;

But your arms are my heaven;

I love you Brandon Michael White and will always cherish

 you as I call you my Boyfriend, My soon to be fiance-hopeful
 husband-and father to our children :)

+Jw Wallace 

Rebellious in the heart-

Running wild and free-

Clouded storms cease to exist in your mind and destiny-

Rambunctious much-


But it is an honor to call you my brother :)

+Jay R 

Kind and loving heart;

Courageous soul;

Rebellious spirit;

A destiny unknown;

But you wrapped your arms around my inner deceased body;

Held my tears in your hand;

And spoke wisdom words with a cut;

I not only call you my brother...but I also call you my best

 friend :)

+Kristina Cokes 

I kiss your cheek knowing tears have stained your scars;

I look past your smile and uncover the true hurt;

I hold you close to my heart interlocking our beats;

My beautiful angel;

My precious friend;

I love you baby girl;

You are as sweet as rose wood;

As colorful as a bouquet;

And as mysterious as a cloaked secret;

I still love you Cidney;

And no one shall replace you as my sissy in my heart :)

+Lyndsie Snape 

A beautiful face;

Angelic in it's presence;

Salt filled tears stain your face;

Yet I still see your beauty;

I see the scars behind your clothes;

The hurt behind your face;

The scars under your clothes;

I still hold you close to me;

I still accept you;

Lyndsie my sister;

I love you Smiling Rosalie :)

+Ashley parker 

Close to my grasp;

A best friends heart;

Caught in between a child and woman;

Good intentions full your mind;

You are close to me in many ways;

The hardships we've encountered;

You are never the less still my sis;

And love is unconditional :)

+Tasia Campbell 

A beautiful smile that never creeps on your face;

Eyes that never see the light but such beautiful color;

A wounded heart from battles;

Scared and healing;

My hands wrap around your scarlet body;

Kissing every wound you bare;

Your tears cover my hands-but I do not mind this;

My sister for life-

My best friend-

Tasia never forget I am here even when we do not speak :)

This is my family, and with my heart I love them;

 With my will I protect them; and these are the

 individuals I would lay down my own life for. 

I love you all so much and hope our friendships and
 family ties never end! :)

© 2014 Ashley White

Author's Note

Ashley White
Ignore the names this was from my google profile

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What a beautiful way to portray your love in words of your family..elegant work

Posted 6 Years Ago

Ashley White

6 Years Ago

thank you my friend :D
A. Amos

6 Years Ago

You're most welcome my dear
Ashley White

6 Years Ago

VERY SWEET friend indeed yes you are!
This is good poetry and good thoughts about friendship. I like the description of each person. In life we will know many people. We will love them for their weak and strong points. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Ashley White

6 Years Ago

I appreciate you taking the time to review my writing and appreciate everything you've said to me :)

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Ashley White


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