The storm!!!

The storm!!!

A Poem by darkness*star1985


The storm rolls

so fast it roars

with power

my window shakes

lights fail me now


It's just a storm

nothing to fear

all is silent

but the thunder

and the crack of lightening

i begin to count my Mississippi's

oh crap the storm is just right over head

i won't fear, just a storm



I run upstairs to my bed

i shoot under the covers

and try to calm myself

after all its just a storm

i hear a little crack

this didn't come from outside

i hear with my ears footsteps

coming up the stairs

who is in my house

i wondered

i go charging out

oh sure i freak when a storm hits

but charge when someone is in my house

how dumb was i.


there on the steps still walking

is no one i can see, but i still

hear the steps creak like footsteps,

then the cold hit me like a chill

of wind. I froze to my place

my heart beat is the only other sound

this power i feel creeping on me

as evil as the devil himself

goose bumps pop up everywhere



windows blow out

and more footsteps

surround frozen

scared, no way

to escape,

hairs now standing on end

invisible chains i feel

how to fight something

that is just not real


Fall to the ground

my only weakness

is to give up

i close my eyes

in the dead of the night

with many things surrounding me

no time to prey just time to say

good bye. There here to take

what is not my to give

my very essences of life.

They can take my soul

but the will never have my spirited!!!

everything goes quieted.

© 2011 darkness*star1985

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I love how this starts out as a storm, then a ghost, then evil coming to take you away. Brilliant! Just a few mistakes in the last stanza: pray not prey, They're not There, mine not my in the 9th line, spirit not spirited, quiet not quieted. Other than that, most excellent poem!

Posted 8 Years Ago

The fear of the storm, good poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

No matter how the wind hollows, the mountain shall never kneel

Posted 8 Years Ago

Some storms can be scary. Can take out power and do great damage. In the Midwest the storms can take out cities. I like the emotion and the feelings in this poem. There is always peace after a great storm. A rainbow if we look and try to find. A very strong ending to a excellent poem. Thank you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

"It's just a strom
nothing to fear
all is slient
but the thurder
and the crack of ligthening
i begin to count my mississippi's
oh crap the strom is just right over head
i won't fear, just a storm
This stanza was absolutely amazing. I could imagine the storm you were talking about as if it was happening right now! Great poem! Keep writing :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow this kept me on the edge of my seat,
This is totally amazing...Love it

Posted 8 Years Ago

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N/A , FL

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