Ember's revenge

Ember's revenge

A Story by Ashley Armstrong

This is actually my Dungeons and Dragons character's story

Be safe. 

When I was younger I thought those two little words were magical. I thought that they somehow had the power to change the course of your entire day. I thought that those words kept me safe. When somebody tells you to do something you have to do it. That's what I thought. 

Mom would always tell me to be safe when I went hunting and I would tell her the same as I walked away. Believing that those two words would protect her and my family while I was gone. I was horribly mistaken. The last words Mom said to me were "Be safe." 
I told her " You too." as I walked away. Those were my last words to her.

Later when I was heading back to the village, I heard screams and cries and saw thick, black smoke rising into the air and I knew that those words had not done their job.  As I ran towards my home, I knew that my family was not safe. I knew that those two little words had failed me. I knew that I would never trust their power again. 

I reached the village just in time to see my whole life burn away, literally. There was so much fire and smoke. I knew my home was gone. The fire took it away. It took away my family, my friends, and my happiness. And I watched as countless people died. All because those two little words had failed.

The thieves who looted and then burned down the village were laughing as they left. Their pockets full of the treasures of the dead. I watched them walk away, knowing that the two words that I had loved so much wouldn't protect me from them. I would never forget their faces, their voices, or what they had done. I vowed revenge, not only on them, but on the words that had failed me.

© 2016 Ashley Armstrong

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Deep, angst, feels...this little story has it all

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ashley Armstrong
Ashley Armstrong

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