Go Back To Your Street Corner

Go Back To Your Street Corner

A Poem by Celestine Astraea Firestorm

Where did you come from?
How did you cause this?
Why are you so manipulative?
You know, all of this is your fault

Is wrecking a beautiful friendship
what you wanted?
Is cutting our friend off from us
part of your plan?
I never accepted this
From the beginning on
So instead of letting me be
You rubbed it in my face

You say I caused it all
Our lives were fine until you showed up
Need my permission?
You do not
I will not have this weight
Put on my shoulders
Be the reason
Be put in the middle
You can figure it out on your own
You cold-hearted b***h

You tried to f**k up our friendship
All you wanted was him
You wanted nothing to do with us
You think you know the pain I have felt
But you do not
I almost lost my best friend because of you
Blaming it on me
God, I hate you

Turning around the whole situation
I am now s**t in his eyes compared to you
You manipulated him into thinking
I caused it all
That it is all my fault
I have been the scapegoat for far too long
Trying to aimlessly make me feel guilty
Trying to aimlessly make me feel sorry
For your mistakes
Not anymore, b***h, not anymore

Contradicting everything I say
Turning all my words around
Analyzing every sentence
You want me in your life?
F**k it b***h
You ruined it yourself
Telling me I am not a true friend
I am more true, more real, than you will ever be

© 2008 Celestine Astraea Firestorm

Author's Note

Celestine Astraea Firestorm
This is written sometime in my angry, angsty teen era.

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I may be wrong, but Im sensing some hostility... lol
I liked it

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on August 21, 2008
Last Updated on August 30, 2008


Celestine Astraea Firestorm
Celestine Astraea Firestorm

Catania, Italy

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