The Disappearance

The Disappearance

A Story by Allyson N. Jason

A stark and eerie revelation and awakening


She tried joking with him. Lifting her voice and seeing if he'd loosen up and eventually crack his usual crooked, warm smile. But something was wrong.

Very off.


Brian stared down at her with a very unsettling, piercing glare. The expression in his face was alarmingly serious and his eyes were hollow, empty and strange-looking, appearing much darker than usual.


Sharp instinct sent a jolt through her being and made her realize that her husband of 15 years was no longer there.  The presence standing before her, posing as Brian, felt gravely threatening and deadly; teeming with dark sadistic desires.


Caryn felt like if she said one more word to him or even reached out to touch him gently, he'd abruptly seize her by the neck with all of his capacity with wild eyes and strangle her lifeless.  She had never felt this energy from Brian and she was never scared of him nor did she ever have a reason to be. They had gotten into a typical mild argument earlier and now her attempt to break the ice had invoked the presence of a malevolent stranger.


Someone that had been lurking, undisturbed and asleep, within Brian since childhood.

© 2008 Allyson N. Jason

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A very original and realistic piece.


Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on June 19, 2008
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Allyson N. Jason
Allyson N. Jason

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