Elinoria, Queen of the Swarm

Elinoria, Queen of the Swarm

A Chapter by Aurafiex

As queen I have served my people faithfully for countless moons, coordinating our attacks on the surface so that we may eke out an existence within the deep places of the earth. 


And yet, things have changed.




The humans, they are no longer the easy prey they once were. My scouts tell me of a united banner mankind has rallied to, their once weak and disparate tribes now under the firm grip of an all-powerful sorcerer queen.  


It seemed absurd then, but continuous failed raids and dwindling supplies began to say otherwise. Before my court their queen’s envoy came, bearing a cart of laden with the heads of our fallen warriors. Through it an ultimatum was delivered upon us: “Serve, or die.”




My council has advised an all-out war, as the tenets of our ancestors would dictate, but I fear that their pride has overcome them. They take my advocacy for peace as cowardice and weakness, stubborn in their deep-seated hatreds. How can they not see the doom that lies ahead for the defiant? 


They just won’t listen. But... perhaps he would convince them otherwise. The high councillor always has, as he did my heart.



We meet under the moon’s glow, safe within the sanctuary of the undergrowth. It is our secret spot, one that we have shared in the loving glow of each other’s’ company for countless decades But his embrace no longer holds the warmth once held all these years. 


Does he no longer believe in me, just like the rest of them? Why?


Tell me, my dear Pestilence, why? Everything feels so cold now, so painful, even as I lie deep within your arms. Please… please tell me that this is not true! Even a lie would suffice!


To think that you would do this...

© 2016 Aurafiex

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This is a very intriguing chapter. It gets me thinking: what has Pestilence done or what is Pestilence going to do to cause the narrator to become so very dramatic at the end? I would really like to commend you on your creativity and good luck in your future endeavors.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I was left with a lot of questions that kept me wondering and wanting to read more.
I thought it was interesting how the perspective is not one of a human. That was cool. The ending did seem like the main character was being a bit dramatic. Although probably because there wasn't a whole lot here. It was hard to sympathize with the main character with so little information.
Overall, nice story! I'm glad I read it.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on December 8, 2016
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