A Poem by Hippy

self explanatory

energy is equal to matter times the speed of light squared (300,000,000 x 300,000,000)
so one kilogram of water holds is roughly equal to 10 million gallons of gas (roughly...)
so all this said the universe equals a lot of energy...
Cool story bro, tell another/
Alright so say the universe crashes all matter is wiped out, end of the world, 2012, lol, ect yolo and s**t ( i hate yolo'ers)
well then
what is left, energy. Energy hates being energy and really wants to be something. This is shone how when an atom is at the last end of life (through radioactive decay) it is transferred into energy and is instantly replaced by matter.
So say it is end of world time 2012 whatever, and all matter is replaced by energy. energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change, meaning that it will become matter, possible eradicating what was, but being reborn (in a way). so, let it change.

© 2012 Hippy

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I tried to simplify it

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Added on September 18, 2012
Last Updated on September 18, 2012



Underland, IN

My names austin lee wallace i am a hippy and thats what they all call me. i love music its the greatest, i play guitar the harp piano flute violin and whatever i can get me hands on. Im not much of a .. more..

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A Poem by Hippy