Loathe Her

Loathe Her

A Poem by Hippy

Very old poem that was published in some school thing but i felt it was pretty cool wanted some opinions.

Oh how I loathe her smile.
A perfection that's oh so vile.
It burns an image in my mind,
and strangles me.. vine by vine.
Her intentions no! A curse that I own
For twas I who placed her upon the throne.
Oh how i wish to strike her down,
yet could never come to harm the crown.
But a tyrant is she, a beast
Holds no heart, nor sympathy.
Sad be my nature, to soothe a beast,
yet leaves me cold, pitch from harmony.
So I brave myself, to be so bold,
to step aside, release from cold.
To be a knight, with no home.
to wander again, lacking friend.
Oh how i will miss her so,
yet this parting must be.
And your smile, I will always loathe.

© 2013 Hippy

Author's Note

this was written like march 2012, i thought it turned out very good, yet i despise how all my poetry seems so dark or depressing, i am not and have art elsewhere yet found myself very inactive on here

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interesting work, how you've put that you hate that you've put someone so high up in your life, once before. the emotions were very strong here, good job on that.
"For twas I who placed her upon the thrown."
Did you mean "Throne"? just wondering...
and the feelings of betrayal are great at the end, they really make this one powerful. nice work

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

haha yeah i meant to put throne. thanks for catching that
It is a beautiful piece.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Muse's are beauty, often, a poet's tragedy, such is love. I enjoyed the flow.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

thanks for the comment, and i agree, what is once lost to an artist becomes inspiration and somethin.. read more

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